Best Android Cleaner Apps

9 Best Android Cleaner Apps to Clean Your Phone in 2023

Best Android Cleaner Apps – One of the factors or causes of decreased Android performance is the number of installed applications that overload storage space and RAM capacity. Apart from that, files or junk files that are in every folder on our Android can also affect the slow performance of Android.

One of the Android applications that many users use to maintain the performance of their Android is an application to clean cache files or trash folders. By using this cleaning application, we can maintain Android’s performance so that it remains stable and not slow.

With the role of this trash file cleaning application, later users certainly don’t have to worry anymore about registry files that are no longer used on our Android. Because this application will later thoroughly clean unused files or files which can cause Android performance to decrease.

Well, here Techjustify will provide recommendations for the best Android application for cleaning junk files so that your smartphone has faster performance. Here’s a list of applications.

Best Android Cleaner Apps to Clean Your Phone in 2023

Phone Master

This is the number one cleaning application on Android with the most users, which is more than 50 million users. This application, which acts as a trash file cleaner on Android, has been trusted by many users in maintaining the maximum performance of their Android.

Apart from acting as a cache cleaner , this application developed by Cheetah Mobile also has the function of saving battery and protecting Android from virus attacks.

With just one tap, users will instantly delete files, browser history, and much more. This application also provides a feature for backing up applications, namely by backing them up so you don’t have to install the same application again.

For those of you who are worried about the load or excessive RAM usage, this application also provides a RAM boost feature . Later this feature will forcibly turn off running or background applications that are not being used. Of course this will keep Android’s performance at its maximum while also making battery life longer.

DU Speed ​​Booster

DU Speed ​​Booster is an application whose job is to maintain the performance of your Android so that it continues to be optimal. This application made by DU APPS STUDIO has two main features, namely being able to clean cache files and memory and keeping your Android safe with the default antivirus, namely Du Security.

The Task C cleaner feature that can turn off application usage and RAM boost will keep your Android’s performance at its maximum. This application has been trusted by millions of gamers in improving performance when playing their favorite games.

The Game Booster feature concentrates resources on the game you choose. That way, performance when playing games will feel smooth without a hitch. You can also move applications that are on Android’s internal memory storage to the SD Card to free up Android storage space.

360 Security – Junk Cleaner

360 Security is indeed widely trusted by Android users in securing their Android from viruses , malware, trojans, and others. This application was also included in the sequence of the best applications for maintaining security on Android.

With the security offered by this application, users certainly don’t need to worry anymore when browsing or downloading files. Because this application will protect your Android from possible unexpected virus attacks. Apart from that, this application also provides a Junk Cleaner or cleaning feature.

Later this feature can be used by users in cleaning cache or trash files nested in Android storage space. So, that way your Android’s storage space will still have a relieved capacity and won’t be burdened with junk files. The scanner and protection features will apparently keep Android’s performance stable. What are you waiting for, just use this application right now on your Android!

Power Cleaner

With more than 100 million users, Power Clean certainly has features you can rely on to speed up Android performance, whether it’s cleaning junk files or its task killer feature.

Apart from functioning as a cleaner, you can also find out specifically about the components on your Android, such as CPU status, memory (RAM), GPU, and so on.

Avast Cleanup & Boost

As we know, this antivirus software developer never stops making new breakthroughs. Besides being able to make an excellent antivirus, Avast Software is back to satisfy the desires of Android users by launching an application called Avast Cleanup & Boost.

As the name implies, this application is effectively able to clean junk or cache files clean to the roots. In terms of optimizing smartphone performance, it is also equipped with a powerful task killer feature to disable running applications so as to make Android performance faster.

Unlike cleaner applications in general, Avast seems to have embedded a feature that is quite unique in this application, namely the  Advanced Photo optimizer. You can use this feature later to improve the quality of photos in your gallery. Cool, right?

Speed Cleaner

The only trash cleaning application that has a light size, especially if it’s not Speed ​​Cleaner. Like a cleaner application in general, this application also functions to optimize Android performance by cleaning cache files, turning off running applications, and so on.

By performing the clean command, your smartphone’s performance will effectively increase up to 60% than usual. So, for those of you who have problems with slow Android performance or fast battery drain, Speed ​​Cleaner is the right solution for you.

Fast Cleaner

Saturated with android performance which is getting slower day by day? Here, try using a smart application called Speed ​​Clean. As the name implies, this application is able to clean cache, cookies, history, and things that slow down the phone’s performance by pressing the Boost button.

This application is certainly a solution to avoid  overheating problems that cause internal damage to your device. Prevention is better than cure right?

Security Antivirus Max Cleaner

Being the only cleaner application that has security features or security that is good enough to detect viruses or make cellphones safer You can later use this security feature to protect applications with a protection function so that other people cannot break into certain applications.

As for the cleaner feature itself, it can speed up CPU and RAM performance by scanning in just a few seconds. More than 500 million android users have used this smart app, want to try it too?


CLEANit offers a myriad of advanced features that can make CPU performance more efficient. In other words, it is able to clean up junk files and free up excess RAM usage from running applications that can slow Android performance.

The features available in the application made by SuperTools include Junk Files Cleaned, Battery Saver, Memory Boost, and App Manager. These four features are of course the right solution for those of you who have slow Android performance or even wasteful batteries.

Those are the ten best lists of junk or cache file cleaning applications for Android that you can choose one of. What are you waiting for, it’s time for you to feel smartphone performance that is faster and not slower!

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