Best Apps for Learn English

10 Best Apps for Learn English in 2023

Best Apps for Learn English – With the aid of mobile applications, studying the English language is now simpler than ever. With the ease of a smartphone or tablet, learning and using English is now possible wherever you are. On both the iOS and Android platforms, there are a tonne of apps that are geared toward all skill levels, from novice to expert. Duolingo, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, and EnglishCentral are a few of the well-known ones.

To make learning engaging and successful, these applications include gamified activities, realistic conversation simulations, and interactive lessons. These applications are an excellent place to start if you want to learn English from scratch or want to brush up on your existing knowledge.

Learning English can be said to be an obligation in today’s era. By mastering English, your sales value will be higher. For example, if you are taking a company entrance test, then you will be taken into account more than those who cannot speak English.

By mastering English, our intake of knowledge can also be wider.Because we can read a large number of English news, articles, research and journals. Now you no longer need to come to the tutoring place just to learn English.

Just download the applications below and use them regularly. Learning English through an Android application has several advantages compared to learning through a book or something else.

For example, you don’t need paper. All learning is available digitally on your device. In some applications there is even a pronunciation feature, so you can know how to pronounce an English word correctly. You won’t get this feature if you learn English through books. Ok, get on with it. The following are the 10 best English learning applications on Android :

Best Apps for Learn English

Hello English

Hello English is the app of choice for editors in 2023. This English learning application will not only teach you about English words and their meanings.

But also how to pronounce the word correctly. Because there is audio of more than 10 thousand words in English. So besides knowing what it means, you won’t be mistaken when you say it. There are also learning methods with interactive games.

You can learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and how to read more fun. There are around 475 interactive lessons that you can access for free.

Downloads Hello English


I’m sure some of you Techjustify friends have heard of this English learning application. Duolingo has long been known as an online language learning application.

Duolingo changed the way people learn languages, its learning methods are also on par with universities. You can access all learning materials for free 100%. The unique feature of Duolingo is that it will learn how you learn. So over time, Duolingo will adapt the material according to your language learning habits.

Downloads Duolingo

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an app for learning many languages. Starting from German, Filipino, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, and of course English. In the Rosetta Stone application, you can even choose between 2 English accents that you want to learn, namely American English or British English.

So, later you will know what are the differences and how to use vocabulary in the two English languages. Each language lesson chapter at Rosetta Stone is divided into different units, there are unit 1, unit 2, unit 3 and so on. You will also be trained on how to pronounce English in this application.

With the TruAccent feature, you will know if your pronunciation is wrong or right.

Downloads Rosetta Stone


Sometimes, learning a new skill will be more effective if it’s fun. This is what the LingoDeer application tries to implement, namely learning English in a fun way. As long as you study at LingoDeer, you will be accompanied by a deer which is the icon of LingoDeer.

Learning English through LingoDeer will feel like playing a fun game. Apart from English, you can also learn Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and many others. Oh yes. One more. If your Android friends are poor on quota , you don’t need to worry. Because LingoDeer has an offline feature. So you can still learn languages ​​anywhere and anytime.

Downloads LingoDeer


We are part of the lucky generation. Due to the rapid development of technology, all our activities have become easier, one of them is for the business of learning a new language.

Drops is the next application that I will recommend for those of you who want to learn English. This application will teach you a new language with tense game techniques , not boring memorization. Even according to the developer, you only need to use this application 5 minutes per day.

But it must be routine so that you quickly master the English you are learning. Apart from English, you can also learn other languages ​​such as Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Italian, Hungarian, Indian and many more. In total there are 30 languages ​​that you can learn on Drops.

Downloads Drops


Busuu is already used by more than 90 people all over the planet to learn a new language. There are 12 languages ​​that you can learn on the Busuu app, namely English, Spanish, German, Italian, and others.

The Busuu application is quite light, only 13MB, it will not completely fill up the internal storage of your Techjustify friend. For those of you who have finished studying English at Busuu and want to get certified, then you can. Because this feature is available on Busuu, where you can get a certificate as proof that you have mastered English.

Apart from personal use, Busuu also provides Busuu for Business features. Namely training features for companies or organizations.

Downloads Busuu


HelloTalk works in a slightly different way from other learning apps. This app is like a kind of special social media for language exchange and learning a new language.

The way it works is, you choose what language you want to learn. Then you will learn a language with native speakers of that language.

Besides that, you can write 500 characters in a language you understand, then later HelloTalk will change it to English or another language you want to learn. In HelloTalk there is a feature called live class.

Where you and people from all over the world can learn together watching learning videos. Under the video, you and other people can interact with each other regarding the lesson being watched.

Downloads HelloTalk


One more application that you can use to learn English in a unique and fun way. HiNative will not teach you English word for word, but will “force” you to interact with other people directly.

Of course with those who are already good at English. The trick is, you can ask questions using pictures, writing or sound.

Later it will be accepted by native speakers and you will be notified of the location of the language errors that you use. This application is suitable for practicing your English skills, instead of learning from scratch. Suitable as a companion to other language learning applications.

Downloads HiNative


In school, we are taught to remember hundreds of vocabulary words and also basic expressions of the language we learn. It is an old and less effective method. Mondly takes a different approach. Namely by positioning you as if you were interacting 1-1 with strangers.

So later you will be introduced to basic words quickly. Next, you will be taught how to use these words and form sentences and phrases. Then you will also be challenged how to make your own conversational sentences. So here you are really trained on how to talk to foreigners using English.

As we know, learning by doing it directly is the most effective way.

Downloads Mondley


Through reading and listening to the same tale in both their target language and their home tongue, users of the novel language learning app Beelinguapp can learn English (and other languages) more effectively. The app offers a large selection of stories in many categories, including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s stories. It is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

The dual-language nature of Beelinguapp is one of its most notable characteristics. Users benefit from having a better comprehension of the syntax and sentence structure of the target language as well as the meaning of words and phrases thanks to this. The app also offers an audio version of the story in the intended language so users may practise speaking and listening.

Finally, my recommendation for learning English is Beelinguapp. In this application you will hear and read a lot while studying. Uniquely, you can hear and read 2 languages ​​at once. So you can know the meaning of a word from one language and another. The words you listen to are words from the audiobook. So it won’t be boring.

Downloads Beelinguapp


How, interesting is not the application. There are several applications that use the same approach, namely teaching you word for word every day. There are several applications that use their own way, of course with various considerations and research. Each method has advantages and disadvantages of each. It’s good that you just try one by one the applications above.

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