Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone

7 Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone

Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone – Recording telephone conversations is relevant in many areas, but the question of the legality of such a decision does not have a clear answer. Recording of mobile communications is prohibited in some countries.

If both interlocutors are warned that the conversation is being recorded, and both gave a positive answer, you can not be afraid of criminal punishment. Penalties apply to the violator only if he decided to record someone else’s conversation without warning people about it.

Many smartphone manufacturers today add the option to record calls to the device system, and some companies have long abandoned such an idea, for example, Apple. So the trademark protected itself from deliberate violation of the laws of a country in which the use of such an option is illegal. But what if the owner of the iPhone still needs to record the conversation? You can use third-party software, which is available in the AppStore branded store. As a rule, developers offer paid applications or limited but free versions of software.

Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone

Applications for recording a conversation work on the principle of a conference call. The user dials the desired number, then does the same with the software number, merges the calls. Installation of programs is possible only on a device that is in personal use, while in 99% of cases the application informs the interlocutors about the recording, which makes the process obviously allowed on the territory of our country.


This application, created by a Russian developer, is designed to record calls. The software solves the task by means of a conference call, which involves the use of the subscriber’s number and the service number of the application.

The strength of the recorder is the ability to use several recording options: when opening the application and without launching it. For those who use such software for the first time, the developer provides detailed instructions in Russian. Therefore, problems with using the program should not arise.

Recorder features:

  • Convert audio content to text automatically;
  • The recording can be sent to users in different messengers, as well as leave a link to the conversation;
  • Quick search for a record by number or name, key phrase;
  • You can attach a note to the created entry;
  • There are no restrictions on the duration and number of entries.

The application is paid – subscriptions are available for different periods, while the annual cost is about 1000 rubles.


TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder

Time-tested program allows you to record conversations on the iPhone of any generation. At the same time, the application does not ask for payment for each minute of recording, has no restrictions on the number of calls.

To start recording through the software, the incoming or outgoing call should be minimized, then open TapeACall and click on the record button. After that, tap on the “Combine” button to merge the service and subscriber numbers. Everything, the conversation is recorded.

There are useful additions to the recording option:

  • Download records from cloud storage, notepad, etc.;
  • The recording can be sent by e-mail via SMS or posted on social networks;
  • Implemented a directory with data on the legality of the record;
  • The developer regularly updates the product, fixing bugs and adding new functionality.

A subscription for a period of one year costs 849 rubles.


Call Recorder Plus ACR

The free version of the app has a limitation. With it, without a subscription, you can record up to ten conversations per week. This is a good choice for those who need a one-time or infrequent recording. The program is capable of recording conversations up to 60 minutes long.

The utility has service numbers assigned to the major cities of the country. The user can choose the best option for himself. You can listen to the recording immediately after the call.

Additional features include:

  • Automatic file conversion to *.aiff or *.wav;
  • Ability to share recordings with others;
  • A trial period that allows you to get acquainted with the capabilities of the utility;
  • Push notifications with a suggestion to start recording;

When subscribing, the limit on the number of calls is removed.


Phone Call Recorder PRO

The utility has a competitive advantage over other solutions in the form of post editing options. The latter are performed via a conference call, therefore, before purchasing a subscription, it is recommended to make sure that the mobile operator supports this feature.

The subscription price is variable and starts from 650 rubles, and the final amount depends on the set of functions and the duration of using the program. You can take a lifetime subscription, within which the user will have access to all the features of the utility.

Recorder features:

  • Able to record both incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Records user actions from the smartphone screen;
  • When subscribing, there is no limit on the number of calls;
  • Has no restrictions on the duration of calls.


Recostar Pro App

This utility differs from others in the recording method – there is no need to create a conference and combine a subscriber and service call. The utility works only on the territory of the Russian Federation, which is associated with the use of a Telecom number that is regionally related to the capital. A call to a number is considered foreign and is charged at the operator’s rates.

Key features:

  • Automatically saves the entry in the device memory (the function can be disabled);
  • Saves the record in the cloud storage;
  • Allows you to send a record by e-mail, share it in instant messengers or social networks.

The application provides full functionality when subscribing, the cost of which ranges from 300 to 3400 rubles – the tariff depends on the set of options and the duration of use.


AC call recorder

The recorder performs functions without being connected to a network. To activate the recording, you must create a conference – before subscribing, you should check with your mobile operator. Unlike many other utilities, the software offers a three-day trial period.


  • Editing audio files;
  • Text recognition – supports fifty languages;
  • Export records to Slack;
  • Distribution of files by category;
  • Quick search by name.

After the free trial period, you can purchase a monthly or weekly subscription for $7 and $15, respectively.



The utility has good functionality and allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls by creating a conference. The content is stored exclusively in the smartphone’s memory, so the recordings will not get to other services.

The developer regularly works on improving the capabilities of the recorder, adding options, fixing problems. So the latest version boasts the ability to send a recording to a pre-designated e-mail.

Utility features:

  • Exports files to cloud storage;
  • Saves the record to the memory of the phone and computer – if necessary;
  • Access to files via WhatsApp;
  • It is possible to change the file name for quick search.

To use the program, you must subscribe, the maximum cost of which is 3800 rubles.



I am sure that a review of the best iOS apps for recording conversations will help you find the best solution in terms of price and functionality. If you have already had experience of interacting with one of the above programs, I will be glad to read reviews about them in the comments.

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