Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Small Business

9 Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Small Business

Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Small Business – Who is not familiar with ChatGPT. His name started sticking out since early 2023 as a leading chatbot platform that can help many people from various industries, especially for creating website content, social media content, and copywriting . However, it turns out that there are 5 alternative artificial intelligence tools that are just as good as ChatGPT when it comes to creating content.

The presence of ChatGPT has shaken up the world as a whole, its innovation has helped a lot of people. How could it not be, nowadays, there are AIs that are smarter at analyzing code, so they can be instructed to write better coding than humans for troubleshooting.

Apart from that, ChatGPT also offers the convenience of finding various information with just a simple prompt to ask for an explanation. In essence, there are many ChatGPT features that can be used by everyone, from curious people, digital marketers, programmers, and many more.

Best ChatGPT Alternatives For Small Business

But, of course, in this saturated market, there must be a competitor from ChatGPT, right? Yes, right. The following are 9 special AI tools for writing content both on websites and social media to make the best copywriting.

1. is an AI tool that allows you to create writing in the form of blog posts, email campaigns, sales landing pages, and attractive writing for advertisements that can bring in sales conversions. was initiated by its founders Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian in early 2020 and is currently one of the pioneers to replace ChatGPT which can help you write many things very quickly and precisely. ‘s main goal is to build software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate copy for business owners, marketers, and content writers.

After further investigation, it turns out that many companies have used to handle content matters from big companies such as eBay, Ogilvy, Nestle, and Zoho.

So what are you waiting for? This is one of the ChatGPT alternatives that you must try. comes with a free and paid version. What’s different is the multi-language support feature and the number of words that are limited in the free version.

2. Copy Monkey

CopyMonkey is an AI tool that can help you in terms of writing content and is more specific on eCommerce or product pages.

For example, for a product listing on Amazon. Often we find that the descriptions of some products on the eCommerce platform are not very complete, so CopyMonkey is here to help to write complete descriptions and produce sales conversions with words of invitation and words of interest.

But, CopyMonkey doesn’t only apply to the Amazon platform, you can use it for other eCommerce platforms available in Indonesia such as Tokopedia and Shopee or for you to advertise yourself on your online shop website.

The words generated by CopyMonkey are very interesting, even a request could feel like buying the product after reading the full description, because all the points were discussed and it seemed as if they were just waiting for the final stage, namely: purchase conversion.

This is the greatness of CopyMonkey technology, an artificial intelligence tool that also utilizes machine learning algorithms in terms of content writing.

Apart from that, CopyMonkey can also be used to do keyword research. Isn’t that great? Oh yeah, CopyMonkey doesn’t have a free version, it only offers packages for $24/month and $49/month.

3. Canva Magic Write

Canva, a drag & drop design platform that is very popular because it is practical and has many assets, is also secretly doing development research for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Canva started developing Magic Write and Image Generator.

We won’t go into more detail about the image generator, however, what’s interesting is the Canva Magic Write feature.

Canva Magic Write allows you to write content or copywriting for social media, for infographic materials, and much more.

You only need to type a prompt like “create a video outline about topic etc”. Yes, more or less like that, but it’s not just writing, it turns out that Canva through its magic write can also enter data into tables or charts.

How much does it cost? For Canva Magic Write, it is in the form of freemium (free and premium), free users can get up to 25 magic write quotas per month.

However, what Mintor likes the most is when you buy premium Canva, you also get 100 magic write quota from Canva. So, you can get millions of ready-to-use design assets combined with copywriting words from the 100 magic write quota. It’s like this is a 2-in-1 package which is really worth it.

4. Notion AI

Some people may already know Notion. Notion is an all-in-one tool for note-taking, thinking and planning. According to the mentor, Notion is the best productivity tool that can help make your work easier.

For information, every article that is asked to publish is written in Notion , you know , with an attractively designed board to make writing content more enthusiastic.

But, apart from being a note-taking platform, Notion also has a variety of other features, there are many and one of them is Notion AI.

This Notion AI just hatched in early 2023, having previously conducted a beta test at the end of 2022. Mintor is one of the beta test users from Notion AI, so more or less knows its advantages and disadvantages.

Notion AI, like ChatGPT, is an AI based on machine learning algorithms for writing content, explaining things, calculating numbers, and much more.

The advantage of Notion AI is that it is very easy to use. Unlike ChatGPT, Notion AI can help make your content writing longer and can also be made so that the writing is 100% unique without any indication of plagiarism, even though the characteristics of the AI ​​writing are still visible.

There is a “write more” or “write me something” feature which is integrated with the title on the notion board. More or less its use is very practical. However, for ordinary people who may not be able to understand this explanation, you can just go to the website and try using Notion AI.

For the price, Notion is completely free forever, if Notion AI he is given a free quota of 20 per month, and pays $ 10 for unlimited quota, subject to fair use .

5. Ocoya

The difference between Ocoya and other AI tools specifically for content writing is that it is more specific that it has the latest features for the field of Social Media Marketing (SMM). For example, there are scheduling and link shortener features.

However, what stands out the most among all is the “Content” feature. Where, with just a simple prompt, you can get content for Instagram along with captions or copywriting.

Currently, Ocoya can be integrated for various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Shopify, WooCommerce, Canva, and many more. For YouTube and TikTok this feature is currently under development.

Just imagine, an artificial intelligence helps you create content in just a matter of seconds. The content created is also quite satisfying.

What’s unique about Ocoya is that the content it produces for social media doesn’t look like it was made by robots, instead it has a distinctive side that isn’t AI.

For the price, Ocoya is priced starting at $ 15 per month to $ 159 per month. But, with the features presented, according to Mintor, this is really worth it to save time in creating content.

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6. Unbounce Smart Copy

Unbounce Smart Copy is a tool that can be considered too sophisticated. He can help you get ideas (brainstorms), make your writing look smarter and friendlier, or adjust the tone, thereby increasing productivity .

Unbounces Smart Copy has a free and paid version (freemium). For the free version, you will get 40 credits per month. And there is a paid version starting at $9 per month.

What are the advantages of Unbounce Smart Copy compared to others? What mintor likes the most after trying out the free trial version of the “Write” feature is that there are no word limitations.

There is no word limit, meaning we can instruct Unbounce Smart Copy to continue writing based on the word we want. Suitable for content writers and SEO practitioners, for example, to create 1600 words of content, you can easily create it just by using Unbounce Smart Copy.

The use cases are widely used for email marketing, PPC, lead generation, and online selling. Solutions are offered from various industries ranging from eCommerce, SaaS, agencies, MSMEs, and many more.

7. YouChat

Long before ChatGPT went public, its competitor YouChat had already garnered a lot of attention and loyal customers. However, statistically, the mintor does not yet know whether YouChat has been replaced by ChatGPT from user acquisition.

YouChat is a chatbot similar to ChatGPT. You could say that the similarity is approximately 80%, what is different is the learning model, but for machine learning algorithms it remains the same. is a company known as an artificial intelligence based search engine. Its main product, YouChat, was built and designed by the company’s founder, Steve Renner.

In fact, on its official website, YouChat dares to claim that it is smarter to be asked to provide program coding than an “ordinary” programmer.

8. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is a product of WriteSonic—a company that claims to be an alternative to ChatGPT but more powerful. By using revolutionary AI, ChatSonic was born with a more stunning appearance than ChatGPT.

ChatSonic’s model is exactly the same as YouChat and ChatGPT. Through chatbots, you can order AI to write content, provide insight, retrieve data, create programming code, and much more.

In fact, ChatSonic is growing quite popular and rapidly, and has been used by several well-known companies in the world such as Spotify, Rakuten, Meesho, Schneider Electric, GENESYS, Marriott, Vodafone, and many more.

Similar to other AI tools, ChatSonic also has an API available to make it easier for developers to integrate it across platforms.

In essence, even though ChatSonic is included in list number eight, the features offered are very good. But what Mintor regrets is that the paid version is limited to the number of words we can generate.

For the free version, according to Mintor, it is still much better than Unbounce Smart Copy, where ChatSonic provides 6,250 free words that you can generate from prompts to AI.

What are the advantages?

  • Can be integrated with Zapier
  • There are plugins to connect to WordPress, this is important. Make articles easier and can be adjusted so that they are SEO friendly.
  • There is a browser extension
  • Available for over 25 languages
  • API access even for the free version.
  • The generated words are of very high quality and look nothing like what ChatGPT generates (too robotic).

9. DeepL Write

DeepL Write, which is currently still in beta, turns out to be a very cool AI tool. Because besides being able to make good copy , DeepL Write can also be a translator whose translation results look professional.

Moreover, there is a feature where you can paraphrase an article or journal or other written work so that it looks 100% unique and will not be detected by plagiarism detection tools.

Those are 9 AI tools for content writing and content creation as a whole which are always up-to-date along with technological developments. If someone asks, was this article created by AI? Of course not, because the mintor did this based on research. However, this research has also been helped by the AI ​​platform that the mintor mentioned above.

Hopefully this is useful and if you want to write cool and good content to make your work easier, I suggest using Notion AI or

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