10 Best PayPal Alternatives for Business in 2023

10 Best PayPal Alternatives for Business in 2023

10 Best PayPal Alternatives for Business in 2023 – Let’s be honest, although PayPal is intuitive and fast, it is certain that it is not the only solution available . There are many reasons why you should explore alternatives: the long duration of transfers to bank accounts (3 to 5 days), too high commissions or the absence of real protection for those who market services and products online.

But that is not all! In many cases, even for no apparent reason, PayPal may suddenly freeze your funds for up to 6 months. If you too are wondering “ what to use instead of PayPal ?”, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s see together which are the best alternatives to PayPal !

The Best PayPal Alternatives for Business to Receive Payments

Whether you are a private individual or the proud holder of a VAT number, by carefully analyzing the alternative apps to PayPal , you will be able to understand which one is right for you. Here’s what they are:


Skrill was born in England and is among the best alternatives to the PayPal card. We all know by now how to make Paypal in tobacco shops , and this tool was designed with the same principle, i.e. prepaid credit. In view of the next purchase, all you have to do is transfer the money from an account directly to the card.

The biggest advantage is that you will be fully protected during national or international transactions, with data well protected. The only disadvantage is that you will have to make an advance payment , which may also fail and you will be unable to make a cancellation. To discover the features of this app, click below and download it now!


This is the best solution for private individuals but also for businesses that carry out a large number of international transactions . It is in fact a great way to send money abroad, which unlike PayPal maintains a fair and honest exchange rate between different currencies. In addition, you can request your very personal debit card, one of the few that can handle more than 40 different currencies .

The option dedicated entirely to international business even allows you to send invoices in the buyer’s native language. Haven’t we convinced you yet? All you need to do is understand how the transfer in different currencies works: if you need to send 100 dollars to an English friend of yours, by depositing them into your account, you can request that the correct amount be sent, in pounds, from the Transferwise international account based in the United Kingdom. Click below to try it out!

Google Pay

Among the best alternative PayPal services, there is also Google Pay, the simple and intuitive option for making payments directly in the shop (with cards already saved), on websites or in apps. To be able to make the most of it, just enter your details and credit card codes.

The best advantage over PayPal is that most payments have no added cost and you can send special offers or gift cards to your customers. To immediately test the functionality of this application, all you have to do is click below!

Apple Pay

The alternative to PayPal for receiving payments more suitable for users of the iOS operating system is without a doubt Apple Pay! Even if it’s not a widespread system for all mobile devices, it’s really simple to use and allows you to conveniently make in-app purchases and contactless payments directly in the store .

Again, you’ll need to enter your card details, but the advantage is huge: not only will you make payments faster, but you’ll have a solution at hand even when you forget your wallet at home. To download this PayPal alternative immediately, click the link below!


Among all the PayPal Italy alternatives, this one is perfect for those who have a small online business. Being an excellent payment processor , many other platforms such as Shopify integrate Stripe to make the service more efficient. Not only is it an extremely fast method, but it is also intuitive and allows many platforms to collaborate with each other.

Despite having the same commissions as PayPal , this platform is constantly expanding, providing maximum security for your data. To start using Stripe immediately, know that you will need to register, creating at least one free profile. Test this app now by clicking on the links below!

Shopify Payments

One of the best international PayPal alternatives is certainly Shopify, the payment processing system primarily used by the very famous platform. It is an easy tool to manage and set up, with the possibility of creating a real link between the virtual store and payments , as well as real money transfers in the real world.

One of the biggest advantages is that it is a universal system , which can now also be used in Facebook shops or on Pinterest. Widely compatible with many devices and accounting applications, this alternative has zero transaction fees. Download it now!


It is ideal solution for small entrepreneurs, as it offers greater support to the business by reducing delivery times and implementing security. By now widely used in many other sectors, such as online shopping, for holiday rentals or freelancing jobs, you won’t have any difficulty proposing it yourself to your customers.

Also in this case you can request a credit card connected to your account , which allows you to make withdrawals from ATMs around the world. Simple, intuitive and reliable, this tool is the best choice for those who use apps to earn or spend. Download it to your device now by clicking the link below!


Designed for customers of the famous MasterCard circuit, this alternative to PayPal is nothing more than a real online wallet, which allows you to make purchases and payments . Convenient, easy to use and above all efficient, the level of protection of this platform is satisfactory.

Masterpass is applicable to a large number of credit cards, so much so that it has started some loyalty programs , with bonuses for users from all over the world. Reliable and completely free, of course you shouldn’t miss this opportunity, so click below to download it!

Amazon Pay

Analyzing the various ways on how to buy on Amazon , we also came across this payment system, extremely simple and intuitive. Once installed on your device you will be able to make further purchases in the online store, also making the most of your Amazon account.

One of its strengths is that it charges only after the shipment has been made . As a buyer, you are unlikely to find another tool that will protect you so much, which is exactly why you should click below and install it immediately.


If you have already figured out how to make money with Instagram or how to make money with Facebook , this is a good alternative to your online transactions. Although it does not yet have an in-store payment system, it allows you to carry out as many operations in virtual stores.

Highly customizable, even suitable for fundraisers, this interface is fast and does not require any payment or monthly fee. If our review convinced you, click below to install the app immediately!

Why should you use PayPal alternatives?

By now being aware of how PayPal works , you will surely have already understood that there are many reasons for using a good alternative, here they are listed:

  1. The fees charged for the currency rate are often high .
  2. For some transactions you pay a certain added cost.
  3. Transfers to credit cards take up to 5 days .
  4. There may be blocking of your account for no apparent reason.
  5. Customer service is unreliable.
  6. It is no longer such a secure platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any doubts, let’s try to clarify them by answering the most frequently asked questions from other users:

Which card is better to replace the PayPal one with?

The best alternative in this case is definitely Masterpass . Although it was created for MasterCard customers, today it can also be used by those who have a Visa, Diners Club or American Express card.

How can I receive commission-free payments online?

The solution is certainly one of the apps that we have just analyzed. Unfortunately, PayPal often applies unjustified commissions to certain types of payments. A good alternative is WePay or Google Pay !

Which is better Payoneer or Paypal?

These are 2 similar services, but at the same time very different from each other. Payoneer remains the ideal choice for small businesses and fast transactions even internationally . This platform better protects its customers and can now be used in many branches of the commercial sector.

And between Stripe or PayPal, which should I choose?

Although it is a personal choice, in which the transactions you make are decisive, it is undeniable that Stripe is compatible with many different platforms. Much safer and more reliable, also in this case we recommend using the alternative to PayPal!

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