Best Projector Apps for Android and iPhone

7 Best Projector Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Best Projector Apps – The rapid development of the era has succeeded in creating various sophisticated innovations that enable today’s modern generation to be assisted in all ways, one of which is in the field of the world of technology. How could it not be that earlier to be able to watch exciting shows you had to go through the TV, and now thanks to the Mobile projector application everything has been made easier and more practical.

Know that with sophisticated and modern devices such as the Mobile projector application, you can now enjoy it like you are watching a big screen in your own home with an easy process that seems simple. Later the projector itself will be able to release the image onto the surface screen that is right in front of the eyes of its users.

Apart from that, you can also adjust the desired image size. What’s more, each user can focus so that clear, ideal, and certainly satisfying images appear. With just a simple device you can get extraordinary impressions and full of sensations. Interestingly, you don’t need to subscribe to a cable when you want to access the available content.

Thanks to the Mobile projector application, now everyone can easily connect their mobile devices to the projector without the slightest difficulty. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the names of these mobile projector applications in order to connect them to each of the devices you have as quickly as possible.

Here are 7 recommendations for the Best Projector Apps

Watching movies or watching interesting shows can now be accessed without being limited by time and place, especially since the existence of the Mobile projector application that allows Smartphone users themselves to have a lot of access to freedom. As is the case with using a smart device that almost all modern generations have.

Of course, this is an extraordinary achievement that needs to be appreciated, because thanks to its design, now everyone can more easily view interesting content with just a smartphone device. Then it is mandatory for all users to thank the developer of the application, by downloading and giving the best reviews.

Even though watching exciting shows via Smartphone devices is not as maximal as through cinema and TV, because of their relatively small size and minimal to see. But things like that aren’t a serious obstacle for you to think about, because now Mobile smart devices can turn into impromptu television-style projectors.

Intrigued by the recommended Mobile projector application for Android to get the experience of watching movies like on TV and cinemas? Please pay attention to the following reviews below:

1. Asus Wifi Projection

You also need to know that even though nowadays most Smartphone devices are equipped with screens with a wide dimension of 7 inches, in fact when watching exciting movies or series it feels less than optimal and still cinemas, TV and PC devices are more able to give a sensational impression and a feeling of satisfaction.

So, for those of you who are currently using an application to watch Korean dramas on smartphone devices such as the Samsung Galaxy A20, and more than that, please do as much as possible to get a memorable viewing experience using the Mobile projector application which is now available on the Google Play Store service at each device.

The first recommendation is the ASUS Wifi Projection application which you can use on all Android Smartphone devices. Moreover, also make sure that you already have a projector in physical form belonging to ASUS. Then also, that this application allows each user to get a different impression, satisfaction, maximum, with a wide screen dimension.

Here later you only need to connect your Smartphone device with the projector via a cellular or Wifi internet network connection. How, of course, easier and more practical right? especially here there are some interesting features that are owned by the Smartphone projector application that you can take advantage of, including the following points:

  • Can find Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF files, up to saving photos
  • Can see all the contents of the local photo gallery and is supported by sketches
  • Equipped with a document view of the web page link and being able to find out which dropbox is stored

Click the application download link:

2. Acer eDisplay Pro

Not only is it famous for its quality products, it turns out that Acer itself has other advanced technology-based products such as the current projector application. For projectors made by Acer, in fact, you can also use them to connect Smartphone devices with the projector application to clarify the appearance of the existing display screen.

Please also later download the application file on the Play Store device that is already available. Moreover, access to its use is free without any charge, so that later you can use it as output to present movies and other exciting shows that you are watching.

This application is also equipped with a screen display that is quite simple, but looks elegant when seen. The experience of watching shows available on Netflix, lqiyi, Viu, and other streaming applications will also be very satisfying when you use the Mobile projector application from Acer itself.

Application NameAcer eDisplay Pro
DeveloperWinner Wave Co.,Ltd.
Number of Downloads50K+
File Size35 MB
Reviews241 Reviews

Click the application download link:

Download Acer eDisplay Pro

3. Box Air

This projector application from Boxi Air is quite ideal, because it has a relatively small size, so it can be used on all types of Smartphone devices. With quite a large number of downloads on the Play Store, it makes the application seem more reliable and reliable and can provide satisfaction during its use.

The features that are already available in the application are certainly no less interesting than other applications. The difference lies only in the size of the application file which seems small, so it won’t take up a device’s internal storage space. Here you can use it freely and for free with a fairly simple display screen or user interface.

Click the application download link:

4. Christie Virtual Remote

Then what you need to understand is that all types of projector applications in the Google Play Store service provide access for each user to be able to connect Smartphone devices to projectors wirelessly without the need for a cable connection, because the process itself only requires a connection from a similar Wifi network.

The process of searching for a projector application with a relatively small file size capacity does not burden the device storage folder, so the answer is Christie Virtual Remote. As the name implies, this application makes it possible for all users to be able to control the projector only through sophisticated Mobile devices, just like using a remote.

It’s also interesting that the application is equipped with lots of interesting features that you can use free of charge or free to use. In full, please find out information about the following application specifications and their features through further reviews at the following points:

  • Equipped with a control lens
  • It has a matching color
  • Trial pattern.
  • Shutter on/off
  • Projector on/off
  • Already supports all standard IR remote capabilities
  • There are multiple projector controls
  • Discovery projector available
  • There is full access to complete all OSD projectors
  • Input selection

Click the download link:

Application NameChristie Virtual Remote
DeveloperChristie Digital Systems Inc.
Number of Downloads50K+
File Size1,4 MB

Click the download link:

Download Christie Virtual Remote

5. Epson iProjection

The name Epson itself is of course familiar enough to be heard by all social media activists, so its presence is not considered strange, especially since the company has produced a lot of technological products. Moreover, this brand is already well-known on all fronts thanks to its printer innovation, which is quite classy and of high quality.

Of course this is good news for those of you who are often active in using technology, especially for those who are literate in science and technology. Now you yourself can connect practically and easily through the use of Smartphone devices using the Epson iProjection application. It’s the same as other Mobile projector applications that require a Wifi connection on both devices.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the Epson application cuts some of its features, such as audio. Therefore you will really need the help of additional devices if you want to watch a full experience and seem satisfied through the projector. Surely you are now interested in the advantages of this application right?

So what are the superior features that this application has? let’s look at the following explanation along with its specifications:

  • Each user can display the screen of the wireless device
  • Able to control the projector
  • Can use integrity cameras on all devices owned
  • Can display images and documents that have been stored on your Android Smartphone or Chromebook device
  • Already supports connecting devices using a projector quickly and easily by using a QR code 5
  • Connect on 50 devices and use moderator features to manage and present content
  • There is a marker function that allows all users to highlight and provide explanations on the projected image. What’s more, you can also save it on your Smartphone
  • Can also share images that have been projected on other devices that have been successfully connected
Application NameEpson iProjection
DeveloperSeiko Epson Corporation
Number of Downloads1 Million+
File Size31 MB
Reviews6 thousand

Click the application download link:

Download Epson iProjection

6. Panasonic Wireless Projector

Do you have an application to watch movies for free without a data plan? here you can get a different sensation, because now you can feel a sensation full of excitement by watching movies using only a Smartphone device which you can access whenever and wherever you want.

Furthermore, if you have a projector from the Panasonic application, please later immediately connect the two devices between the Smartphone and the Mobile projector application, namely the Panasonic Wireless Projector. The application is already available and you can access it via the Google Play Store service in an easy way, the download process is fast, and of course it is very convenient.

Moreover, the application already supports file formats, such as from PDF to MP4 to meet all multimedia needs. What’s more interesting is that such an application has a simple display, or user interface  for all users and people with various types of devices. You can find out the features that this application has through the points below:

  • It is supported by a simple S-Direct network connection for one of the projector connections
  • The marker function makes it easier for each user when they want to draw lines freely into documents or images while projection is in progress
  • Can rotate the image, reduce to enlarge the image flicker
  • There are wireless projections that seem easy, such as PNG, JPEG and PDF
Application NamePanasonic Wireless Projector
DeveloperPanasonic Corporation
Number of Downloads100K+
File Size5,7 MB
Reviews1 thousand

Click the application download link:

Download Panasonic Wireless Projector

7. Multi Presenter

For any user who is looking for a projector application with a compatible and diverse impression of the types of smartphones available in many markets, we recommend using the Multi Presenter application. By using this application, you can display various types of document files through the projector via two channels, namely wireless and wired.

Later, when you watch an exciting film series through the projector application, it will give an interesting impression, and be different from before. Apart from that, you can also present any application that is currently open on a Smartphone device via the Multi Presenter, just like sharing a screen on a video conferencing application. Interesting right?

Please know about the features possessed by the Multi Presenter application through the reviews as explained below, complete with the application specifications:

  • Can send pictures and display on multiple devices
  • Available input signal switching, picture mute, sound mute and others
  • Each user can control the connected projector
  • Can send the displayed screen to all devices from the recipient
  • Equipped with a picture camera that can be taken by the internal camera
  • The pointer position can display the user’s location
  • Users can also write lines and text into documents or images
Application NameMultiPresenter
DeveloperSharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
Number of Downloads100K+
File Size6,0 MB
Reviews159 reviews

Click the application download link:

Download Multi Presenter

How to Find the Best Mobile Projector Application for Android

What you need to underline here is that although there are lots of Mobile projector applications available that you can easily download using your own device, of course the projector application is actually made to provide easy access for all its users when they want to access various device features through the use of mobile smart devices.

One of the ideal and best ways to find out and research the best projector applications for use on devices is for you to minimize the features that are already available in each application. Then later please do the alignment and adjust the match list related to the features that you want.

Now you don’t have to worry anymore when you want a display to look clear and satisfying when using a Smartphone device. The existence of this Mobile projector application allows you to get the maximum viewing impression and be full of satisfaction.

Please make the best use of it later to get a viewing experience that is much more interesting and different than before through the presence of this sophisticated application. What are you waiting for? let’s immediately download the Mobile projector application via the Google Play Store according to the desired specifications, and feel the sensation of excitement.

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