Best Voodoo Games For Android

15 Best Voodoo Games For Android

Best Voodoo Games For Android – Voodoo is not the name of a game, but a name of a developer alias developer and game maker on Android. Lately Voodoo has been quite active in launching games that are light but fun to play. Not infrequently, games made by Voodoo are also very popular among Android game lovers.

Call it Helix Jump, one of the Voodoo games that has managed to captivate Android users with a simple but annoying game. So, don’t just know about Helix Jump, because actually Voodoo has lots of fun games and other things to make you excited, you know.  What are they? Here, techjustify summarizes the 15 best Voodoo games that are fun to play in your free time.

1. Helix Jump

You must be very familiar with this one of the best Voodoo games, right? Indeed, Voodoo is increasingly known by the presence of Helix Jump. Well, this game itself is quite simple but makes the players excited.

How to play it, you just have to make sure that the ball can fall to the bottom. Unfortunately, to reach the bottom, there are several blocks of blocks. Well, a block of a different color will break the ball and the player will be declared Game Over.

Can you get the ball to the bottom without breaking the ball? If you feel confident and able to complete the mission, then just play the game here .

2. 2

Last but not least, at the end there is the 2 game which is one of the best Voodoo games. It’s no less exciting than the games previously mentioned, because 2 is equally capable of making the players excited! So, how do you play it?

It’s easy, you only need to cut or take other players’ paper territory . Well, you can move your paper anywhere. But there are conditions, your paper must not collide with other paper . If it collides, then your paper area will decrease. Can do it? Come on, download it here .

3.Crowd City

Like hanging out with friends in the middle of the city? If so, you can try playing this Voodoo game called Crowd City. If translated into Indonesian, Crowd City means a bustling city.

In this game, players will be invited to gather people from all over the city and destroy their enemies with the leadership they make. To win they have to create the biggest crowd in town.

Because it is unique and fun, this game has been downloaded more than 100 million times with a rating of over four. If you want to try, just get the game here .


Can’t go on vacation when summer arrives? Don’t worry. Just try playing the game from Voodoo. This is colorful and bright and fun waterslide game.

This Voodoo game invites players to reach the end of a waterslide and try to be the first. They can even crash into other players during races.

So far has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Play Store with a good rating . If you want to try playing it, just download the game here .


As for this game, it ‘s even simpler! In the game, all you do is slide around holes and have to make objects and people around you fall into your holes too. Sounds so simple, right ? Eits, but you can’t underestimate this game.

Because, when you start playing, you will only be given a small hole capital. Meanwhile, to enter large objects, such as cars with high scores, requires a large hole. If you want to have a bigger hole, then you have to play hard and get first place on .

6. Snake VS Blocks

As the name of the game implies, this one of the best Voodoo games pits a snake against a block. How does that mean? So, here the player will be positioned as a snake with a round shape. Well, all you have to do is eat the numbers to make the snake’s body even longer.

When you meet a block, then you can hit it. However, pay attention to the numbers on each block. The number on the block will reduce the body count from the food you ate before. If your snake’s body doesn’t have enough numbers, don’t you dare hit the blocks, OK? Come on, play the game on this link .

7. Draw Climber

Another popular Voodoo game that you can try is Draw Climber. This game has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Play Store with a pretty good rating.

Draw Climber invites players to race in a fun way. The player must draw his own legs to win the race.

Any drawing made by the player will keep him running! However, when stuck they can draw another shape to pass! Sounds fun, right? Just download the game here.

8. Color Road

There is another Voodoo game that will make you excited and addicted at the same time, Color Road. This game is very simple, you just have to make sure the ball stays on the right track. Later, there are three different paths.

In front of the path there are pictures of shapes and colors, you just have to make sure the running ball hits the pictures and shapes that match the ball. If a yellow triangle appears, it means you have to hit the yellow balls, and so on.

Are you interested in playing this Color Road game? If interested, let’s just install and install Color Road on your Android phone via this link .

9. Stack Jump

This is also a game made by Voodoo that is fun to play , you know. Because, in Stack Jump, you only need to jump around. Not jumping like a frog, but here you have to jump onto blocks or rocks that will appear from the side.

The blocks and stones will continue to pile up high. Well, your job is only to make sure that you don’t fall while on top of the pile of blocks. Oh yes, what makes this game more challenging is that the blocks will come randomly at a certain speed. Can you survive up to the high clouds? Play here .

10. Stack Colors

In this Voodoo game, your mission is to pile up thin blocks of various colors. So, make sure you put the blocks on  the platform or pile of blocks of the same color.

Try to stack as many blocks as you can. The higher the size of your stack of blocks, the higher your score will be when you drop them. Feel the excitement on this link .

11.Draw Joust!

In this game, players will be invited to build rides and use them to fight with opponents. Players can equip a number of tools during combat, including axes, spears, cannons, swords, and all kinds of weapons that can be attached to carts.

In addition, there are dozens of types of trains, various arenas and endless enemies. With a size of about 62 MB, the game Draw Joust! it has been downloaded more than 10 million times in Play Store. If you want to try playing it, just download the game here .

12. Spiral Roll

In a way, Spiral Roll is included in the Voodoo game series with the most unique playing style. Here you will “play” a knife that is always moving forward. As a knife, you are required to peel off any wood that rises to the surface of the water.

The longer you peel, the more it will curl up and form a large spiral. So, you have to determine  the right timing so that the spiral that is formed can destroy the walls that appear as obstacles.

Throughout the levels, you have to try to make a spiral with  just the right timing to hit one of the pieces of wood with numbers on it. Try to hit the biggest number to get a bigger score too. Interested in trying it? Download Spiral Roll here.

13.Perfect Hit . . .

Perfect Hit Games . . . this can be said as a mix between TENKYU and Snake VS Block. Why? Because this game will ask players to collect as many balls as possible until the ball extends like a snake.

But, another challenge is, some blocks always block your ball’s path. Well, you have to be able to avoid each of these obstacles until you can enter the final hole. If you hit these blocks, then you are declared a failure. How, here, want to try to play this game? Download here .

14. Splashy!

The best Voodoo game series this time is Splashy! This game also plays quite a lot , you know. Even though it looks simple and easy, just by tapping the screen and jumping the ball, in fact this game is quite challenging.

What makes this game interesting is that the ball you jump can fall into the abyss. If the ball has fallen, it means you have to repeat the game again. Pretty tough, huh? Come on, play the game here.

15. Fail Run

This Voodoo game has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the Play Store. Here players will be required to learn to walk before running and finding the finish line.

Players must put one foot in front of the other and try not to fail. The path traversed in each level is different, adding to the excitement of this simple yet challenging game. Download the game here if you want to give it a try.

All the games from Voodoo can be a reference for those looking for fun, light, simple, yet challenging games. So, which Voodoo game do you prefer? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments column, OK? Have a nice play!

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