5 Good Reasons to Change Web Hosting

Here are 5 Good Reasons to Change Web Hosting

Here are 5 Good Reasons to Change Web Hosting – Complete list of the 5 most serious reasons, in my experience, to decide to change hosting in no time.

Here are 5 Good Reasons to Change Web Hosting

1. Poor support. 

It is the most important thing, and a fair share of hosting on the market has not understood it well (or perhaps has other priorities), so they do not invest in it, and believe that all webmasters are experts by ” comfortably ” downloading any responsibility on themselves. They. There is nothing worse, after all, than paying for a service, presented as amazing and infallible, and then being answered in a bad way, receiving wrong suggestions or not receiving them at all. It falls under the case of “ poor quality care “, in some cases, the one in which the operators tend to be too “markettarian” (e.g.: while discussing the features of a plan they try to sell you additional services at any cost).

Poor quality care is like water running out when you have the classicpile of dishesto wash.

2. Hosting has been around for a very short time. 

I say this without taking anything away from young companies in general, so this reasoning should be taken with a grain of salt: in my experience, usually, those with more than ten years of experience in the field are decidedly less inclined to give you nasty surprises later on. or to manifest gross incompetence. The first evolutionary stages of any hosting company could be weak, and it is not unreliable due to bad faith but, more simply, due to simple inexperience. Certainly a hosting on the market recently, which does not know how to move well and “does not regulate” on many things is the worst thing in which especially a freelancer or anyone who works on the web individually, above all– with little time, little space and little resources – he could stumble.

As in real life, therefore, experience counts for a lot, and cases should always be evaluated without generalizing.

3. You can’t find hosting plans that are right for you. 

When you started your blog, you had less than 50 unique daily workers, many of whom were incognito relatives trying to please you. But time passes for everyone and, if you have managed the situation, you could find yourself with daily traffic in the order of tens of thousands per month: in many cases, following an increase in traffic, it is good to always be ready to change plans (for example from shared to semi-dedicated ), which not all services offer, especially if they are “basic” or very low-cost .

If you’re feeling limited by yourprovider’s offerings,it may be time for a change.

4. Out of disk space. 

This is a somewhat unusual circumstance, but one that I have encountered in a couple of cases when managing my websites. The site grows, the HD images uploaded to the blog or (if it is allowed by the TOS of the service) the videos increase, and you find yourself with 99% of the pre-set space occupied just when you least expect it (some time ago I received a notification in which 115% of my space was taken). In these cases the solution with ” unlimited hosting ” is not necessarily the best one, given that – even here – a semi-dedicated with a fixed size could be right for you.

Be wary ofhosting that does not makeupgradesavailable to youin this regard.

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5. Poor server security. 

While I remind you that it is always advisable to have a copy of your sites in a different place from the hosting that hosts them , cases of targeted cyber attacks, DNS poisoning or, at worst, manipulation of your files from the outside by exploiting some flaw of the code. Perhaps this is one of the most delicate cases to manage, also because the fault does not always lie with the hosting in these cases, although the best protection can come from a firewalland protected servers that only they will be able to make available, it must be said that in the field of security the best thing is always to write sensible code and have the operating process of the site or web service always within reach of the keyboard.

How to change hosting?

Let’s assume that you have your website on a hosting with which you are not satisfied: to migrate your site, the first thing you should do is make a copy of your data. Indeed, you will need:

  1. download via FTP all the files of your site (PHP, HTML, JS, CSS and respective folders) to an external hard disk or to a folder on your computer;
  2. perform a database dump , i.e. a copy in text file format (usually with the .mssql or .sql extension) which allows you to restore the database on the new hosting service;
  3. obtain the access data to the control panel of your current domain, i.e. the name of the site you want to migrate, and in particular obtain the EPP migration code ; will serve the destination hosting at the time of purchase;
  4. search among the offers on our site for the one that seems best suited to your needs: Tophost, for example, offers the cheapest plans of the moment and gives you everything you should need for your website.

We have come to the end: if you have found a good reason to do so and want to choose a different hosting, take a look at the various web hosting offers .

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