What is Clipchamp? Complete Guide for Windows 11 Users

What is Clipchamp? Complete Guide for Windows 11 Users – Clipchamp has become a buzzword in the video editing community. Don’t know what Clipchamp is? Keep on reading!

The Windows platform has been without professional video editing tools for a long time since the Windows Movie Maker application was discontinued in 2012.

You may have used this app last time on Windows XP and loved it ever since, wishing for something similar on Windows 11 or 10.

Microsoft is trying to satisfy Windows users with a new user-friendly video editing app that works on web browsers, Windows PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Apart from that, its user interface (UI) is very easy and it also comes with some of the famous features of Windows Movie Maker. The video editing application that is currently busy is Clipchamp.

Join me as I review apps across multiple platforms and explain their standard functionality to help you get set up with Clipchamp.

What is Clipchamp?

Clipchamp started as a startup in 2013. Its founding members are Alexander Dreiling, Tobias Raub, Dave Hewitt, and Soeren Balko. In 2014, the startup officially launched the Clipchamp cloud application for editing and exporting videos.

Then, as its popularity grew, Microsoft acquired the startup in 2021. Later, Microsoft updated the app and published Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps for Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating systems along with cloud apps.

Why is Clipchamp on My Computer?

Recently, Microsoft started shipping Clipchamp as a built-in video editor app for all Windows 11 PCs with the latest stable feature release, Windows 11 22H2 download and upgrade.

What Is Clipchamp Used For?

You can use this application for the following purposes:

  • Merge multiple video files, audio tracks as well as images into one continuous video content
  • Add captions, annotations, other captions to videos
  • Make videos social media worthy by adding video effects like the ones you watch on TikTok or Instagram
  • Content creators, businesses and digital marketers can use the app to create royalty-free media content for their brand campaigns and activities
  • Quickly edit videos in timeline mode
  • Record video and audio content from virtual meetings, Zoom calls, Google Meet conferences, PC screens, webcams and microphones with a few clicks
  • Easily trim and cut videos
  • Create brand kits to apply brand media assets, color palettes, and content themes to all videos without missing a beat

Is Clipchamp Actually Free?

The best thing about this video editing app is that its standard features are free. You don’t need a paid subscription, or any Microsoft 365 plan to use this app.

However, you can unlock the powerful power of video editing and content creation when you get a paid subscription for a nominal monthly or yearly fee.

Is Clipchamp Free Without Watermark?

You’ve probably seen some video editing apps that let you organize videos for free for a few minutes, and the downloaded content also comes with a watermark.

But Clipchamp is free from all these barriers. It lets you seamlessly import, edit and export video content without watermarks for free.

Can I Use Clipchamp on Mobile?

Clipchamp is a cross-device application. You can use it on almost any device connected to Google Play and the App Store. You can run the app if your device is not connected to this app store, but you can run a web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Not to mention, recent Windows PCs are designed specifically for use with the Clipchamp application.

How To Get Clipchamp

Chances are you already have the app if you have applied the latest Windows feature update to your PC. On your Windows 11 or 10 PC, perform the following steps to check if you have Clipchamp:

  • Click the Windows flag or the Start menu button on the Windows Taskbar .
  • In the search field, type Clipchamp .
  • Under the Best match section , you will see the Clipchamp – Video Editor icon .
  • Click it to run the application as a Windows application.

In case you don’t see the app, here are options for downloading or accessing the cloud app:

  • Open the Microsoft Store app on your Windows 10 or 11 PC. Type Clipchamp and press Get the app when the options appear.

Get Clipchamp through the Microsoft Store

  • You can register for a Clipchamp account by accessing the Clipchamp web application.
  • Download apps for iOS and iPadOS from the App Store. For Android phones, go to Google Play. The mobile version has fewer features than the PC or cloud app version.

Regardless of the source of the application, you must register for a Clipchamp account . On a Windows PC, you can use your Microsoft 365 account. Other registration options available for this Windows 11 video editing app are:

Access the Clipchamp application by registering

  • Use a personal, work, or school email account
  • Perform social sign-on using a Google Account

What is Clipchamp Essentials?

While Clipchamp is free and without watermarked downloads, it’s only for content that doesn’t include premium features. If the video you’re creating contains computable content, you’ll need to download the watermarked video from Clipchamp.

Not to mention, you also cannot access the following premium features:

  • Premium stock images, videos, transitions, templates and audio
  • Premium video editing effects and filters
  • Branding kits for company logos, colors as well as fonts
  • Back up content in the cloud

If you want to experience all of Clipchamp’s premium features, you’ll need an Essentials subscription. The subscription fee is $11.99/month. However, you get a hefty discount if you buy the annual plan, which is $119.99/year.

What is Clipchamp Editor?

Clipchamp Editor is where all the content creation magic happens. It can be accessed via cloud apps and Windows apps. However, all UI elements are the same on both platforms.

Following are the features and functions of the Clipchamp application:

1. Home

Home has three sections, and these are as follows:

What is Clipchamp Home screen

  • Two shortcut keys: Create a new video and Record something to quickly start content creation.
  • In the middle, you’ll see a carousel of Clipchamp templates. You will see ten of the most popular templates on the Home screen. You can click the All templates link to go to the template library.

2. Brand Kit

What is the Clipchamp brand kit

A brand kit is a must-have tool if you are a professional video content creator . You must follow Brand content creation guidelines, such as menu set for color palettes, fonts, stock images, company logos, infographic templates, etc.

You can upload it in the Brand kit section. Now, brand assets are at your fingertips every time you use the app. With a few mouse buttons, you can create consistent video content that represents your brand.

Once you have Clipchamp’s paid plan, go to the Brand kit section . Then, upload the following assets: logo, color palette, and also fonts.

When editing or creating a video in the Clipchamp Editor , click the Brand kit option in the left side navigation panel. Next, the Brand kit menu will now open with three folders for Fonts , Colors , and Logos .

Select the brand assets you need through this folder and insert them into the video via the timeline.

3. Template

What are Clipchamp Templates

Clipchamp templates help you create creative content without starting from scratch. So, you can choose a template that matches your content desires.

Open the template in the Clipchamp video editor. Now, simply customize elements like fonts, colors, stock images, transitions, etc., to create engaging social media or business videos.

Also, you can add audio or photos to the template for advanced personalization. The Clipchamp development team at Microsoft is constantly adding new templates to the library. Currently, the templates section contains the following video themes:

  • intro/outro
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Social media advertising
  • Game
  • Events and holidays
  • Slideshow
  • Text overlays
  • Tiktok
  • Social handles

4. Add Folders

The Add folder feature can organize your video content with different names.

This way , you can easily find a specific video without browsing through all the content on the Home screen.

5. Editor Video

The editing canvas contains the following four elements:

What is Clipchamp Video Editor

  • The preview screen is where you check the video you’ve created.
  • Below the preview screen, you see the content timeline. You can drag and drop content on the timeline to increase the video length, insert special effects, insert text overlays, and more.
  • The left side navigation menu is the source of all the content you can add to videos. From the top, you get options like Your Media, Record & create, Templates, Music & SFX, Video saves, Stock images, Text, Graphics ( vector art ), Transitions, and Brand kits .
  • On the right side, you get the video control menu. It allows you to adjust various features of your video such as Captions, Audio, Fade, Filters, Color balance, Speed, Transitions and Color .

Next, once you have successfully created your video and are ready to export it as a file, press the Export button in the top corner of the app. It will offer you three options for video export. These are 480p , 720p , and 1080p (HD) .

However, if the video you are exporting is 15 seconds or less, you can download the GIF content.

How to Make TikTok Videos in Clipchamp

Making TikTok videos on Clipchamp is very easy. Here are the steps:
  • Click Create new video on the Home screen .
    Select Templates from the sidebar.
  • Swipe down to TikTok . Click on it.
  • Scroll through the library and select the video theme you like.
  • Click Add to timeline on the template preview screen.
  • Let the app set up the timeline for you.
  • You can edit text overlays from the timeline. They appear as purple bars.
  • If you want to change the audio, remove the blue timeline content and replace it with the stock audio from the Music & SFX section .
  • You can drag and drop more transitions if you want.
  • Next, when ready, click Export to download the MP4 file.
  • You can also create online links to share content directly via YouTube, Google Drive, TikTok, LinkedIn, OneDrive, etc.

What Is Clipchamp: The Final Words

So, these are the emerging video editor apps available for free on Windows 11.

It’s gained traction in video editing, social media influencer, content creation, digital marketing, and brand marketing communities since being added as a built-in app in Windows 11.

Try the Windows app if you’re using Windows 11 or 10. Alternatively, try the web app, which is easy to access via Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

Therefore, if you want video editing on the go, like captioning, adding text, quick video effects, etc., go for iOS as well as Android mobile apps.

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