How to create a chat bot in Telegram

How to create a chat bot in Telegram

How to create a chat bot in Telegram – Today, Telegram is almost the most popular messenger in the CIS. Such popularity lies in the security of the messenger and its capabilities. By the way, in the program you can create your own chat channels , groups, communicate via video communication, upload your own sticker packs, and most importantly, create and use telegram bots. Most popular companies create their own Telegram chat bot for better interaction with customers.

This is really very convenient, since each bot is essentially a mini-application. For example, some of them allow you to download videos from YouTube, others provide services, and still others are simply created for entertainment.

Creating a bot is much easier and more profitable than creating a program. It is also beneficial in terms of promotion, since it is much easier to promote a bot than a program in the Appstore or Play Market. If you have a desire to create your own bot, then the first thing you had a question – how to do it? This is the question we will try to answer in this article.

What is a chatbot

A chatbot is a robot that works like a special program available to all messenger users. Simply put, it is an artificial intelligence that is able to perform various actions depending on the tasks.

The complexity of creating a bot directly depends on its functionality. If you can create simple projects without complex functions yourself according to the instructions, then writing more complex projects will require the help of a professional. By the way, the second method will be better if you need to create a professional bot with complex functions and functions. It is also worth noting that a bot written by a programmer will be much smarter than one created using simple online constructors.

Why you need a chatbot

On the Internet you can find a lot of different tips on creating a bot, but only a few touch on the need for such a bot. But this point is the most important, since before creating it is very important to know the purpose of the bot and the feasibility of funding it. After all, if the idea is a failure, then you will simply waste your money.

The main targets for creation can be the following parameters:

  • Improving the speed and quality of the support service.
  • Reducing the burden on help desk operators.
  • Provision of services.

How to create a chat bot for free

In fact, a bot is the same as a program. And to create a high-quality and working application, a programmer is needed. If it were possible to create programs without experience, then this profession would be unclaimed.

No one wants to work for free, and therefore money will be required to pay for the work of a specialist. Moreover, the better the programmer, the more money will be required. But what about when you want to create your own chatbot without spending a dime?

And there is an answer to this question. In this article, we will consider not only free ways to create, but also paid ones.

Using the Bot Builder

Bot Builder is an online service that allows you to create a basic chat bot with a minimum amount of knowledge. In these services, you do not need to write code for your robot, you just need to come up with scripts for answers and actions, come up with the appearance of the bot. It is worth noting that online constructors will not be enough for you to create a more advanced chatbot.

As a rule, the capabilities provided by the service are quite enough to make a Telegram chat bot for a small business. Both ways of creating a bot have their pros and cons. For example, with the help of online constructors, you can make changes to the bot at any time. At the same time, it will be necessary for a programmer to draw up a clear TOR, which is quite difficult in the absence of programming skills.

So, if you still decide to use the services of online designers, then difficulties may also arise here. The first problem arises at the stage of finding a suitable service. If you do a Google search, you will get hundreds of different links, most of which lead to frankly bad services.

That is why we have selected the top 5 online chat bot builders for you.

DialogFlow . This service has a free tariff plan that includes all basic tools. Also in this constructor, you can create bots not only for Telegram, but also for: Slack, Viber, Facebook Messenger and others.

FlowXO . The constructor allows you to create up to 5 bots for free, then you need to buy a subscription for 19 bucks. It is also worth mentioning that the service is entirely in English.

ManyChat . The service provides a free plan that includes several tools. Audience analysis and tracking is also available here.

Manybot . This online constructor is completely free and offers to create bots in Russian. Among the unique tools, you can highlight the function of mailing or creating a menu in the chatbot interface.

Dexter . This service is paid, but it is the highest quality of the above. If you need to create a professional chatbot for a large company, then it is best to turn to Dexter. It is worth noting that here you can also create chat bots for Facebook and Twitter.

How to create a bot in Telegram yourself

So, after choosing the right online constructor, you can start creating a chatbot. It should be noted right away that in this article we will not describe the instructions for creating a bot in services, since the creation process is radically different in each. However, almost every service provides step-by-step instructions that describe in detail how to create a bot in Telegram using the built-in tools, and therefore there should be no problems with creating a bot.

Another thing is to register and make the bot work. The main task is to activate the chat bot in the telegram system, as well as connect the server. First of all, you need to go to telegram and find the @botfather bot in the search. This is the official messenger bot that will help you create your bot. Next, you need to enter the /newbot command in the line. It allows you to create a bot and register it in the system.

The next step is to give it a name and address. To do this, enter the address in the format @”address” without parentheses. It can be, for example, @technichka and so on. After successful creation, you will be issued a unique bot token, which you can use in online constructors.

Also, do not forget about the maintenance of the bot. For him, you need to allocate a separate server, thanks to which he can work around the clock. The monthly cost of such a server is approximately 18-20 dollars per month. Of course, you can host the server on your computer for free, but it will work as long as the PC is turned on.

That’s all! It remains only to devote a few hours of time to create a bot and it will be completely ready for work.

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Some important tips for creating

If you want to create a good chat bot, then in no case save on the server. The cheaper it is, the slower the bot will work. And few people want to wait for an answer for several tens of seconds. Don’t send out frequent newsletters. The more news the bot sends, the more annoying it seems. If the bot simply starts spamming, sending 20 emails per hour, then the user will simply unsubscribe from it.

You should not create a universal bot that can do everything. So it will be overloaded with functions and its speed will noticeably drop. Therefore, it is best to create several bots for different tasks.

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