Best Free Car Games for Android

10 Best Free Car Games for Android in 2023

Best Free Car Games for Android – Mobile car games are one of the most downloaded types of games on the Play Store. Apart from presenting adrenaline-pumping matches, racing genre games also usually come with features and a very good graphic display.

Interestingly, most racing games nowadays are provided free of charge so you don’t have to spend money to play them. But of course there are several items that can be purchased if you want to improve your car’s performance in races. Here, techilu will review the 10 best free car racing games for Android:

10 Best Free Car Games for Android

1. Street Racing 3D

As the name implies, Street Racing 3D invites players to race with a pretty good 3D graphic display. Apart from the animated graphics, Street Racing 3D is also designed with  a friendly  interface  with fairly easy gameplay  .

Here, you just have to step on the gas as fast as you can and defeat the other Street Racing 3D players. But at the beginning of the game, of course the car used is not very  powerful. For that, there is an  upgrade  feature where players can update their car to make it faster while racing.

How to  upgrade it is also easy. You only need to win the match and then there will be bonus  items  to  upgrade  your racing car. The more matches won, the more chances to get  good items  for  car upgrades  .

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the most popular mobile car games today. This game presents a very realistic and thrilling race. The high-end graphic display along with the ear-pleasing soundtrack also complements the advantages of this game.

Apart from the usual racing mode, in this game you can also play in career mode, live multiplayer, or compete online. To buy a new car or upgrade the one you have now, you have to earn money by winning races. If it’s difficult, then you can buy it directly with real money through the in-app purchase system.

3.Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a familiar racing car game. This game uses real car brands with original racing circuits as well. One of its superior features is the asynchronous multiplayer system, where your friend’s best time record is recorded and then you fight with bots from that time record.

There is also a career mode that you can follow to win lots of wins, new cars, and car spare-part upgrades. Make sure to always race cleanly to avoid damage to the car so you don’t have to pay for it to be repaired.

4. GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2 is one of the best racing simulation games out there. You can take part in various kinds of racing series that are provided to get money and awards. The money earned can then be bought for a new car or to improve the performance of the car you have now.

If you get bored playing alone, this game also provides an online multiplayer mode to fight with other players. One of the keys to winning this game is accuracy in taking turns so you can save as much time as possible.

5. Hill Climb Racing

Even though the graphic animation is not as fancy  as the GT Racing 2 game, you should also try Hill Climb Racing. The reason is, this game is quite addictive with quite challenging missions. The mission is actually simple, you just need to pick up the coins that are scattered on the streets.

However, these coins are sometimes placed on quite steep roads. This makes players have to be vigilant so that the car does not roll over. If the car overturns, then you are declared a failure! Can play it? Please download here.

6. Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz is a simple and fun car racing game. As quoted from Android Central, in this game you have to drive a car along a tropical beach and have to reach the checkpoint before the allotted time runs out.

Along the way you have to collect coins so they can be used to upgrade the car. But you have to avoid various obstacles such as animals and other racers so that your car doesn’t slow down and waste time.

This game comes with a smooth and colorful graphic display, including water, dust and light effects. With its appearance and game mode, Beach Buggy Blitz is very suitable for anyone, including children.

7. CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a drag race car racing game which is quite interesting. In this game you don’t need to bother controlling the steering wheel handle because all you have to do is shift the gear transmission correctly when the indicator light.

The indicator light will come on when your car is ready to switch gears. The better your reflexes to shift gears, the better the time record will be. You must be able to reach the finish line first before your enemy in order to get the prize.

These rewards can then be used to buy new cars or upgrade your car’s components such as engines, gearboxes and more. This CSR Racing game also provides an in-app purchase system that you can use to buy high-end class cars.

8.Dr. driving

This is also not a car game with a cool racing car appearance. at Dr. Driving , you will only be racing with a boxy car in red. Even though it seems  old,  this car is good enough to be invited to race,  you know. 

In addition, Dr. Driving also prepares missions with various obstacles. Interestingly, every mission you run has prizes in the form of coins, up to a maximum of 1000 coins! You can collect these coins to  upgrade  the car so that the car can go even faster.

9. Racing in Car 2

What makes Racing in Car 2 different is the  cockpit interface. So, when players drive a car in this game, what is shown is the cockpit of  the  car, not the car as a whole. So, this game feels right for those of you who like to play car games with a simulation concept.

In addition, this game is also more interesting with 3D graphic animations that are quite good. Then, so that players don’t get bored, Racing in Car 2 has also prepared various locations and car choices. Pretty complete,  right ? If you are interested, you can directly  download  the game here.

10. Smash Cops Heat

The final game worthy of filling this top 10 list is Smash Cops Heat . This game is a classic game with the theme of a chase between cops and thieves where you play as a cop.

The control of this game is also quite easy and there are several power-ups to help you in chasing the thieves. Some of the missions contained in this game include take-down missions, races to get to crime scenes, as well as several other racing scenarios.

Other Game Recommendations

It’s not just the 10 games above that are fun to play, because some of the games we recommend are also worth trying. But unfortunately, these games are no longer available on PlayStore.

11. Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 is a drag racing game inspired by the famous film of the same title. Like CSR racing, you also have to shift the transmission at the right time so you can reach maximum speed. The money you earn from winning races can then be used to upgrade your car’s components.

One thing that sets Fast & Furious 6 apart from other similar games is the drifting mini-game feature. In this mini game, you have to press and release the drift button in certain areas to get and maintain the best time.

12. Death Rally

The next game is Death Rally which presents a Death Race-style street battle. In this game you will race with a car equipped with full arsenal to destroy all the enemies that take part in the race.

Besides being equipped with weapons, you will also get a nitro speed boost to help in the battle. Even if you don’t take first place, you can still earn a lot of money by destroying enemy cars.

13. Forever Drive

Forever Drive presents quite exciting races from a top-down perspective. You must be able to pass all the race tracks created by other players before the allotted time runs out. Reaching the checkpoint will increase the time allotted, and completing the objective will give additional bonus points.

You have to be able to avoid other cars and don’t hit the wall because it will slow down and reduce the points you get. As your level and experience points increase, you will start getting new cars. Of course you can also buy it directly through the in-app purchase system.

Apart from its interesting gameplay, Forever Drive also comes with a quite unique appearance. You can also create your own race track and then use it by other players.

14. Motoheroz

Motoheroz is a side-scrolling game that combines racing and puzzles. You can control the motorbike forwards and backwards to reach all objectives. In each stage you also have to find hidden objectives. There are various power-up items that will help you, such as jetpacks and springs.

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