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39+ Free Facebook Accounts 2023 – 100% Working

Free Facebook AccountsFacebook are accounts obtained from phishing activity . This activity places unused FB accounts and then distributes them to anyone who is in need.

Usually, this unused account is classified as a new, inactive account. This FB account can be accessed and used on a daily basis. One of the advantages is that you don’t have to bother creating a new account with a real identity.

There are several accounts that you can choose from. Later, all you have to do is choose which free FB account below you want to take, provided that it hasn’t been used by someone else.

Latest Free Facebook Accounts 2023

Here are some free Facebook accounts that you can of course take and use. If you are looking for this free FB account, please choose from the following list.

  • Username/email: 085213908627, Password: ayu mawadah
  • Username/email: [email protected], Password: ayumawati2017
  • Username/email: 087808446750, Password: comatesejati
  • Username/email: 082317225620, Password: Infocus
  • Username/email: 082329222390, Password: walangsanga
  • Username/email: 085607510130, Password: alhamdulillah
  • Username/email: 085880905685, Password: tall
  • Username/email: [email protected], Password: farizganteng
  • Username/email: 0882329222390, Password: walangsanga
  • Username/email: 08943220012, Password: arjunaireng
  • Username/email: fariz1234, Password: endangsantika
  • Username/email: 085866007646, Password: 085866007646
  • Username/email: 083873115032, Password: puspitasari12
  • Username/Email: Yogalukia11 lukia, Password: YogaHelbi
  • Username/email: 089644977677, Password: GerilRiska

Free Facebook Accounts with Passwords

Photo source: Today’s Newest Free FB Account List Unused – Pinterest

The following is a collection of the latest free FB account lists this month that you can try one by one until you succeed:

Email addressPassword
[email protected]28017jatel
[email protected]sandinizarakbar036
[email protected]25051986
[email protected]DenMil973
[email protected]4malia76
[email protected],4lik44us
[email protected]adiF1ansyah
[email protected]Broth3rS3ll
[email protected]FTRH155rr

Legit Facebook Premium Accounts and Passwords:

Photo source: Free Mobile Legends Free Fire Facebook Account – Pinterest

There is also the newest free FB account for 2023 which is already associated with the Free Fire or Mobile Legends games. If you are one of the players, you can try registering for the Facebook account below. If you’re lucky, you can get rare items or cool skins .

Free Facebook Account Uses

There are many advantages that you can get by using this free Facebook account . What are the uses? Check it out below:

1. Already Have Many Groups

The advantage of using a free FB account is having a lot of fanspage followers. So, you can promote products on fanspage in the free account. Plus, you no longer need to ask for approval to join the newest Facebook groups .

2. No Verification Required

When you want to create a new account, you usually need to enter a new cellphone number, a new email, and a cool username . This step is sometimes hampered if you only have one cellphone number. Therefore, this free FB account can be a solution.

3. Lots of Popular Games related

Popular games such as Free Fire , PUBG Mobile , Mobile Legends , Ragnarok Online , Clash of Clans , and Higgs Domino Island give their trust to Facebook as a hook tool.

So, if you are lucky to get a Facebook account that has linked many games, it could be that there is a free Free Fire bundle or a rare Mobile Legends skin item. Interested?

4. Already Have Many Friends

Using a free account doesn’t just have a lot of communities. You will also have a lot of friends that have been added before. That way, you can also spread the link more broadly.

How to Login Facebook Account Free

Sharing the FB account above is the result of phishing . So you have to be careful when using it. If you want to be safe, see how to login below.

  1. Select a FB account.
  2. Login to Facebook using email dan_ password_ .
  3. Click the Settings menu > Privacy .
  4. Edit account name , phone number and other data.
  5. Finished. The free FB account that you get will be safe.
Login Fb Account

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The Risk of Using a Free FB Account Owns by Others

Login to Facebook using other people’s accounts does have many uses, as ApkVenue has mentioned. However, behind the benefits, there are also dangers that lurk.

The dangers or risks of using other people’s FB accounts for free are as follows:

  • The risk of personal data theft for users who are logged in , because they can track locations.
  • Worried about being used for criminal acts.
  • The account that is used to log in is not necessarily safe, either in posts or friends.
  • If the password is not changed, it could be misused by other people who log in with the same account.
  • Have to fight with others when logging in . So it is advisable to change the password if successful entry.
  • Phishing risk .

The final word

That’s a list of the latest and most complete Facebook (FB) accounts that are free to use . You can log in to FB without having to hack other people’s accounts or use the Facebook MOD APK application

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