How does Fiverr work

How does Fiverr work? (2023 Beginner’s Guide for Buyers and Sellers)

How does Fiverr work? (2023 Beginner’s Guide for Buyers and Sellers) – Founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv, Fiverr is a service exchange platform created specifically for Freelancers who decide to sell their services online to customers from all corners of the globe. You’ve probably heard of it and, driven by curiosity, you’ll want to know how Fiverr works and how you can earn through this marketplace.

Follow me in this short guide and I’ll explain how to best use this platform, an excellent portal that offers new freelance job opportunities for those who want to do some extra work from the comfort of home, but also for those looking for a specific service at a reasonable cost.

We will also see what are the steps to follow to register and to purchase a service. Furthermore, I will show you step by step how to sell a service and even be able to earn with this interesting platform which in Italy, at the moment, has not yet taken off but which is widely used in other countries (such as the United States).

What is Fiverr

Let’s start with the basics. Fiverr is a very popular online service, born in 2010, within which it is possible to buy and sell benefits and services. I’m talking about a platform that brings together many users from all over the world and which allows you to both offer and purchase digital services of any kind.

This online platform, very simple to use, is a real marketplace where freelance professionals can find interesting job offers from companies that are looking for new resources to join their team.

A bit like Linkedin, Fiverr offers you the opportunity to virtually meet expert professionals in various fields who make their services and skills available.

How does Fiverr work?

Let’s get to the heart of our tutorial. How does Fiverr work? As I anticipated, this simple and interesting online system gives you the opportunity to get in contact with many companies around the world and earn based on your skills and your skills .

Yes, you read right, with Fiverr you can also earn ! Furthermore, on this platform you can also contact a new collaborator for your company, commission a job from him and create new and interesting collaborations .

I’ll give you an example. Are you a web designer , can’t complete all your work and need a creative and original hand? Very well, on Fiverr you can find a collaborator to whom you can commission a job, for example the creation of a site or if he is involved in copywriting you can ask him to write web content to be included on the site you are working on.

The main categories for which you can offer your professional services (or search for them) are as follows:

  • Writing & Translation
  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Fun & Lifestyle
  • Business

The Fiverr system is very simple and useful for those looking for new job opportunities and collaborations. On Fiverr you will therefore be able to both buy and sell services in a few steps, just a click away.

Did I intrigue you? Keep following me and I’ll explain how to best use this platform.

How to Create Fiverr Account

The first thing to do before starting to use Fiverr is to register on the platform. Registering is very easy and furthermore there is no requirement to demonstrate one’s skills: anyone can register!

You can register on Fiverr both from your PC and from your smartphone by following a really simple and fast procedure.

Here are the steps you will need to take to sign up on Fiverr :

  • Connect to the official site of Fiverr
  • Click Join at the top right
  • Choose whether to register using your Facebook account , your Google account or via email
  • If you choose one of the first two cases, click on Continue as [name] or Continue with Google
  • Otherwise, enter your email address in the Enter your email field and press the Continue button
  • In the new screen, enter your username and password (Warning: the password must contain at least 8 characters , including an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a number)
  • Associate the password entered to your account in the Choose a username and Choose a password fields
  • Press the Join button
  • Access your mailbox, open the email received from Fiverr and click on the Active your account button
  • This will activate your account
  • You just have to complete the registration

Instead, here are the steps you will need to take to register on Fiverr from your Smartphone :

  • Launch the Fiverr app from your smartphone home screen
  • Press on the items Next and Join
  • In the new screen, tap the Connect with Facebook button or press the Connect with Google button (to register using your Google account) or Sign up with email (to register via email)
  • If you choose this last option, enter your email address in the Enter your email field
  • In the Choose a username and Choose a password fields, choose your username and password to access Fiverr
  • Press the Sign up button
  • You will receive an email from Fiverr
  • Open the email and press Active your account to activate your account

How to Purchase a service on Fiverr

As I explained to you before, on Fiverr you can both sell and buy services. If you want to purchase a service on Fiverr (called Gig on this platform ) you simply need to identify the service that’s right for you and proceed with the purchase.

Follow these steps and buy a service on Fiverr now:

  • Connect to the Fiverr main page
  • Log in to your account by clicking on the Sign in button at the top right
  • On the newly opened page, select the category of the service you intend to purchase
  • You can choose from different categories available choosing one of the options among Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business and Fun & Lifestyle
  • Then choose a sub-category from those displayed
  • Identify the Gig (the service to purchase) that you think best suits your needs
  • Alternatively, you can enter the keywords relating to the service of your interest in the Find service search field at the top left and press the Search button
  • After identifying the service that’s right for you, press Continue and Order now
  • Choose the payment method you prefer between credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover) and PayPal
  • Enter your card or Paypal account details
  • Press the Confirm and Pay button

Warning : Your payment will not be credited to the seller’s account immediately. Only if this accepts your order and completes it within the established time will the transaction be successful.

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a message and you will be able to view the final result of your purchase on Fiverr.

How to Selling a service on Fiverr

If you want to sell your services on Fiverr to earn by doing comfortable jobs from home as a web developer, copywriter, translator or graphic designer, Fiverr comes to your rescue.

In a few simple steps you can become a Fiverr seller to earn some extra money by offering your services by making your skills and abilities available.

Here’s what to do to sell your service on Fiverr:

  • Connect to the Fiverr website on your computer
  • Click on Sign in at the top right
  • Access your account by entering your login credentials in the Email/Username and Password fields
  • Click on the Become a seller option
  • In the new open page presses on Become a seller
  • Enter your name and surname in the First name and Last name fields
  • Click on the camera icon that you see next to the Profile Picture item to upload your photo (mandatory operation to proceed to become a Fiverr seller)
  • Enter your description of at least 150 characters in the Description field
  • Specify your skills , hobbies and skills
  • Lastly, in the Languages ​​section , indicate the languages ​​you speak (by pressing the Add new button )
  • Click Continue to proceed with registration

How does Fiverr work for Sellers

You have almost completed the registration as a seller on Fiverr, there are only a few steps left to complete the offer of your services, follow me again:

  • In the Professional info screen, specify the category of your competence by browsing the drop-down menu next to the item Your Occupation
  • Select one of the available options among Graphic & Design, Video & Animation, Writing & Translation, Digital marketing etc.
  • If you deem it appropriate, you can also add more than one occupation category by clicking on the Add new item and choosing one of the options available
  • In the Skills section, specify your skills in the Add Skill field . You can also enter the level of your Skills using the Level experience drop-down menu
  • Fill in the Education and Certification fields if you want to enter further information about your training and certificates you possess
  • Enter your personal website or that of your previous jobs in the Personal Website field
  • Click Continue to complete your registration


Get Reviews on Fiverr

As on other platforms, even on Fiverr it is possible to leave and get reviews to better “sell” your services.

Whenever a freelancer sells his service, the customer can review it at the end of the performance. Reading the reviews of a seller allows the buyer to understand their real reliability.

The more positive reviews you can get for your skills and the services you offer, the better your chances of making yourself known and earning on Fiverr.

To best promote your services, try to get reviews that confirm your skills and above all the good result and quality of your service.
Attention: each seller can receive a rating starting from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5.

A Fiverr user with excellent reviews is a seller who has a better chance of being chosen among the thousands of freelancers on this platform.

How much can I earn with Fiverr?

Fiverr allows you to make excellent earnings if you use the platform correctly. Online you can find several guides that help you become a top seller and increase your earnings within the platform. The most important thing is to promote your Gigs in the best way.

One of the tips I can give you is to offer a basic service that can act as a funnel for users. Once you have established long-lasting working relationships with customers who consider you reliable and accurate in deliveries, you will be able to sell extra services that will allow you to raise much more important figures.

It all depends on the service you offer which, in addition to obviously being of quality and impeccable in order to receive positive reviews, must be offered at the right price. You will have to invest time on this platform yourself, trying to study your reference market and understand the secrets of the most famous sellers and chosen by users.

Therefore, earnings on Fiverr can vary greatly. You will find users who manage to scrape together only a few hundred euros a month, but also others who go over the thousands without too much difficulty. Present the service you want to offer in detail, commit to establishing serious and lasting relationships with clients and always respect the pre-established deadlines. You will see that the increase in earnings will be a logical consequence.

In summary, here are some useful tips that I can give you to improve your freelance career and successfully sell your Gigs on Fiverr:

  • Offer a quality service
  • Try to offer a gig at a competitive price
  • Realize your greater ability by selling a service that reflects your true skills
  • Get nice reviews to find new customers

How to get more clients on Fiverr

To get more income on Fiverr , your first goal is certainly to increase your number of paying customers. By increasing the number of customers, you will begin to create a real “tour” which will first of all guarantee you the certainty of having a fixed monthly income , but also the possibility of raising prices.

To get more clients on Fiverr, the advice I can give you is to start having at least a couple. In fact, it can be difficult to get going if you don’t have any reviews of your services behind you. A good idea is therefore to start quietly, without immediately shooting prices that require, for example, people with many positive reviews .

Try to entice the first customers to choose you for the price and then convince them to stay with you for the quality of the services you offer . Perhaps this is one of the best ways to increase your turnover, but it is also true that you will always have to guarantee a quality service that will act as an excellent business card and make you work more, also thanks to word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Lastly, one aspect that should not be underestimated is punctuality in meeting deadlines. Those looking for services on Fiverr usually expect a service done right in the shortest possible time. The web goes fast and never sleeps and customers always expect everything immediately. Of course, you also have to put the right amount into it so as not to affect the quality of your work. So try to offer a quality service in the right time and you will see that the customer will be satisfied and will want to establish lasting relationships with you.

My experience with Fiverr

As you may know, my main job is as a Web Designer. I deal with the frontend development of websites and I can consider myself a freelancer from this point of view. Although I mostly work by word of mouth , I have joined Fiverr myself in the past. A little to try to sell the services I offer and a little to learn more about the platform and then write this article based on real and measurable impressions.

At first I have to admit that I felt a little frustrated, I entered my Gigs but no one was contacting me. So I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong . I then looked at Gigs from top sellers to understand how they described the service they themselves provided. This is how I understood my mistakes, I corrected the shot and, also helped by some of my friends, I spread my Gigs also through social networks .

Before long I started having some clients and I really worked hard to impress them with my professionalism. The first positive reviews arrived and I started to get going. Sometimes I even had to give up some assignments because I was overworked. In short, my opinion on Fiverr can only be positive. Also because I myself have used the platform in client mode to request some translations of my websites and I have always found honest and reliable people with whom I still work profitably today.


Fiverr is a useful, fast and convenient platform . I suggest you sign up and start using this popular marketplace dedicated to freelancers and freelancers to find new job opportunities and earn money quickly and safely.

It is currently one of the most used platforms by freelancers, has significant advantages for both sellers and buyers and is a very intuitive and easy to use site.

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