How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom – If you are used to using Zoom, you should be familiar with the terms host and co-host . A little picture, this host is the host. While the co-host is his assistant. On Zoom, generally there is only 1 host .

While the co-host can be filled up to 1000 people in one event. Then How to Make Someone a Co-host on Zoom? So, to answer this question, I will discuss it here.

Co Host function in Zoom

In the Zoom application, if a meeting is attended by only a few people, there is usually only 1 host .

Meanwhile, if there are many people in the meeting (tens to hundreds), then having a co-host can help manage the continuity of the event.

The functions of the co-host in Zoom itself include activating the record meeting feature , activating the share screen feature , managing participant interaction, and confirming participant entry in the meeting .

A little extra, you can only add co-hosts in the premium version of Zoom. There is no free version yet.

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

To add a co-host on Zoom itself is not difficult. It’s just that of course you have to have a committee that will be the co-host first.

Make sure the co-host already has a Zoom account as well to add it later. If so, please follow the steps:

1. Create a Meeting Room

As a first step, you have to create a meeting room first. Later in this room , you can add committee members and participants who will join.

Here’s how to create a room meeting on Zoom:

1. Please open the Zoom application.

2. Then tap New Meeting .

3. On the meeting page , tap the Start a Meeting button .

Here the room meeting on Zoom will be successfully created. You will also be directed directly to the meeting room .

2. Allow the Committee to Join the Room

Next, you must first provide the Meeting ID and Passcode to the committee. Then let the committee enter the meeting room that you have created.

The steps are more detailed, as follows:

1. In the meeting room , please tap the Zoom menu at the top.

2. Later information regarding the meeting room that has been created will appear.

3. Please share Meeting ID and Passcode to the committee.

4. Then tap Admit to approve the committee joining the meeting room .

5. When everything is finished, the confirmed committee will appear in the meeting room .

3. Make a committee to become a co-host

The last step, you only have to make the committee that has joined to become a co-host . The method is like this:

1. Tap the Participant option first.

2. Then tap the name of the committee in Zoom.

3. Several options will appear later, you can select Make Co-Host .

4. When there is a notification, tap Yes to confirm the organizers are co-hosts .

If there are other committee members that you want to co-host , you can repeat this method.

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4. Successfully Added Committee to Become a Co-Host

If successful, you’ll see a co-host tag next to the organizer’s name. For example like the picture above.

Previously, we explained the difference between hosts and co-hosts on Zoom. This is just an addition:

Main HostsCo Host
His main task is to chair the event in the meeting roomHis main task is only as an assistant to the main host
Can make participants become co-hosts or vice versaCan’t make regular participants co-hosts
Has a feature to end a room meetingThere is no feature to end a room meeting

The final word

That’s how to add a co-host on Zoom. The addition of this co-host can be done via a PC or cellphone. You just need to adjust it.

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