How to Avoid Copyright Claims on YouTube

How to Avoid Copyright Claims on YouTube

How to Avoid Copyright Claims on YouTube – This question is very often asked by most YouTube creators, both beginners and well-known YouTubers. Sometimes they are still hit by something called YouTube Copyright Strike.

In making YouTube videos, apart from needing video editing software , we also have to have materials such as video and audio that are good enough so that the video results are also good. However, many take shortcuts by using copyrighted video or audio without permission, causing problems on their own YouTube channel.

How to Avoid Copyright Claims on YouTube

Therefore, will share an article specifically discussing Copyright Strike or Copyright Violation on YouTube. But before going deeper, let’s first understand what is YouTube Copyright Strike or it can also be called Copyright Violation on YouTube. 

What is Copyright Strike or Copyright Infringement on YouTube?

YouTube Copyright Strike is a condition where a video is indicated to be using someone else’s non-original content. Usually YouTube videos that violate copyright cannot be monetized or monetized by the copyright owner.

When a YouTube channel gets a Copyright Strike warning or Copyright Infringement on one of the videos it uploads, this means that part or all of the content of the video is the work or property of someone else.

YouTube itself is very strict in ensuring that every video uploaded to YouTube must be original content or copyrighted content but has official permission or license from the original owner. We can see this with the existence of a special application form  or claim form for copyright owners who feel that their work was stolen without permission by one of the YouTube channels.

Copyright infringement on a YouTube video usually occurs when a video uses a copyrighted song or if the video is a reupload of a copyrighted video.

Examples of Copyright Infringement Cases on YouTube

To make it easier to understand the mechanism of Copyright Strike or Copyright Infringement on YouTube, let’s study some of the following case examples:

First Case Example. 

Andy has a cute cat , so cute Andy records his pet ‘s activities and plans to upload them on YouTube . However, because Andy was enjoying listening to The Chainsmokers’ music entitled Closer, Andy made the song the backsound or background song for the cat video before uploading it to YouTube.

The song Closer from The Chainsmokers is a copyrighted song that can only be distributed on Youtube by Vevo as the music recording company’s official channel. As a result , Andy ‘s Video is subject to Copyright Strike automatically .

Second Case Example.

Udin was watching TV, suddenly there was a very interesting program to watch. Udin feels that the video will be liked by thousands of viewers if uploaded to YouTube. Udin decided to look for the recording of the TV program on the TV station’s official channel.

After getting the video he wanted , Udin then rushed to re – upload the video to YouTube via his personal account . The TV station concerned was aware of Udin’s activities, and felt that Udin had violated copyright, so they reported Udin’s video for YouTube to follow up on.

How To Easily Avoid Copyright Strike On YouTube

Use Non Copyright Audio or Music

If you want to make YouTube videos and want to add audio or music, then there’s lots of music that you can use for free. Some of the audio libraries most used by YouTubers are YouTube Audio Library and NCS / Non Copyrighted Song.  Or you can use the song in the video below:

By using the songs above, you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement warnings on YouTube.

Use Remix or Cover Version of Popular Songs

If you have a situation similar to Andy’s case above, where you want to use a song by a famous musician who is currently popular, you can search for the song you want but in cover or remix form. If you have found it, don’t forget to ask permission from the owner of the Cover or Remix song first. Usually asking them for permission is very easy.

Don’t Reupload Other People’s Copyrighted Videos

Never re-upload YouTube videos belonging to other channels or videos from television, for example. If you still want to use the video, make sure you don’t use it all or only a small part. Re-use of copyrighted videos is permitted by YouTube as long as it falls into the Fair Use category.

Use Creative Commons Licensed Video Or Music 

If you need a video with a certain feel as material for creating content on YouTube, you can also reuse Creative Commons licensed videos .

How to find Creative Commons licensed videos is also very easy, all you need to do is write down keywords relevant to the video you are looking for and use Creative Commons filters, for more details, please see the image below:

What Happens When a Video Gets a Copyright Strike and What Should You Do?

Here are some things that usually happen to a video when it is indicated that it has committed an act of copyright infringement:

  • Video muted – The video is still there but any copyright infringing sound or audio is removed.
  • Video blocked – Videos permanently blocked in certain countries or the whole world can even result in termination of the YouTube channel or Channel Suspended
  • Videos are monetized by the copyright owner , all royalties or earnings from the YouTube video go to the copyright holder .
  • Video statistics can be accessed by copyright owners .

What will happen if I violate copyright on YouTube ? 

It all depends on the case of copyright infringement that you are doing, usually YouTube will only do the four things above, but it is not uncommon for copyright infringement to end up in court and compensation.

How ? already understand about Copyright Strike or Copyright Infringement on YouTube? I hope this article is useful and allows you to work even better as the main goal of  becoming a quality YouTuber .

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