How To Become A Successful Youtuber

How To Become A Successful Youtuber In 2023

How to become a successful YouTuber and what are the secret trick tips to become YouTubers who have a large number of viewers and subscribers who continue to increase?

In fact , the main key to achieving success in the world of YouTube and the internet in general is to be creative & consistent . What does it mean ? this is the purpose of creating a Youtuber 101 article to give you insight into matters relating to the Youtube business and inspiration for building a famous and successful YouTube channel .

Do you need capital to become a YouTuber? All successful YouTubers out there started their YouTube career with only creative, consistent capital & 1 YouTube channel.

I can’t create a YouTube channel yet? Don’t worry, because long before this article was written, already provided a tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel which you can read here.

How To Become A Successful Youtuber

If you already have the main capital, then what are you waiting for? Here are 15 Main Keys to Becoming a Successful and Famous Youtuber.

1 . Consistency Is The Main Key

Many people ask YouTubers ” What is the most important key to becoming a successful YouTuber?” “and almost all of them answered Consistent!

What does it mean to be consistent in being a YouTuber? You have to be consistent with the topic you want to discuss, be consistent in continuing to upload quality videos and maintain the quality of the videos you upload.

Points to note:

  • Schedule your video uploads. 3 Videos / Week or Every Day ?
  • Maintain the quality and intensity of video uploads. Always upload useful videos and maintain the number of videos uploaded in a certain cycle!
  • Create and meet targets. For example, this month I have to add 10 videos.

Why is schedule so important? If your YouTube channel already has loyal viewers, surely they will look forward to the new videos that you will upload. This schedule is what lets viewers know when I should check your channel and watch your videos. Do not disappoint the audience with an uncertain schedule .

2 . Automatic Scheduling

If you plan to post new videos every Tuesday, for example, of course it’s difficult to always make and upload videos on the same day and time.

If you are the type of person who is moody or only makes videos when you are excited, then the Scheduled Upload feature from YouTube is the right choice.

  • Make 4 to 5 videos in 1 week.
  • Upload on an automatic schedule, so that the videos that you have made are published by themselves on the schedule that you previously set.

3 . Maximum Video Quality

Have you ever watched a video from a YouTuber with low quality or stuck at 360p resolution? Certainly not .

Internet speed from year to year always shows an increase, this means that people have no problem buffering a video at high resolution.

  • Use a professional vlog camera , Action Camera can be an economical choice.
  • Make professional recordings, use a tripod so that the camera is easier to move and has minimal vibrations, make sure to record with sufficient lighting.

4 . Also Pay Attention to Audio Quality

People who watch youtube videos are usually those who prefer to listen and see rather than having to read articles.

So, your video must be equipped with good and clear audio.

  • Use a special microphone or mic from a quality Smartphone.
  • Don’t talk too close to the mic and don’t go too far either
  • If you want to use music, use a Creative Commons or Reusable license without having to pay or it’s free

5 . Be yourself

What do you think after seeing a singer with an overly artificial voice? it’s better if it’s good if it turns out to be broken? People who are not humorous told to be comedians , of course will not provoke the audience . So it’s much better to highlight your own character than to force yourself to be like other people.

  • Be yourself, use intonation as it is because you were born with cool characters 😉
  • Lots of practice so your videos don’t look stiff!
  • Just relax, think of the audience as your friends.

6 . Be patient, a little more will arrive

Know PiewDiePie ? The YouTuber who is considered the most successful in the world first uploaded his videos in 2010 and now he has uploaded more than 2000 videos, is PiewDiePie as direct as it is now?

  • When viewers are down, make introspection material.
  • When you need inspiration, watch other YouTubers’ videos.
  • Join a YouTuber gathering to exchange knowledge and experience.
  • Invite the audience for interaction and communication , then do a small survey to find out what their interests are and make it material for the next video .

7 . Don’t Forget Branding

When other people start watching your video, use an intro or watermark as a sign that this video was made by you. Don’t let you lose because the videos you upload are re-uploaded by other people on social media and no one knows if the video is yours.

  • Make a short, concise and clear video intro.
  • Create a highlight that summarizes the entire video, place it at the beginning of the video before the intro. This is so that the audience is curious and continues to watch until the last minute.

8 . When to Start Making Money?

First catch up with the number of viewers and subscribers from your YouTube channel, pamper the audience with quality videos without any distractions from advertisements.

  • Monetize videos when it is seen that viewers like your videos.
  • It takes a lot of videos to become a millionaire via Youtube.
  • The important thing is the number of subscribers increases & the number of viewers is always stable.

9 . Use Social Media

Today’s social media is more of a place for exchanging information very quickly, invite other people to follow your social media accounts in a polite and friendly way.

  • Post teasers or snippets of your YouTube videos, then upload them to social media with a link to the full video on YouTube.
  • People who are curious will immediately open the full video on YouTube and your channel will automatically become known.

10 . Keep it Clean and Safety

Safety can be fun, this slogan turns out to be perfect for becoming a successful YouTuber in a normal, legal way and does not prohibit provisions from Youtube.

  • Don’t upload vulgar videos!
  • Do not use other people’s content without permission!
  • Don’t make videos that smell SARA!

11 . Don’t Buy View Services, SEO and the Like

There are lots of people who sell added view, subscriber and SEO services with the promise of being able to make YouTube channels popular and so on. Remember the points below:

  • The number of manipulated views will not make the video more popular.
  • It’s useless to have many subscribers but none are active.
  • Keep it Clean and Safety, Google and YouTube like natural channel activities as they are.

12 . Establish Communication With Audience

Make the audience like you , by making them friends . If the audience likes you, automatically whatever form your video will take, it will be watched again.

  • Reply to comments from viewers .
  • Answer questions from the audience.
  • Invite viewers to comment on your videos.
  • Invite the audience to follow your social media accounts and don’t forget to follow back.

13 . What About the Fate of My Old School Videos?

The number of your videos is quite a lot and the number of views on previous videos has stopped increasing, what should I do? Make internal links to your other videos, for example:

  • Create a section at the end of the video that shows your previous video footage.
  • When you upload the 2nd video, invite the audience to see the previous video too, and so on until your 1 millionth video haha.

14 . Collaborate

Find a YouTube channel that is on the same stream as your YouTube channel and work together to become a successful YouTuber, then form a network or group for discussion and collaboration.

  • Make 1 YouTube video with other YouTubers and upload it on your YouTube channel.
  • Ask other YouTubers to make 1 video with you and upload it on their YouTube channel.
  • Don’t forget to promote each other’s YouTube channels.

15 . Create Videos That Touch Trending Topics

For example, tomorrow there will be a world cup match, so make a video in your own style that alludes to the world cup, for example: 10 Types of People When Watching the World Cup. If your video is liked by the public, then your video can rank on the Trending Video page on Youtube.

Those were the 15 ways to become a YouTuber , it doesn’t feel like thousands of words have been written in this article, hopefully it can inspire you and give you enthusiasm in taking the path to become a successful and famous YouTuber.

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