How to Become an Artificial Intelligence Specialist

How to Become an Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Become an Artificial Intelligence Specialist – The use of technology is becoming increasingly massive because humans feel helped in their activities because of its presence. Therefore, many jobs in the IT field have sprung up to create it, one of which is an artificial intelligence specialist .

Everyday, we always use technology to make things easier. Some of them use artificial intelligence to help us do our jobs. Are you aware that even the smart phones that we use every day contain artificial intelligence?

The existence of artificial intelligence makes it easier for us to carry out various activities. For example, without AI technology, Android phones won’t automatically play a song when you say, “OK Google, play the song (insert title here).”

Another example, when you get a pants recommendation after last week buying jeans on your favorite e-commerce platform . If you feel a recommendation is accurate or relevant, know that it is the result of an algorithm processed by artificial intelligence .

So, maybe you can imagine that artificial intelligence is very influential in today’s all-digital human activities. Now, we will review more deeply the work in the IT sector behind this technology, namely the artificial intelligence (AI) specialist .

Definition of Artificial Intelligence Specialist

To know the meaning of an AI specialist , of course we must first understand the meaning of artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence. Adapted from Britannica , artificial intelligence is intelligence in the form of robotic control or the ability of a computer to do something.

If examined, an AI specialist means a person who is skilled in creating artificial intelligence or controlling computers and robots to have the ability to do something.

AI Specialist Role

From the definition above, the AI ​​specialist ‘s job is to teach robots or computers how to solve a problem so that work can be completed. Therefore, its role is very important and covers a broad field.


Of course the AI ​​specialist knows the purpose of creating artificial intelligence to be applied to the robots or computers he teaches. So, the AI ​​specialist acts as a researcher to trace and design ways to solve problems that are effective, efficient and systematic.

Software Analyst and Engineer

Artificial intelligence that has been designed will certainly be applied to software. AI specialists must take part in making decisions in the software development process that will be associated with the AI. 

Before that, of course, AI specialists analyze and prepare the information needed and understand how the software works before being able to apply it to computers or robots.


In teaching computers or robots a way to solve problems, it must be expressed in programming languages.

AI Specialist Job Prospects

In the future, technology will increasingly dominate human life. In fact, some work that was originally done manually is slowly being eroded by the sophistication of artificial intelligence . 

For example, robots are now starting to replace waiters and cashiers in a number of countries. In Indonesia, there is already an e-ticket system as well as toll gate openers and automatic parking. It’s all made with artificial intelligence. 

Therefore, the job prospects for AI specialists are very promising. This job in the IT sector is the fastest growing profession in the United States based on the “LinkedIn 2020 Emerging Jobs Report” (Roetzer and Kaput, 2022).

This is not surprising considering the large amount of income that can be received by AI specialists each year. Reporting from, the salary of an AI specialist in America can reach 1.7 billion per year, while in Indonesia it is quite fantastic, touching the figure of 418 million per year.

Abilities that an AI Specialist Must Have

AI specialist as an IT job with bright prospects certainly makes many people want to work on it. In fact, with various roles in becoming an AI specialist , of course there are many skills that must be possessed before plunging into this field.

These are some of the skills and knowledge that an AI specialist must have .

Data Analysis and Management of Big Data

To become an AI specialist , you will be faced with a series of information and data in very large quantities and sizes. Based on that, the design or design of artificial intelligence is made and taught to machines. So, you certainly have to have the knowledge to analyze data and be skilled in managing big data .

Understanding of Mathematical Equations and Algorithms

Robots and/or computers are expected to be able to learn on their own how to solve what we teach them. Of course, this makes AI specialists have to understand mathematical equations and algorithms as a way for machines to get things done.

Software Programming and Engineering

An AI specialist must be able to translate tasks to be carried out by machines in programming languages. In addition, sometimes there is a development or updating process in the software to improve the machine’s performance in getting things done.

Communication and Problem Solving

Equally important are communication skills and problem solving. How to communicate properly will certainly greatly help an AI specialist . Moreover, in his work he will often collaborate with engineers , developers or designers of an application, device or web that is added to artificial intelligence.

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On the other hand, problem solving is definitely a basic skill needed to become an AI specialist . Because, the most important task of an AI specialist is to teach machines how to solve problems.

Machine Learning

As workers who will always provide innovation by teaching how to solve problems on computers or robots, of course AI  specialists  must master machine learning ( machine learning ). Of course, you cannot get this ability instantly, but you have to study hard and regularly. If you want to go deep into it, you can try the machine learning flow in Dicoding, you know !

Character AI Specialist

After reading some information about AI specialists , you might be curious, who are the figures behind the current advances in artificial intelligence technology? These are the names of figures who have contributed to the AI ​​specialist . Later, you can look for his story to serve as inspiration.

  • John McCarthy , someone known as the Father of Artificial Intelligence. He was the first to coin the term artificial intelligence . During his lifetime, he created many methods or programs that worked to facilitate human activities, one of which was time-sharing on computers.
  • Ray Kurzweil , he is a shrewd predictor in the field of artificial intelligence . One of his predictions is the game of chess that will be won by the computer. It actually happened in 1997.
  • Marvin Minsky , the pioneer of telepresence which is very useful, especially when the pandemic hits. Video conferencing is one activity that uses this technology. In addition, Minsky’s work is very much in the field of robotics.

So, that’s the discussion about AI Specialist . Are you interested in having a job in this one IT field? Look forward to discussing other IT jobs on the Dicoding blog!

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