How to Change Twitter Handle or Username

How to Change Twitter Handle or Username (2023)

How to Change Twitter Handle or Username (2023) – In general, there are quite a few people who, after having created a Twitter profile , change or modify some things that seem necessary or essential to them, in order to have a Twitter account more suited to their interests. 

Well, one of these things that tends to change over time is the username , yes, that name that comes after the snail and that can be a real burden and must be a seal to be known appropriately and for this reason, we have prepared a guide on how to change your username on Twitter respectively from mobile or mobile and from PC .

How to Change Twitter Handle or Username From Your Laptop | Step 1

To make this change, you must first log into your Twitter account as usual. That is, they will enter their email, phone or username and password, then click on « Log in » and thus access the Timeline of your Twitter account.

Once there, they will have to click on their profile icon which is located at the top right and is called « Profile and settings » with it, a menu will appear and then they will click on the option that says « Settings and privacy «.

How to Change Twitter Handle or Username From Laptop | step 2

With the previous action performed, the « Account » page of your Twitter profile will be loaded and here, you basically have to change the username that appears in the first box and enter the username you want to have on Twitter.

Next, they have to click on the blue button that says » Save changes » and that they will find it, at the bottom of this page.

So now a window will open where you are told to enter your Twitter account password to verify that it was an action you knowingly did, so, type the password correctly and click on the button that says « Save Changes «.

That’s it, they were able to successfully change their Twitter username and immediately, their new username will appear on their Twitter profile or account and with whatever they want now, they will be announced on this social network. Finally, this was the whole walkthrough of how to change your username on Twitter from your PC or computer and now I’m going to detail how to do it from a mobile or mobile phone.

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How to Change Username on Twitter from Mobile or iPhone

If they use Twitter on a mobile device (iOS or Android), they must log in to Twitter and, after doing so, they will go to the ” Settings and privacy ” section and right there,

Click on ” Account “.

Now, and in this section, they will have to click on « Username » and then enter the username they wish to have on Twitter in the field or box that says Username . 

By the way, if the username is used or occupied by someone else, they will tell you and you will have to change it to another one.

Finally, they click on « Done » to save the change which they will appreciate immediately. 

Here’s how to change your username on Twitter from a mobile or cell phone .

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