how to claim ad credit on instagram

How to Claim Ad Credit on Instagram

How to Claim Ad Credit on Instagram – You need to know how to claim Instagram ad credits. You can claim Instagram ad credits in various ways. You can use the Instagram application to advertise products or services. 

By doing advertisements on social media, one of which is Instagram, it can be the right strategy. Your product or service can be more well-known to the wider community thanks to advertising on Instagram.

How to Claim Ad Credit on Instagram

The Instagram application has a variety of interesting and useful features. One of the features on Instagram is that it can do advertisements.

Fish in the Instagram application can make a product or service increase its sales. That’s because Instagram users are now widespread in various parts of the world. 

So that if you do advertisements on the Instagram application, you can certainly increase the branding of your product or service. Of course when doing ads on Instagram you need payment.

You can pay for ads on Instagram with credit or ad coupons. When you redeem advertising credits or coupons, those credits will pay for any advertising costs in your account. 

As long as you run ads, those ad credits will be deducted daily until the credits run out. You can’t use advertising credits to pay for advertising costs before adding credits to your account. So you need to claim the ad credit or coupon first to use it.

How to Advertise on Instagram

Before claiming Instagram ad credits, of course you have to know how to advertise on Instagram first. In order to use the advertising features on the Instagram application, of course you have to switch to a business account first.

That way you can directly promote products in the Instagram application. The following is a way to advertise on Instagram that you can follow:

  1. The first step is to enter your Instagram application first.
  2. After successfully logging in to the Instagram application, select the post you want to advertise.
  3. On the post, click the promote button on the bottom right of the image.
  4. Then you can choose a place when someone taps the button in the ad, click the arrow in the top right corner.
  5. Then set the target user that you will target, if you have clicked the arrow.
  6. After that you can set a financing plan and subscription to advertising features, confirm and then click the arrow again.
  7. You can see an example of an ad on the Show sample promotions menu.
  8. Then Click the add money button to select a payment option, then click save card.
  9. If everything is as you wish, click create promotion.

How to Claim Ad Credit on Instagram

If you have successfully claimed an ad credit, you can use it to pay for ads on your account. Payment also includes any ads running on the ad account.

Ad credits can’t pay for your advertising costs before activating the credits. The following is how to claim Instagram ad credits to pay for advertising costs:

  1. The first step is to enter your Instagram application first.
  2. After successfully logging in to Instagram, select payment settings.
  3. After that select a payment method, then click add a payment method.
  4. Next you can choose a location and currency, then click save.
  5. In the add payment section, click a credit card and then click next.
  6. Then enter the 16-digit alphanumeric ad credit and click claim.
  7. If you want to see the ad credit balance and expiration date, open the ad credits in payment settings.

Free Instagram Ads Tips

Apart from using the paid advertising feature on the Instagram application, you can also advertise for free. To do free fish on Instagram, you can use the ad creation hashtag.

You can use hashtags to make uploads accessible to many users. 

However, you have to choose the right hashtag and it is being talked about by many people. The use of hashtags that are trending is more Instagram users.

So, that’s a review of how to claim Instagram ad credit that you can find out. You can do advertisements on Instagram for product promotion, by doing advertisements on Instagram you can reach many people to see information about products. Therefore, doing advertisements on Instagram is the right choice to make a profit.

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