How to Create a Samsung Account

How to Create a Samsung Account

How to Create a Samsung Account – Samsung Mobile users, must first create an account. So that the existing features can be used fully.

Examples such as Samsung Themes, Find My Devices and others such as for data backup .

If you are a new user on a Samsung cellphone, you can continue reading, OK?

How to Create a Samsung Account

To make it through the browser , directly on the official Samsung website. If so, later you just need to log in via the Samsung cellphone that will be used.

Here are the steps.

#1. Prepare in Advance Email

The first step you need to set up an email address first. Later this email will function as an ID to be able to log into the Samsung account.

Well, the email itself is free. You can use a Gmail account, Yahoo account and others.

The important thing is it’s still active, because we need a verification code directly from Samsung.

#2. How to Register an Samsung Account

If you have prepared the email, then you can proceed directly to the registration method For the steps, please follow the following:

  • First, please open the browser on your cellphone first . Or on a laptop too.
  • Then please visit the Samsung Membership page .
  • Then click the Create Account menu .
  • Next, please tick all the options on the requirements page, and click Agree if you have.
  • On this page, please complete your personal data in the form provided. Then click Next .
  • Open your email then look for a verification message from Samsung. There will be a pin code, please copy the code.

Note: If the email hasn’t arrived, try waiting a few minutes. Don’t forget to also try refreshing your browser .

  • Then paste the verification code in the column provided.
  • If so, click the Next button .
  • If successful, you will receive a notification like the following image.
  • Done.

For the tutorial above, I did it via a PC / laptop browser . But on Mobile it’s the same anyway.

#3. How to Login Samsung Account

If you have successfully created a Samsung account, then all you have to do is log in on the Samsung cellphone that you are using.

To do so, please follow these steps:

  • First, please open the Samsung Settings / Settings Page .
  • Then select the Cloud and Accounts menu .
  • Next, please click the Add Account menu .
  • If so, you can fill in the email address and password from the Samsung account that was previously created.
  • Then click the Enter button .
  • Then in the two-step verification, you can click the Get Started button .
  • Then enter your phone number .
  • Here Samsung will send a verification code to the number.
  • Please enter the verification code into the existing column.
  • Finally you can click the Verify button .
  • If successful, you will be redirected to Account settings and a Samsung Account will appear as shown below.
  • Done.

So, here you have successfully used the Samsung account, and the account is active on the cellphone.

With this, the features that need synchronization should be able to run.

Oh yes, for the two-step verification, I deliberately discussed it for security. So your account can only be logged in if you verify it yourself.

The final word

It’s not difficult to create a Samsung account. The tutorial here can of course be used on any type of Samsung Mobile system. Old and new releases. The reason is because the UI system of this Samsung cellphone is more or less not much different.

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