How to Find Your Friends on Facebook

How to Find Your Friends on Facebook

How to Find Your Friends on Facebook – They have come to the right place. In Practical we want to present you the most complete, definitive and comprehensive guide to find friends on Facebook with different search criteria on Facebook but also, and not least, from outside Facebook so that in this way you can find all your friends, family, people and even zombies and aliens on Facebook. Sit back and calmly review all the options available and for having to find friends on Facebook and as always the latest options are the best.

How to Find Your Friends on Facebook

How to search for friends on Facebook by first and last name [OPTION #1]

The first option and the one that Facebook users use the most, will allow them to easily search for friends on Facebook by the name and surname that those friends have and the truth is that it gives good results if these steps are followed well, check them out .

Find friends on Facebook by first and last name [Phase N°1: search for a friend]

To use it, they must enter Facebook and click on the magnifying glass or search box that appears in the upper left corner of PC and mobile.

And they will insert in the respective box, the name and surname of a friend they want to search on Facebook and then upload the results (click on ” Enter ” on PC or by pressing ” Search ” on mobile).

Find friends on Facebook by first and last name [Phase N°2: view profiles]

In this way a Facebook page will appear where a section called « People » is shown with some Facebook users who meet the criteria of your search (name and surname entered) and therefore here, you must press or click on the option that says: « See All » of this section and which appears at the bottom both on PC and mobile.

Once this is done, only the « People » section will be loaded on Facebook with all the results of the people who satisfy your search (name and surname) and therefore now all you have to do is scroll down and review the user profiles (profile photo and attachments) to find your friend on Facebook.

In this search among user profiles, they will be able to enter – if it’s worth it – a profile they think might be a friend of theirs to see if he has any additional public information that can confirm it or not and even here, they can send him a message or a friendship request.

Find friends on Facebook by first and last name [Use other variants]

If the search for that friend on Facebook does not bear fruit, it is possible to search only by first name, first name and both surnames, as well as, last but not least, can search for him by nickname or name with which they are really known , They should be aware the fact that some people traditionally do not identify themselves with their first and last name on Facebook.

Now, if that doesn’t give you any results, don’t worry. Next, we will explain other options that have the same purpose: how to find friends on Facebook and, of course, they can be of great help to you, don’t forget to review and apply them.

How to find friends on facebook

To get started, the first requirement to have friends on Facebook is to have an account, if you don’t have one yet I think you have to start with this tutorial which explains how to create an account on Facebook and then make friends.

Now, having said the above, for all those people who already have a Facebook account, we will analyze the ways to find friends.

1.- The first action is to log in or enter Facebook with the respective email and password .

2.- Then, on your facebook home page you have 2 options to do this search and they are both valid as shown in the attached image and described below.

Searches in the box above

In this box you can enter the name and surname of the person you are looking for or your email and click on the magnifying glass icon.

Then, from him or from the results, the friend is identified and clicks on the name or photo.

That friend’s profile will be displayed or opened and you can click on the window that says Add as friends and wait for it to be approved by him.

Note 1 | Some users have removed friend requests from their profiles, but if they have messaging enabled, they can send a message so I can send you a friend request and you can accept it.

Note 2 | In case you enter your name and surname you will have to identify your friend within the results and if this is not among the results you can try to write their email and if they still can’t find the friendship it’s because they don’t have an account on Facebook or even register under another name.

Note 3 | In the event that they write the email and do not find any results, it may be that the person is not registered on Facebook with that email or does not have an account on this social network, they can do a new search by name and surname .

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advanced searches

In the event that the results shown are many and/or it is difficult to find some, you can use the advanced options that you find to the left of the results (see image) and click where it says People .

New options will open at the top to perform a specific search and are as follows:

  • Location : You can enter the country where your friend lives or, much better, his city.
  • Work Location : You can enter the work location or category of what your friend does.
  • Academic Background : You can enter the name of the university or school I study.

This search filter is recommended when it is very difficult to find a friend or you have vague information about him.

Note 4 | If you still can’t find the person you are looking for with all of the above, it is possible that they do not have a Facebook account, have not completed their profile or have registered with another email, other name or other place to be anonymous .

Finally, if you don’t have good results doing this type of search, there are few options left, for example, look for mutual friends on Facebook and see if they have it among their contacts , ask them well, search within their friendships and finally, ask him directly, if they have real world communication if he has facebook account to be friends.

Search in the Find Friends option

This is an option found on the left when you log into Facebook and can be accessed by clicking Find Friends.

In the new page that opens on the right you will find a window where you can enter your emails and then click on the blue button that says Find Friends and you will be able to find all those contacts with whom you communicate through said email. or email.

Finally, these are all the options you have to contact your friends, family, business contact or anyone you want virtually on Facebook and thus cultivate friendship and share life.

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