How to Fix Mouse not working

How to Fix Mouse not working

How to Fix Mouse not working – Mouse is a very vital device. Especially for people who use laptops every day for design and gaming matters. But it’s not impossible that as time goes by, the mouse suddenly gets damaged. Either it becomes inaccurate, until it suddenly turns off and can’t be used at all.

If you have this, of course you have to start looking for the cause of the damage and the solution. But don’t worry, because we already have some tips for dealing with a dead mouse. Slightly different from the touchpad, the mouse is an external device which is of course separate from the laptop. This makes it quite susceptible to damage, especially with continuous use.

How to Fix Mouse not working

1. Check the power source / battery

Most mice sold on the market today are wireless or wireless mice  One of the most frequent causes of wireless mice being interrupted until they die is a lack of battery power from the mouse. Our first solution, of course, is to try to replace the battery used by the mouse. Of course this method does not apply to those of you who use a wired mouse, aka wired.

If you have a spare mouse, try plugging it into the laptop, if it works it means your mouse is probably out of battery or damaged. If it still doesn’t work, it means there is something wrong in the laptop settings. Continue reading.

2. Make sure the receiver is plugged in

Still struggling with wireless mice, some of the existing wireless mice still can’t connect directly using Bluetooth. But it must be connected to a connector or receiver. Therefore, make sure you have plugged in the receiver from the wireless mouse. If it still doesn’t work, you can try the methods below.

As for those of you who use a wired mouse, make sure there is no physical damage to the cable that connects the mouse to the laptop. For example, like exfoliated cables (often occurs at the ends of the cable). Besides that, there is also a possibility that damage will occur to the laptop’s bluetooth plug. The solution is to try changing the port  used to plug in the mouse.

3. Make sure the bluetooth settings are correct

The third way is also still struggling with a wireless mouse, where there is a possibility that the Bluetooth settings on your laptop are not correct. So, you can try to do the steps below to solve this kind of problem.

  1. Click  Start  > Type  Settings  >  Open.
  2. Click  Bluetotth & other devices  > Change  Toggle On  > Click  Add Bluetooth.
  3. On the  Add a device  menu, select  Bluetooth  and continue the mouse connection with the laptop.
  4. Wait until the mouse icon appears, and click the logo to do  Pairing.

4. Update mouse drivers

Just like damage to the touchpad, those of you who use a mouse are also prone to experiencing errors or errors due to inappropriate drivers. You can see the solution to this problem below.

  1. Click the windows logo > type “ device manager ” and open the program that appears.
  2. Click  Mice and other pointing device  > select  Device  >  Right Click.
  3. Select  Update Drivers.

If this method still can’t fix the problem, you can select Uninstall device  and continue with  Restart. The laptop will automatically install the mouse driver according to the device used. It is hoped that this automatic installation will fix the previously problematic drive. If you still can’t solve the problem, you can try to move on to the next solution.

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5. Run the hardware troubleshooter

Basically running a troubleshooter means asking the system for help to identify problems that exist on the laptop. In this case it means a mouse problem that can’t be used. Here are the steps.

  1. Press  Windows + I  > Click  Updates & Security  > click  Troubleshoot.
  2. In the  Hardware and Devices  menu, select  Run the troubleshooter.

The system will automatically run a troubleshooter to find the source of the problem. After that you can try to find a solution based on the problem that the system found automatically. Usually, if a problem is identified, the system will offer several solutions.

You can try it of course, and if it still doesn’t work then our suggestion is to try changing the mouse that you are currently using. If you can use another mouse, then the problem is the mouse device.

If that’s the case, of course the last solution we can give you is to replace the mouse.

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