How To Get More Likes On Tinder

How To Get More Likes On Tinder in 2023 – 6 Tips

How To Get More Likes On Tinder – More than finding your perfect match, you need to know how to get more likes on Tinder to increase your chances of finding your crush and, who knows, maybe the love of your life.

Getting more likes on Tinder means your profile is shown to more people on the app. So if a lot of people see your profile, you get more likes too. This is not a very complicated task and, contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to be good looking to increase your Tinder likes. You just need to follow a few steps.

How To Get More Likes On Tinder

A profile that receives a lot of likes is a profile that, in addition to attracting attention, also collaborates with the Tinder algorithms so that you can be recommended more by the application itself. The best way to do this is by following our tips on how to have a successful Tinder profile.

Understand Tinder’s algorithms

Tinder, like all other social networks, seeks to understand who you are, what you like and don’t like, so that it can reward you with profiles of people who are compatible with you. This system that seeks to recognize who you are, we call algorithms .

Scoring well in Tinder’s algorithms means that you are exactly the type of user that Tinder would like to show off to other people, as you meet all the requirements of a good profile.

Here are some tips on how to score well on Tinder to be more recommended to other people:

  • Be an active user
  • Don’t slide too fast
  • don’t be boring
  • Have a complete profile
  • have personality

You can understand exactly how the Tinder algorithm works in the topic where teach you everything about the Tinder algorithm works .

Be good at chatting

Did you know that Tinder scores you positively when people reply to your messages? This means that it’s not enough just to accumulate matches, you need to talk to all of them and always manage to have a good conversation.

Users who always send messages and are never answered, or who start a conversation but always end up in a vacuum, are considered boring users. An annoying user is the type of person that Tinder would not want to recommend to anyone, as they know they are a mistake for the person who has matched them.

Don’t be a boring user and know exactly what messages to send so that you are always answered. For this you can learn which are the best messages to get attention and always be answered. I repeat, even if you’re not into the person, get them to respond for points!

Rush hour

If you want to get more likes on Tinder, then you need to be active during the hours when most people using the app are online. And this is not difficult, as the app itself sends notifications about peak hours.

Generally speaking, Tinder’s peak hours are between 6 pm and 11 pm. However, even more directly, the best time to use the app to send and receive more likes is between 7 pm and 10 pm.

Be online around this time whenever possible and don’t spend all your time just liking people, but also replying and messaging your matches around this time.

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Have good pictures in your profile

I know, this is something obvious and what everyone says. However, do you know which good shots we are talking about here?

Tinder analyzes your photos and based on them is able to know if you are posting inappropriate things, which violate the application’s usage policies, as well as it is possible to know if your photos are good enough to be recommended to several people.

In general, your photos should show your full face in all of them. Some simple tips:

  • Avoid photos with glasses
  • Only you must appear in the photo
  • Avoid dark or low-light photos (be careful with the filter!)
  • Photos at parties or ballads: it’s hideous
  • Smile, a good angle and a nice outfit is key

Your photos are what say the most about you! So they are responsible for getting you likes. 

Updated profile

Always change your Tinder bio description. Add new photos whenever possible. Keep your profile as complete as possible.

Tinder wants to recommend people who have good content to show. Then leave your complete profile. Link your Instagram photos to your profile and also add your Spotify account, as well as information such as your personal tastes, star signs, hobbies, type of food and other options that the application offers.

Updating the description and adding new photos also helps, as it indicates that in addition to being an active user, you are also a hot user, bringing new things to the app and your potential matches.

Have a Premium subscription

Clearly, Tinder will benefit users who pay for in-app subscriptions far more than those who don’t. Let it be clear that having a Tinder subscription will make you more recommended than non-subscribing users.

The type of subscription doesn’t matter and of course you don’t need one to get more likes on Tinder. Following all the steps described in this article will make you have a profile with a lot of likes. However, it is worth thinking about having a subscription.

Do you know what each Tinder subscription does? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of each? We explain everything to you before you spend your money:

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