How to grow newsletter subscribers

How to Grow Newsletter Subscribers

6 Ways to Grow Newsletter Subscribers – The newsletter is a very useful tool for keeping your contacts up to date on the latest news from your brand or on current promotions with the aim of increasing trust in your company.

There are several strategies to implement to increase newsletter subscribers , after all the use of email marketing can bring you a greater ROI than other communication channels.

Here are 6 ways to increase your newsletter subscribers!

How to Grow Newsletter Subscribers

Insert forms and pop ups into your website

First of all, it is essential to insert registration forms on your site , in particular on the Home Page and in the other parts of the site that are most visited.

A tip is to place your newsletter subscription form in the footer of the pages , this will allow you to collect contacts without annoying users.

In addition to static forms, also insert pop-ups , making sure they do not impede navigation and do not annoy the user. A tip is to insert one when opening the site or after reading an article.

Respect the GDPR!

To increase newsletter subscribers , care must be taken to comply with the GDPR legislation. A contact acquisition form, therefore, must compulsorily comply with current regulations.

In particular, within each acquisition form, it is advisable to insert the request for acceptance of the privacy legislation. It is also advisable to send a double opt-in email , so as to be sure that the person who has just registered on the form is really interested in your communications.

Create a dedicated landing page

Another strategy to implement is to create a Landing Page (landing page) on which to direct users to get them to subscribe to your newsletter, perhaps offering a discount code to those who decide to subscribe.

On this landing page you can explain all the benefits users will receive from subscribing to the newsletter . Insert a premise, the advantages, some examples of some newsletters already sent, the registration form and a call to action that convinces the user to press “Send”.

Use an email marketing platform

In order to increase and better manage your newsletter subscribers , I recommend using email marketing software.

An example is Mailchimp, Sendinblue , a complete all-Italian platform that allows you not only to create newsletter campaigns but also SMS and automatic flows to retain your subscribers .

Thanks to this platform you can create contact acquisition forms and popups to insert on your website to increase your newsletter subscribers . You also have the possibility of generating real landing pages where you can best tell the advantages of your product or service .

Simplify signup

Make signing up easy, users hate wasting time, especially if they have to leave their details. Streamline the compilation of your forms and request only the really important data .

Very often it is good to collect only the essential information during the first contact , so as to prevent the user from getting tired of filling in. Rather, you can request secondary information at another time, when you have already gained more trust in the user.

Offer something in return

Users are jealous of their personal data! Offer your subscribers a lead magnet to ignite their curiosity and entice them to leave you their contacts.

lead magnet is valuable content offered free of charge to those who decide to sign up for your acquisition form. Here are the most used lead magnets:

  • Ebook : it’s a classic content but very useful for your subscribers!
  • Discount codes : very useful and in demand, especially if you want not only to increase newsletter subscribers but also to get users to purchase your products or services.
  • Free training : offer a video course or a webinar, these are very attractive lead magnets especially if you sell training courses or software.
  • Case studies and statistics : very often, offering this type of content is very attractive to users. This is because studying case studies or reporting takes a lot of time and resources.

Harness the power of social media!

Last but not least, is to share the existence of the newsletter with your social community . Although email marketing is the channel with the highest conversion rate, getting help from other communication channels isn’t a bad idea.

Social networks are also a valid tool for keeping in touch with your community , so why not ask them to subscribe to your newsletter to receive confidential and valuable content. This is a great way to increase your newsletter subscribers in no time .

A tip is to create an acquisition form dedicated to those who come from your social channels, so that you can later create a campaign to send to those who subscribe. In this way you will be able to thank them adequately and give them valuable content that otherwise they would not receive through social networks, promoting loyalty .

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