How to Recover Twitter Account

How to Recover Twitter Account

How to Recover Twitter Account – Would you like to reactivate your Twitter account but don’t know what steps to follow? Did you delete it mistakenly thinking you no longer need it? Don’t worry, we can help you recover it. In this guide you will find all the most efficient methods and tips to put into practice in order to reuse your profile.

We will not only look at the solutions to implement when it was you who deleted it, but also those that will allow you to recover your username and password . In addition, in the final section of the article you will find a collection of any errors that may occur, together with our proposals on how to eliminate them.

Now we just have to find out what to do to recover Twitter account !

How to Recover Twitter account from Any device

Have you already searched for some guide focused on “ I can’t access Twitter ”, but the proposed solutions did not work? You should know that if you have manually canceled your account, in order to recover it, you must return to the time limits set by Twitter .

Attention! Once your Twitter account is deleted, a 30-day countdown begins before permanently deleting your profile.

So, to reactivate your account for free during this period, simply log in using your personal details. Here’s how to reactivate Twitter account using the web page or application:

How to Recover twitter account Using App

Are you within the 30 days mentioned above and want to reactivate your Twitter account directly from the app? The steps to follow in this case are really simple and you will have to:

  • Download the official application to your tablet or smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Install it and then start it by clicking on it.
  • Press Login and enter your personal data used for registration (telephone number, email or username).
  • Enter your Password and click Login .

By doing so, even if you have deleted your account, you should be able to regain access to it. If, on the other hand, you do not remember your password or your username, we recommend that you read the section we have inserted below.

Know that if the infamous 30 days have already passed, there is no way to restore your account. However, it is possible to create a new profile using the exact same data used for the previous one: just follow the instructions for registration.

How to Recover twitter account Via Laptop

It is also possible to recover Twitter accounts directly from the computer , following the same instructions above but on the web page and not on the app. Then open the official page in your favorite browser and click on Login and then enter your personal data.

If the access phase is successful, it means that you have managed to recover your account and that it may take a few days to recover all your saved data (usually 48h). If something is missing, like past tweets or photos, we recommend contacting support to find out what went wrong during the restore.

How to Recover twitter account without Email

Can’t you remember your email or have you not used it for a long time, not even to access your Twitter account? Know that to log in or to find your account, you can also enter other data such as your phone number or username on the password reset Twitter page .

If, for example, you use a mobile phone number, you will receive an SMS in just a few moments with the instructions needed to change the access key. Then follow the instructions above to access and you will be able to recover suspended Twitter accounts in a few moments.

How to Recover twitter account without Username or password

It happens to everyone to forget the access data and have no idea what the password or username are for access. If this is the situation you are in, here are the steps to follow to reactivate Twitter:

  • Open the password reset Twitter page in any browser .
  • Enter your email or your phone number .
  • In a few seconds you will receive a link, click on it and follow the instructions to change your access data.

I can’t access Twitter: our solutions to the most common problems

If the reason you can’t access Twitter is not one of the solutions above, the problem could be another one. Here are the most common errors encountered by other users:

You forgot the email address used for the account

If you are still logged in to your account on one of your mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, you should know that it is possible to update your email with one you use regularly.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open your app and click on Settings and Privacy and select the Account settings item .
  • Press on your account and click on the Information relating to that account.
  • Enter the password to view the email linked to the profile.
  • Click on Email and update it with another address.
  • Click on Save and wait to receive the confirmation via email.
  • Click on the link received to confirm and complete the operation.

You can no longer access your account email

If unfortunately you cannot access the updated email for your account, the only solution in this case is to recover the password of that address . 

You cannot access the email address and the phone number is not verified

Unfortunately, the only way to recover your Twitter account when you forget your email is through a verified phone number. If you have never verified, it is impossible for the site to ascertain your identity and therefore grant you access.

The only alternatives you have in this case are to create a new profile , losing all your old data, or wait for the account to be deleted directly from the system according to the rules on inactive accounts .

Multiple accounts associated with that phone number were found

Unfortunately, if you’ve associated the same phone number with multiple Twitter accounts , you won’t be able to reactivate your profile using this method. To reactivate the profile you can use your email or alternatively contact customer support.

Contact Twitter Support

If the solutions proposed above have not worked, the last attempt to be made is to send a request for help directly to Twitter assistance. In fact, it is not unusual for the management of social pages to be entrusted to third parties who then lose or forget the username or password used.

What is certain is that it does not matter if you have a private or business account , because it is always possible to send an email containing all the information necessary for recovery. We therefore advise you to enter the reason why you cannot reactivate Twitter , your email and possibly your telephone number. In any case, support usually takes 1 or 2 business days to respond.

We hope that the methods we have proposed have been sufficient to recover your Twitter account and that you will be able to use your old profile without any difficulty. For more tips, help or guides, check out the other articles on the site too!

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