How to Recover Your Netflix Password

How to Recover Your Netflix Password

How to Recover Your Netflix Password – Are you looking for a quick and easy way to recover your Netflix account password ? Have you already made some attempts but weren’t able to get the access key you need? Don’t worry, we have the solution! In this guide, we will show you all the most efficient ways that will help you reset your Netflix password.

We will see together how to recover from any type of device such as from the PC or from mobile devices, focusing on the restores that take place via email, SMS or directly on the TV . In addition, once we have obtained your Netflix credentials, we will explain how to change your Netflix password.

But let’s not waste any more time and let’s see immediately how to change Netflix password !

How to Recover Your Netflix Password

Forgetting things is natural, we are human after all. If you too have lost or simply no longer remember your access key, the methods listed below will surely help you restore it. Here’s how to recover Netflix password :

Our tips for recovering Netflix Passwords using email

One of the simplest ways to recover your Netflix password is by using your email set during registration . As you well know, to access any type of account on the platform you need to type and then confirm your credentials.

In fact, on the help page of the site, there is a special section that allows you to reset your access key. That’s how:

  • Click on the link inserted above and select the Email item .
  • Type your email and open your inbox .
  • If you don’t find any messages in your inbox, we recommend that you also check your spam folder.
  • Click on the link you received and follow the procedure indicated for the reset.

Attention!The link received by email from Netflix is ​​valid for only 24 hours, after which you will have to carry out the procedure again.

how to change netflix password

How to Recover Your Netflix password with SMS

If you prefer to recover Netflix credentials using your mobile phone and not your email, the procedure to follow is quite simple. By clicking on the same help link, instead of the email, it is possible to select the Text message , then having to enter your telephone number with the correct area code in front.

Then click on Send me an SMS and wait for the verification code to arrive . Click on it and then follow the instructions to change your access key. Unlike the link received by mail, this has a much lower validity, only 20 minutes .

How to recover Netflix account without email or phone number

Are you unable to use your number or email? Don’t worry, you can still recover Netflix accounts! On the same help page, below the blue button is the option: I don’t remember my email address or my phone number – click on it. In the new page that will open you will have to enter your personal data, to allow the site to identify the account for which you need assistance.

Then enter your Name, Surname and the number of the card used to make payments and click on Find Account . If, on the other hand, you don’t use a debit or credit card and you used PayPal or a gift voucher to create your profile, you will need to contact customer service .

How to change Netflix password from TV

Do you love watching Netflix movies and series and want to know how to change Netflix password from TV? It’s very simple! Here are the steps to follow:

  • Once the application is installed on your TV, click Sign In .
  • Enter your address and email and then click on Forgot Password .
  • Click on Next to confirm the request for a new access key and wait to receive all the instructions via email.

To complete the procedure, all you have to do is click on the link received and enter a new desired password.

Note:It is not possible to change the Netflix password directly on the app, but it is necessary to access any browser to enter your data.

how to change password on netflix

How to change your Netflix password

Now that you know how to recover Netflix password in no time, we just have to take a closer look at what are the ways to change it . Let’s see them together!

How to change your password via SMS

Don’t know how to change your Netflix password and want to secure your account? If you suspect someone has logged in without your permission, you can use the phone number to change it in no time , here’s how:

  • Open the Netflix help page and select the SMS option.
  • Enter your number and wait to receive the link needed to reset your password.
  • Click on it and follow the instructions given in the browser to change it.

We remind you that you only have 20 minutes to make the necessary change, after which you will have to repeat the procedure indicated above. If you don’t have a phone number associated with your account, you can attempt recovery using the methods below. Once you have access, we recommend that you associate a phone number directly from the Account page.

Changing your password using email

If you were unable to reset your forgotten Netflix password using your phone number, you can always change your password using your email address . On the same help page, select email, enter your details and click Send me email . If the link you find inside does not work, here are what could be the reasons:

  • It’s already been 24 hours and the link has expired . You must then repeat the entire operation to receive another valid one.
  • You’ve tried multiple times and have multiple emails in your inbox, each containing different links. In this case, only the most recent one works, so you will have to delete the others.
  • The reason why it doesn’t work could be the device itself , so try changing the password on another PC or phone to see if the problem persists.

The reset email should reach you immediately or in any case within 5 hours of sending the request. If you can’t find it in your mail, also check your spam folders or alternatively search using the keyword: [email protected] .

Use your billing information to change your password

If you can’t access your email, or have never added a phone number to your account, the only way you can change your password is by using your credit or debit card information . On the help page you will then have to click on the option ” I don’t remember my email address or mobile number “, if present in your geographical area.

Enter your details and click Find Account to reset your password . If, on the other hand, you used a third-party tool to purchase your subscription, you will need to contact customer support by clicking on I can’t access Netflix .

How to See Netflix password

If you don’t want to change your password, but you really don’t remember what the access key is, know that there are methods that allow you to view it , especially if you have already used and saved it. Read on to find out which ones!

How to See Netflix password on Mobile devices

If you usually use the platform on your phone or tablet, then there is a high chance that your device has memorized the passkey . That’s how:

  • Android : the login data used for the various websites is usually stored directly on the Google account that you have set up on a particular device. Open Settings and using the magnifying glass above search for the keyword “Password Manager”. Click on it and then type Netflix in the section labeled “search password”. Enter the pattern to unlock or apply your fingerprint and pressing on the little eye next to the password you will be able to see it and even copy it.
  • iPhone or iPad : Again you will need to open the Settings on the app and then select Password and search by name. To view your passkeys, you’ll need to use your Apple account password, facial recognition, or the security pattern you’ve set up.

Find out the password using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

If you are in front of the PC, you should know that it is possible to see the passwords you have saved in browsers, such as Chrome or Mozilla . Therefore, in order to discover Netflix passwords saved by Google, just follow this path: Settings in the Chrome app, then click on Passwords and use the small magnifying glass to search for the keyword ” Netflix “. Once you locate the desired account, just press on the eye to discover the password.

On Mozilla Firefox you will have to press the 3 lines at the top right and choose the option Credentials and password . Here too it is possible to search by name, discovering the access code simply by pressing on the small eye next to it.

Guide to see Netflix passwords on other web browsers

To make sure we’re helping everyone with Netflix email and password recovery, let’s also take a look at the other types of browsers preferred by other users. Here’s how to view your forgotten Netflix password on:

  • Microsoft Edge : open the browser and click on the three dots at the top right before selecting Settings and then Profiles. Select Password and type Netflix to start the search. By clicking on the eye icon and entering the device’s security pin, you can recover your password.
  • Safari : Select Preferences from the Safari menu at the top left. Choose Password, enter your Mac administration password, and then search for the profile to find out the password.
  • Opera : click on the Menu at the top left, select Settings and then Privacy and security. Click on Password and choose the item Manage saved passwords. Use the search box to locate your Netflix account right away and then click Show to see the password.

If you found our tips helpful and easy to follow, feel free to share our guide with other people who may also need it. Now that you know how to change your Netflix password and how to recover it when you forget it, we just have to wish you good viewing !

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