How To Send Money On PayPal

How To Send Money On PayPal

How To Send Money On PayPal – It must have happened to you several times to advance money to your friends, perhaps to buy a birthday or graduation present , or to pay for the hotel on that wonderful island where you have booked your holidays. In other cases the opposite may have happened, ie a friend or a friend has advanced the fee for any of these needs.

Regardless of what your “role” is, the best solution in these cases is to rely on PayPal , the site of the US company that provides digital payment services and allows you to transfer money (sending and receiving it) via the internet , with great simplicity and without any additional expense.

How To Send Money On PayPal

But how exactly does PayPal work and how can you use it to return money or otherwise make (or receive) payments? Don’t worry, I’m here to clarify any doubts.

What is Paypal and how it works

As I mentioned, PayPal is a service that allows you to pay, send money and accept payments in a way that is not only very fast, but also much safer , since you won’t have to enter your financial data every time.

Protection is precisely one of the aspects that drives more and more people to rely on PayPal (about 250 million people worldwide use it). The latest generation of anti-fraud technologies and data encryption guarantee the best possible protection for your data. Furthermore, if the purchased item is not delivered to you or arrives in conditions very different from those described at the outset, PayPal will refund it.

Added to all this is great flexibility , with the possibility of linking your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account, and clear convenience , given that a few quick clicks are all you need to complete transactions with PayPal.

In order to use PayPal you will need to register for the service. The procedure is very simple: once you are on the main page of the platform, click on Register and then on Continue by entering your personal data (Name, Surname, Email, Password), then specifying the other personal information (Address, ZIP code, city, date of birth, telephone number, etc.). When you have completed everything click on Accept and Create account.

You can also register via the app (both on Android and iOS ): the steps are the same, i.e. click on Register, enter all your personal data and final tap on the Accept and create account button.

Done? Well, now you can start sending and receiving money, bearing in mind that transactions are usually completed within one working day from the moment the order is placed. However, if the user you’re sending money to has an active PayPal account, the transfer is immediate.

How to Send Money on PayPal from PC and Smartphone

As you may have easily guessed, using PayPal is different based on your device.

To send money via PC , you must first enter your login details to access your account: you can do it via the main page . Once inside, click on Send and Request and enter all the data concerning the person you want to send the money to, i.e. name, email and mobile number (if the recipient is already present in your PayPal contacts, just enter the his name). Complete by clicking Next.

At this point you will have to enter the amount you want to send to the person in question, together with a message (optional). By pressing Continue , you will see a screen that will ask you for the payment method: you can decide to pay with your PayPal balance (if it is not equal to zero), with your bank account or with a connected card, by ticking the option desired.

Complete by tapping on Next and consulting the final summary , before pressing on Send money now to proceed with the transfer of the amount.

If, on the other hand, you want to send money via smartphone or tablet , you can do so using the PayPal app that I have already told you about previously. Start the application, click on Login, enter the data and click again on Login to use your account. At the bottom left you will find the Send button : tap and enter the data of the person you want to send the money to.

Here too, once completed, click on Next and enter the amount you want to transfer, selecting the payment method that best suits you (PayPal balance, Bank account or Card). Complete by tapping on Next and finally pressing on Send money, but not before checking the summary on the Review and send money screen.

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Sending Money with PayPal: costs and differences

Finally, I want to show you the rates applied to sending money via PayPal. Using this important platform you can in fact pay for goods and services, but you can also send money to friends, family and acquaintances , perhaps for the reasons I described to you at the beginning of this article.

In fact, with PayPal you can send money to friends and family who are residents of European Union countries. If the money is withdrawn from your PayPal balance or from your bank account there is no fee. If, on the other hand, you use a credit or debit card that you have previously associated with your PayPal account to transfer money, you will have to pay a commission of 3.4% plus a fixed fee of 0.35 euros. If you convert currency when sending money, you will also need to pay a conversion fee, which varies by currency.

There is also a fixed rate for sending money to friends and fatmily outside the European Union, ranging from 1.99 to 3.99 euros depending on the recipient’s country of residence.

For the payment of goods and services , however, there are no commissions. By choosing this option, buyer and seller are guaranteed by PayPal’s Purchase Protection , which will also allow you to open any complaints and obtain refunds in the event of critical issues related to the purchase.

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