How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Business

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Business

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Business – Currently, society has lived side by side with technology. Over time, technology will continue to develop increasingly sophisticated. Even this ability is not wasted by humans; they then use the technology to be applied to various fields. One of them is business.

The application of technology can be used to boost the quality and potential of a business to be more advanced and better. The technology that is often used by company owners is artificial intelligence.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Business

Have you ever come across an auto reply chat feature or a “digital icon” from a company that caters to your needs? An example is the figure of “Vira” owned by BCA bank and “Mita” owned by Bank Mandiri. These two figures are examples of the application of artificial intelligence.

Want to know more about artificial intelligence and its application to business? Let’s look at the following explanation together!

Get to know Artificial Intelligence for Business

In the current technological era, artificial intelligence systems have had many impacts and benefits in various aspects of life. Business is one of them. In order not to misunderstand, understand carefully that this artificial intelligence system is not used to help solve every problem and obstacle in your business.

Instead, this technology is leveraged to do enterprise data analysis work. This artificial intelligence system is used to analyze consumer needs, record consumer purchase history, and provide product recommendations according to consumer needs based on their search history on e-commerce applications or sites.

Examples like this: Artificial intelligence will work to analyze your online store database to find out which customers often buy similar products. This activity will bring the results of the analysis to the company in the form of products that are favored by consumers.

So, by utilizing this data, companies can provide recommendations, offers, and discounts related to these products. Furthermore, artificial intelligence systems can also calculate and predict when consumers will run out of products. Thus, companies can anticipate the arrival of consumers by providing product stock.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Business

You’ve seen a number of reasons to apply artificial intelligence in business. Now, we’ll show you even more about the benefits of applying artificial intelligence to move your business forward. There are 4 benefits that your business can experience if you implement artificial intelligence, namely:

1. Providing Ease in Processing Data

The first benefit of an artificial intelligence system is an easier data processing process. Simply input the required data, then let artificial intelligence work to process the data to the fullest. This same process of artificial intelligence can also be used to find ways to maximize business profits.

An example like this: You can let the artificial intelligence system calculate and determine what types of products need to be added to stock. By using existing data, the artificial intelligence system is able to calculate the amount of sales for each type of product in order to find out which products are purchased more by consumers. After getting the results, the system will attach the results of the types of products that need to be stocked more.

2. Get more thorough and consistent analysis results

The next benefit of applying artificial intelligence to business is getting more thorough and consistent analysis results. This is because the artificial intelligence that you apply is a programmed machine alias system.

As a result, the calculation system and results obtained by artificial intelligence calculations are always more accurate and consistent when compared to manual calculations.

3. Helping the Business Decision Making Process

Artificial intelligence systems can also be used to assist the decision-making process in business. Similar to the explanation in the previous point, this ability can emerge because artificial intelligence is a program that can generate decisions from the data analysis process and input problems .

4. Working at a Speed ​​Exceeding Human Resources

The last benefit of artificial intelligence for business is to work with capabilities and speeds that exceed human resources in general. As an artificial system that is intended to facilitate human work, of course  artificial intelligence has a performance speed above humans. If this is not the case, then the use of an artificial intelligence system will be in vain and a waste of time.

Why Have Many People Haven’t Switched to Artificial Intelligence? Consider This Before Switching to Artificial Technologies

Artificial intelligence systems do have many benefits for business. But in reality, there are not a few businessmen who choose to advance their business in the traditional way. Why do you think there are still companies that are hesitant to implement artificial intelligence ?

In retrospect, there are a number of reasons that underlie the reluctance of business people to involve technological intervention in their business. Some of these reasons include:

  • Adhering to the notion that the key to success lies in the quality of the product, not the “working machine”.
  • Technological developments are still considered not so optimal.
  • Customer service with machines is not good; because the “chatbot” and “autotext” engines have no feeling when it comes to customer needs.
  • The application of artificial intelligence will only add to the burden of working capital because you have to pay the wages of experts in the IT field.
  • Artificial intelligence support is only capable of solving simple business problems. If you want the business to really progress, it’s better to mobilize personal intellectual abilities.

Reflecting on these reasons, it makes sense that there are still many business people who choose to pursue a traditional business strategy. Especially small businesses that don’t have enough capital to pay for additional artificial intelligence services .

Finally, doubts arise in the minds of business people: Should they wait until the company becomes big, well-known and has a lot of capital in order to optimally develop artificial intelligence ? Or is it the other way around, developing this artificial intelligence from an early age so that businesses can be boosted to become more successful?

The real key to business success lies between the two sides: the business side and the technology side. As long as you can make good use of both, your business will be able to develop towards success.

How do you balance these two sides? The answer is applying artificial intelligence systems to business. As previously discussed, artificial intelligence has many advantages for businesses such as determining the best-selling products, analyzing consumer behavior, providing recommendations, and serving simple questions from consumers.

So actually, implementing artificial intelligence is something that needs to be implemented from the start. It doesn’t matter if artificial intelligence is applied to simple matters in business.

But even further, it turns out that artificial intelligence can be used for advanced business optimization. By utilizing the capabilities and sophistication of the machine, the company’s work becomes lighter and more efficient. Over time, this artificial intelligence system can continue to be developed so that it becomes better and more “similar” to human work.

Unfortunately, the development of artificial intelligence in Indonesia still has many challenges. One of these challenges is the process of collecting quality data from consumers. This problem is generally faced by small companies in Indonesia.

Because their business is still on a small scale, the number of consumers they have tends not to be large. At least consumer data will complicate the work of artificial intelligence systems . This is because data is the “main staple” for the work process of the system.

However, these obstacles do not mean they are a barrier for those of you who are small-scale businesses to apply artificial intelligence . If you want to use artificial intelligence to develop a business, then you must be able to ensure that the data to be processed is quality data. If not so, then the work of artificial intelligence will be in vain because it produces analysis results from data that is not of high quality.

Examples of Application of Artificial Intelligence in Online Business

Currently, you can find many examples of applying artificial intelligence in online business. Not a few online businesses that utilize artificial intelligence have succeeded in gaining great success and profits. This is because the artificial intelligence system has successfully boosted business quality, especially in the field of customer service.

What is the application of artificial intelligence like in the field of online business? The answers can be found in various aspects of the business. The first example is customer service with chatbots or automatic message reply features. By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence , companies can modify chatbots to make them appear more “personal”, aka like humans working in customer service.

As a result, chatbots can be used to carry out simple activities such as answering questions that are commonly asked by consumers. Chatbots can also be continuously activated 24 hours a day, thereby saving more human capabilities that require rest. Meanwhile, from the consumer side, they will feel happy because they can ask questions at any time.

The second example of applying artificial intelligence is the recommendation page that you often encounter when you open an application or e-commerce site. Almost all e-commerce sites use artificial intelligence to maximize the work of their product recommendation pages. Here, the artificial intelligence system works by studying the behavior of application or site users (user behavior).

How does it work? So, in applications or online business sites, artificial intelligence can be used as a kind of filter that studies product search data algorithms performed by users. After understanding the keywords that are frequently searched by users, the system can also provide item recommendations according to the user’s wishes. Practical, right? With this system, users will feel happy and helped because they can get product recommendations according to their needs.

That’s the discussion regarding the use of artificial intelligence alias artificial intelligence in business! Come on, what are you waiting for? Try switching to maximize your business with the help of artificial intelligence . Don’t forget to share the useful information in this article with your friends. Thank you and have a great day!

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