How to Increase Instagram Followers

7 Tips on How to Increase Instagram Followers in 2023

7 Tips on How to Increase Instagram Followers in 2023 – Currently, everyone who is sure to use social media Instagram. According to datareportal, the total number of Instagram users as of January 2023 is 1.318 billion or 16.5%. This shows that the increasing number of Instagram users makes this social media not only a social platform for entertainment, interaction or sharing events.

Interaction on Instagram in general depends on the number of followers of our account, especially if you want to become a celebrity. Interested in becoming a celebgram? Check out the following tips to increase Instagram followers!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that is used as a medium for sharing photos and videos. However, now Instagram can be used as a platform to increase the coffers of money, not just as entertainment. In addition, Instagram is also used by various brands as a tool to promote their brand.

But to become an influential brand, of course you can’t just rely on your Instagram account. Brands must create their presence on the platform. This requires followers so that business interaction and the influence of the content they create dominates the market. Therefore, brands also need to increase their Instagram followers .

The more Instagram followers you have, the more opportunities there will be for interactions with your followers, who are your target market as well. That way, the wider the influence or influence you can give to the people who follow your Instagram account.

7+ Tips on How to Increase Instagram Followers

Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

There are several ways you can do to increase Instagram followers , namely:

Upload Content/Feed Routinely

The first is that you have to regularly upload your Instagram feed at the right time. According to socialpilot, the best times to upload feeds are from 6-9 am, 12-2 pm, and in the afternoon between 5-7 pm. The thing to pay attention to is the type of content that you will upload. Make sure that the post matches the brand of the Instagram account that you want to build.

In other words, make sure your post as a whole is centered around one theme or concept. For example, if you want to become an influencer in the field of education, then focus your uploads on content related to education. That way, you can have a clear target audience. 

Apart from that, to increase Instagram followers , you also have to pay attention to the quality of the uploaded content. The content that you will upload will be even better if the content is unique and creative. Even though it’s not easy because you have to constantly work hard and think periodically to create interesting content, if you do it continuously and upload it consistently, it will definitely bring the desired results. 

Don’t Lock/Private Accounts

Accounts that can be seen by the public will find it easier to reach many people compared to accounts that are locked ( private ). If you lock your account, it means that the only people who can see your account are people who follow you. 

To increase Instagram followers , what you need is the exposure you can get when the account is opened to the public. Because posts that come from private accounts can potentially not enter IG explorer which allows the public to see your account. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are hashtags  (hashtags) that can be interpreted as labels for content. Hashtags began to be used in 2007 after being created by Chris Messina, a Twitter web marketing specialist as a bookmark for tweets that discuss the same topic.

Moving on from Twitter, hashtags were then implemented to almost all existing social media such as Facebook, TikTok and not to mention Instagram. When you are about to upload content, apart from creating a well-written caption , it’s a good idea to also add hashtags that are popular and interesting but still in context so that your posts can reach many users.

Before using hashtags, you should first research popular hashtags that match the content. In one caption, you should use about 3-5 hashtags that are appropriate to the content in order to reach the right audience.

Write Interesting Captions

On Instagram, after someone sees the post (photo/video) that we draw, then they will pay attention to the caption below it. Therefore, in order to maintain attention to our posts, it’s good that we also make interesting and creative captions, not just posting them. Preferably, the caption does not need to be too long but short and concise. To increase Instagram followers , write captions by adding dots and spacing to make people curious. 

Routinely Using Instagram Features

Instagram has many features such as location, music , polls, etc. It’s good when uploading feeds or snapgrams, use these features so that your posts are more unique and reach a lot of public who have the potential to follow your account.

Optimizing Instagram Bio

By filling in the Instagram bio , your account information will be more complete. That way, the Instagram algorithm can bring up your account when other users search about a topic on Instagram. Optimizing bio on Instagram can also help verify accounts so that they are not considered spam, fake and other accounts.

Build Interaction with other users

To increase Instagram followers , you must also consistently interact with other users. your own posts or on other accounts with more followers or those that have a blue tick. This is so that followers and other users know that your Instagram account is active.

The most effective interaction for getting followers is by commenting and replying to comments. For example, there is a post with a large number of likes, you can provide unique comments that match the topic. Interaction with followers who comment on your posts is also necessary to maintain engagement with followers .

Collaboration with popular creators

Finally, the way to increase Instagram followers is to collaborate with other popular Instagram users. Before submitting a collaboration, you should do some research first to choose a creator whose Instagram theme/concept matches or relates to the Instagram concept/theme you have. Also discuss what form of collaboration is desired so that both parties get a positive impact from the collaboration.


So, those were some tips that you can do to increase Instagram followers . In short, make sure to consistently brand Instagram by regularly uploading unique and original content at certain times. To continue to increase followers, you must also remember not to lock your account and interact regularly with other users.

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