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9 Best Instagram Alternatives For Android and iOS in 2023

9 Best Instagram Alternatives For Android and iOS – Instagram is one of the most widely used social media sites, but it is constantly changing and adding new features, which some users may find overwhelming. Many people are therefore looking for substitute apps that provide comparable features and functionality but with a different focus or strategy.

There are a number of alternatives that provide comparable capabilities. VSCO, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest are a few instances. Users of these apps can interact with other users, share images and videos, and employ filters and effects. Alternative apps might also emphasise particular characteristics, like the editing tools of VSCO, the messaging and real-time updates of Snapchat, the short-form movies of TikTok, and the visual search and inspiration of Pinterest. These alternatives provide users several ways to engage in creative exploration, self-expression, and interaction with like-minded people.

Best Instagram Alternatives


When Instagram is down or you’re looking for alternative content to watch, the first app you think of is TikTok . With 1 billion registered users in 2021 TikTok is the sixth most used social platform in the world after Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and WeChat (data: Statista).

TikTok is not used to post photos: users post videos, often with the addition of filters, special effects, use challenges and duets to interact with other members and participate in challenges. TikTok’s features have been so successful that Instagram has clearly taken inspiration from them for its Reels , i.e. short videos that last from 15 to 60 seconds, with effects, music, filters and other creative tools that can be shared on your feed or in Stories.


The second alternative to Instagram that we offer is EyeEm . The platform can count on a community of around 22 million users . This platform focuses on the visual aspect and quality of shared content, which is why it attracts so many photographers and artists . It works as a social platform, therefore, you will be able to get in touch with other users with whom you share the same interests.

The distinctive feature of EyeEm are the missions , with which users challenge each other to test their artistic skills and their point of view. The goal is to create images based on briefs that are provided by a partner company of the social network. The winners receive cash prizes , the use of their images for advertising campaigns or exposure to exhibitions .


On VSCO you will find a community of more than 30 million active users. You will be able to take photos through the application, add filters and customize your shots to your liking. It presents itself as an excellent alternative to Instagram . This platform has other various features that we recommend you evaluate, such as easy re-sharing of images or hidden follower count. This last factor allows a more genuine use of the platform, and which invites users to focus on the quality of the contents,instead of the number of followers. Membership is free, but VSCO also has a paid subscription plan available to users that allows you to use better editing tools , as well as more presets for shots.


This Instagram alternative app has 15 million active users. 500px also has a strong visual footprint , which is why many photographers and industry professionals have chosen this platform as a reference to connect with users with similar interests and to find work or start collaborations. 500px allows registered users to sell the licenses of their images , a factor that makes this site interesting also from a professional point of view. Membership is free, but there are several paid plans to choose from to gain access to additional benefits and features such as, for example, creating company profiles, listings of events and other activities, data analytic tools . 500px can be used both via the app, available for Android and iOS devices , and via PC, from which you can easily upload your images to your personal profile.


TRUE True Social is a relatively recent app, a viable alternative to Instagram . It has similarities such as the bookmarks section , which allows you to save the content you prefer to look at them whenever you want. With VERO you can also share your favorite movies, TV shows, music and books with other users of the platform. You will be able to classify your connections (term used to refer to followers) into different categories, based on how well you know them. In this way you will be able to filter your contents and make them visible only to some users.


If you prefer storytelling to the mere visual aspect of content, Steller is the alternative to Instagram that’s right for you. It is an application that invites the use of various communication tools: texts, videos, photographs to tell a story. This option is a kind of evolution compared to the Meta social network, suitable for content creators who prefer different forms of communication. So, if you want to challenge yourself with a multimedia app, now is the time to create a profile on Steller.


We now present you an all-Italian alternative to Instagram . This is Waveful , available on both Android and iOS devices . This platform was created by the Motta brothers in 2020 and works similar to Instagram and TikTok. However, some of the features are completely different and unique to Waveful. The app is based on sharing multimedia files : videos, photos, audio, etc. Users can subscribe to the so-called tsunamis , communities united by specific interests in which to discuss and connect by sharing content. Waveful rewards users with badgesbased on the number of views or likes obtained. Using it is extremely simple and is interesting as an alternative to Instagram.


You are probably already aware of this alternative. We are talking about Pinterest , another of the options that we recommend that you consider. This platform also has a strong visual character and is based on image sharing . It is used by a large community of users every day and is perfect for finding inspiration and advice on anything that can be expressed through images. Pinterest is very interactive and allows users to connect with each other, share their favorite content and be updated according to their interests. If you feed on creativityyou definitely need to evaluate this alternative to Instagram and create a profile to directly verify the potential of this platform.

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Last but not least is Snapchat , which along with TikTok and Pinterest is perhaps the most popular social media platform on this list. Snapchat is also more used than Instagram overseas: the app boasts millions of active users who use the app every day by creating and sharing fun content. There are many things in common with Instagram, such as filters and stories that disappear after a certain time.

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