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Top 9 Best Instagram Stalker Apps in 2023

Top 9 Best Instagram Stalker Apps in 2023 – Have you ever wondered who opens your Instagram profile the most? If so, it’s the same. There are several ways to find out who saw our Instagram profile .

One of them is by using the Instagram stalker application. Wow! If this is the case, many will find out who you often find out about you on Instagram. Are you curious about any application? Come on, take a peek right away!

How to Find Best Instagram Stalker Apps Using the Following Apps!

Hmmm.. do you think your crush often opens your Instagram profile or not? Just try installing it , guys.

Follower Analyzer for Instagram

The first application for viewing Instagram stalkers is  Analyzer for Instagram . This application designed by Icestone Techologies is able to track Instagram followers who often open your profile.

Apart from this application, there is a feature to find out who often likes Instagram photos/videos, find out who doesn’t follow you and find out who has blocked you.

NoAnalyzer for Instagram
Total Download100 thousand
Rating di Play Store4.6
Download HereDownload

Stalkie for Instagram

The second Instagram stalker application is  Stalkie for Instagram . The application was designed by Codingy , guys. Well, apart from finding out who your Instagram posts are.

This application also functions to view other people’s Instagram profile photos at full size . It turns out that this application can also be used to repost Instagram photos or videos, guys. Yups, it’s similar to the Instagram video repost application, guys.

NoStalkie for Instagram
Total Download100 thousand
Rating di Play Store4.4
Download HereDownload

WProfile- Who Viewed My Instagram

The third application is WProfile Who Viewed My Instagram. This app is designed by IReport LLC. This application is really very simple, guys, there is only a feature to find out who often opens your Instagram profile.

Unlike other applications, there are other advanced features. But, you can still use it guys. This application is free and certainly not a lot of ads. So, you don’t need to read how to get rid of ads on your cellphone anymore .

NoWho Viewed My Instagram
Total Download10 thousand
Rating di Play Store3.7
Download HereDownload

Smart Stalk

The fourth application for checking stalker Instagram is  Smart Stalk . This Smart Stalk application was designed by Sadiq Soomro . This application is able to find out who often checks your Instagram.

Oh yes, the application will display a list of Instagram accounts that visited your Instagram profile! In addition, this application can also open private Instagram profile photos .

NoSmart Stalk
Total Download10 thousand
Rating di Play Store4.3
Download HereDownload

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The fifth Instagram stalker viewing application is  Stalkeame. Stalkeame was designed by Software Knights SL guys. Oh yes, this application can see who frequently visits your profile, guys.

But, this application can also function to view other people’s Instagram Stories without getting caught . Well, you can also use it for other social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Total Download100 thousand
Rating di Play Store3.9
Download HereDownload

Profile Tracker

The seventh application is  Profile Tracker . This Profile Tracker app is designed by Network analyzing apps . So, if the application can only be used for those of you who register for Instagram via Facebook .

Because, the application is directly connected from Facebook guys. The features contained in this application are to find out who really often opens your profile and finds out who is active on Instagram.

NoProfile Tracker
Total Download5 Million
Rating di Play Store4.1
Download HereDownload

Secret Admires for Instagram

The ninth Instagram stalker application is  Secret Admires for Instagram . Application designed by Antonio di Stefano . This application is able to find out who often sees your Instagram secretly.

In addition, this application will continue to update who has recently viewed Instagram Stories and watched your live stream on Instagram . So, for those of you who are curious about your ex, are you still curious or not, just use this application.

NoSecret Admires for Instagram
Total Download100 thousand
Rating di Play Store3.4
Download HereDownload

My Guests and Adorers from Instagram

The last application is  My Guests and Adorers from Instagram . This app was designed by Oleksij Ljapunov . Well, this application is the same as other applications, namely to track visitors who often open your profile.

In addition, this application can be used to add Instagram followers . So, for this function, you have to pay, guys. So, you can’t use it if you haven’t bought it.

NoMy Guests and Adorers from Instagram
Size14 MB
Total Download100 thousand
Rating di Play Store2.8
Download HereDownload

So, who are the guys who frequently open your Instagram profile? If there is, write it in the comments column below here 🙂

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