Is Alexa Worth It

Is Alexa Worth It?: Alternatives, Pros and Cons Of Alexa

Is Alexa Worth It – You may have met Alexa before. This is the voice assistant that is built into various smart devices.

You can find out what Alexa can do, whether it is learning and which important functions it has in store for you.

We will inform you about the language assistant and also show you alternatives. We also clarify the most important question, namely: For whom is Alexa actually worthwhile?

What is Special About Alexa?

Alexa is a virtual and interactive voice assistant from Amazon. You can communicate with your Alexa using the appropriate end devices. I use this service with the Echo speaker and will report in detail about my experience with Alexa in a moment

Incidentally, the name of this language assistant comes from the large and impressive library in Alexandria (Egypt). The name is well chosen, after all, Alexa now knows a lot and is happy to answer you.

Alexa has many helpful features designed to make your life easier. These include: music and entertainment, knowledge and information, games and fun, language shopping and support for your home.

In addition, Alexa is able to be personalized by you. This means that you can teach her so-called “skills”.

Alexa currently masters over 15,000 skills. The best thing to do is to see for yourself which “abilities” your Alexa should have. You can choose your favorite skills and activate them by saying, for example: “Alexa, open my horoscope!”

The respective activation words are displayed in the app or in your Amazon account. Basically, before each command and skill, you have to say the name “Alexa” out loud.Here is a list of numerous skills:

List of Alexa Skills

Some skills require you to set up an account with the respective provider, such as Lieferando. Of course, the services cost something, like when you order pizza via your Alexa. The associated in-app purchases are currently being planned.

In addition to the comprehensive functions and skills, Alexa makes your life easier, for example by:

  • You can turn the music up and down without a button – especially practical when cooking when you have your hands full
  • or you just want to hear the news quickly – here is a quick summary of what’s happening in the world today
  • or you just want to set a timer that rings after your desired time

These small everyday functions make your management easier for the often stressful everyday life.

How Much Does Alexa Cost Per Month?

Is the Alexa subscription worth it?

Alexa comes preinstalled on many Amazon devices. However, you need a device that supports this language assistant.

In the case of Alexa-enabled devices, it is logically primarily the offers from Amazon itself that come into question. These are: Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Show, Fire TV and Fire Tablet.

There are also a lot of devices from external providers that support Alexa.The current list of suitable devices can be found under the following link:

List of Alexa-enabled devices

As a result, in order to use your Alexa voice assistant, you need to purchase one of the appropriate devices.

You also need an Amazon Prime account to use it. It costs 69 euros a year and gives you a shorter delivery time for Amazon orders, a large selection of music and the streaming service (in connection with Fire TV).

Calculated for the month, Alexa costs the equivalent of 5.75 euros if you take out a Prime annual subscription.

The purchase of an Alexa-enabled device is also a one-off for you. Prices start at around 50 euros ( Echo Dot ) and go up to over 200 euros ( Echo Show ). It’s up to you to decide which device you want to use the Alexa voice service with.

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Can You Use Alexa Without Prime?

A Prime account with Amazon is required so that you can use the versatile functions. Alexa cannot be used without your Prime account. If you consider what you get for your Prime account, the 70 euros a year is not the worst investment.

There are now – rather flimsy – websites that claim a Prime account isn’t necessary and you can use the features via the browser, but this is more of a shady gray area.

What Alternatives to Alexa are there?

Of course, when it comes to the technical market, the competition never sleeps. Apple, Google and Microsoft have also launched smart speakers and are coming up against the Amazon giant.

1) Google Home Speaker

Instead of Alexa, on this device you have to say “Okay Google” and you can already present your question or task. In addition to music and news, Google organizes your personal day with shopping lists, appointments and an alarm clock/timer.

You can also equip yourself with the corresponding streaming service on Google and watch films and series via Google Chromecast. You can easily listen to music with an additional subscription to Spotify (additional costs) and use it to create your own playlists.

At around 149 euros, the Google speaker is a successful alternative to the Alexa speaker. The only current disadvantage for you is that Google still has to “learn” the German language a bit and may not understand everything right away. On the other hand, he can answer you better on context-related questions.

2) Apple Homepodm Speaker

The Apple HomePod uses the voice assistant Siri. Instead of “Okay Google” or “Alexa”, you say here: “Okay Siri” to put your commands into action.

The streaming service for the HomePod is called Apple Music. For this you need a separate account, which you have to set up first. This costs 9.99 euros per month, but gives you a large selection of radio stations, podcasts and music titles.

The 6 microphones ensure that your voice is clearly recognizable. Thanks to the A8 chip, the sound is very clear and is also adapted to the nature of the room.

Disadvantages here are that the HomePod has trouble understanding you and answering your questions. However, Apple promises you technical improvements and extensions here.

In addition, the price of around 349 euros is still quite high – but we are used to that from the brand with the bitten apple.

3) Sony LF-S50G Speakers

Another smartpod competitor that is expected to enter the market in the near future is the Sony LF-S50G.

This device has a special feature for you: You can control the voice assistant not only with your voice, but also with gestures.

For around 300 euros, the smart Sony speaker is also one of the higher-priced alternatives. We are very excited to see when the first detailed reports on this will be posted.

Pros and Cons Of Alexa

Perhaps you’ve already made a decision as to whether Alexa is the right voice assistant for you. If not, the listed advantages and disadvantages might help you.

Advantages of Alexa

Usability with almost no knobs and buttons

Especially when you are in the middle of cooking and want to hear your favorite song louder, you can regulate the volume with your voice. “Alexa, volume 5” and she plays the song at the desired volume. Just as well, you can get information about the artist and title.

everyday helper

You’ve just put the chicken in the oven and of course you don’t want it to burn. Here you can simply ask Alexa to set a suitable timer. After the time has elapsed, an acoustic signal sounds.

You can relax and listen to audio books. You need an Audible subscription for this. Our contribution will certainly be of interest to you in this context

You can just surrender to the narration and relax. I’m an absolute fan of it.

joke and knowledge

You can also experience many fun things with Alexa. She can tell you a joke, give you a compliment, greet guests and imitate animals. This will definitely get a laugh, whether alone or with your friends.

In addition, Alexa can share many interesting facts with you – about world events, background information and simply interesting facts on all sorts of topics. You just have to ask her. Are you well versed in certain topics and would you like to share them with others? We are looking for experts in various fields as copywriters. Completely from home and of course with free time management.
write us

Cons of Alexa

You never know who’s listening

This topic is still controversial: Alexa is always connected to the internet and her microphones really don’t miss a thing (unless you turn them off!).

If you’re the kind of user who worries about this, an internet-connected voice assistant may not be for you. We live in a transparent society and can only hope that data protection and personal rights are respected by the big providers.

With regard to the storage of your data on Amazon servers and the given guidelines

Conclusion: For Whom is Alexa Worthwhile?

The language assistant Alexa really brings you a bunch of useful information and features that make your everyday life easier and entertain you.

I would personally say that it is a useful product. It is of course questionable whether you really need this to live. I use my Alexa through the Echo speaker and would argue that it’s perfectly adequate for that (meaning I don’t need a more expensive device for Alexa).

Alexa offers a nice conversation that also simplifies your everyday life. She writes shopping lists, can order from the Internet, puts music in a good mood and helps you in all situations.

We often use it to switch off – with the sound of the sea and the catchy music. From time to time it can also be an Audible audio book that you can listen to at your leisure.

For people who are lonely, Alexa can be a kind of “friend” if necessary. However, it should not be forgotten that this is a technical invention and in no way replaces a human being.

The voice-enabled device market is definitely growing. We don’t know what the technology around us will notice or where it will develop in the future.

Thanks to an Alexa-enabled device, we bring variety to our lives and are closer to the development of this tech market. It can be incredibly fun to accompany this progress and simply try out the virtual friendship with Alexa.

Is Alexa Worth It From Your Point of View?

Your opinion is important to us, which is why we have included a small poll here. Of course, we would also be happy to receive a comment, especially if you have already had experience with intelligent voice control systems!

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