Is Duolingo Plus Worth it

Is Duolingo Plus Worth it?

Is Duolingo Plus worth it? – Duolingo is one of the most widely used applications for learning languages. But do you know what Duolingo Plus or Super Duolingo is? We tell you everything you need to know about this paid version and whether it’s worth installing.

There are thousands of applications to learn languages ​​and perhaps we fell short in our calculation. Despite this massive offer of educational apps , only a few capture the largest number of users. Among them is Duolingo , which has already completed more than a decade of history. Sure, you’ve already heard of it or, at some point, tried to learn a language through its platform. On this occasion, we want you to get to know Duolingo Plus in depth , the paid version to unlock additional benefits.

Is Duolingo Plus worth it

Technically, the name of Duolingo Plus is Super Duolingo , so you can use it interchangeably. As we will see later, the language app incorporates a series of advantages that allow you to enjoy a “cleaner” learning environment, fewer restrictions to continue the experience despite errors, and greater fluidity to move between topics. We explain in depth what the benefits and prices are.-ADVERTISEMENTS- 

What is Duolingo Plus and what are its benefits?

Duolingo Plus establishes one of the main monetization programs of the company that develops the application. Along with the revenue from displaying ads , the revenue from active subscriptions is what allows Duolingo to cover the maintenance costs of the free version, as well as the overhead costs of payroll, development investment, and marketing strategy.

The app presents this payment variant in this way:

“ Duolingo Plus is an exceptional complement to the Duolingo experience (…) In addition, as a Duolingo Plus subscriber, you are supporting our mission to offer free learning to millions of people around the world”, we read.

The list of additional benefits are as follows:

  • Unlimited Lives: You will have the option to learn at your own pace and you will never run out of lives.
  • Practice mistakes: You will be able to review all the mistakes you made in the lessons in one place.
  • Test your knowledge: You have the alternative of going for the legendary trophy at any time without having to use the gems.
  • Ad-free: You won’t have to wait for an ad to end or view ads, because your payment helps clean up the learning experience.

Duolingo Plus Price Mexico How much does it cost?

If you have never used the free trial benefit , you will have the alternative of enjoying Duolingo Plus for 14 days at no cost. After that date, you will have to make the monthly or annual subscription payment. If you opt for this alternative, you have several options, since the company offers three packages.-ADVERTISEMENTS- 

  • Individual plan per month – 149 Mexican pesos billed monthly
  • Individual 12-month plan – 999 Mexican pesos billed annually
  • Family plan (2 to 6 people) for 12 months – 1,499 Mexican pesos billed annually

What do Duolingo Plus users think?

According to Duolingo ‘s evaluation , more than 95% of users who have tried the app are satisfied. Most of the Internet users are happy with the experience that the platform offers to learn languages. Among its main strengths are its friendly nature and the feeling that you are playing while expanding your vocabulary and your knowledge of syntax rules.

The situation changes a bit if we review the opinions about Duolingo Plus or Super Duolingo , since not everyone considers that it is worth paying for the subscription. Through Reddit threads , we collected some opinions:

“…I love the fact that I have unlimited hearts so I don’t have to wait to reload and I don’t have to put up with annoying ads anymore. So overall I’m learning content faster and also I’m not afraid of making mistakes anymore that made me so anxious before but if you don’t mind the hearts and ads I feel like there’s no difference and I also didn’t notice much change in the computer version,” user Endlessbz wrote .

Some believe that the benefit of having an ad-free interface is worth the subscription fee.

“I forgot how nervous he made me about those crazy hearts. Have you considered taking advantage of the free trial? I’m still monitoring my mistakes, for those who think that the heart helps in learning. However, I feel like I learn more without the distraction of ads,” she added to the discussion.

Duolingo Plus is worth it to the extent if the ads bother you, plus you’ll have more room to learn at your own pace at any time without depending on your number of lives. A family contracting can be a profitable business if they split the bill equally.

Brief history of Duolingo

The idea to develop a platform for language teaching and learning came from Luis von Ahn , a professor at Carnagie Mellon University, and one of his graduate students, Severin Hacker . The first of them was not unknown in the sector, since he had sold his company reCAPTCHA to Google , while Hacker had a deep interest in doing something valuable within the educational field.

In an interview for , Luis von Ahn revealed some interesting aspects of the genesis of Duolingo .

“I wanted to work on something that could give everyone equal access to a high-quality education. Because education is a vast field, Severin Hacker and I decided to focus on language education because we knew that learning a language could help people double their earning potential,” he mentioned.

The professor said that he was inspired to develop an app that facilitated language learning, after seeing how expensive it was to learn them in countries with limited resources. Hacker shares to this day his idea that free education has the power to change the world. That is how they started working on a language service, testing different business models . In the end, they settled on a certification, advertising, and subscription program.

Duolingo ‘s beta came out in November 2011, while its official launch open to any user occurred on June 19 of the following year. From then on, his popularity began to grow significantly. By 2013, the service had a total of 5 million users, being rated the best free educational app in the Google Play store.

On August 1, 2018, Duolingo surpassed 300 million registered users, a figure not to be confused with its approximately 50 million active users.

What are Duolingo’s rival apps?

The people behind Duolingo don’t stop working to keep the language app competitive , both the free version and Duolingo Plus. In the end, they are faced with a digital ecosystem where there are also very complete proposals for language learning. Some of the strongest rival apps are:

  • babbel
  • drops
  • mondly
  • Memrise

If you’ve tried Duolingo Plus or Super Duolingo, we’d like to hear about your experience. Do you think it’s worth paying for this extra-benefit version?

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