Is HelloFresh Worth It?

Is HelloFresh Worth It in 2023?

Is HelloFresh Worth It – Having food delivered to your doorstep but still eating healthy – what sounds like a contradiction to many is what HelloFresh stands for. Can this freshness service really keep its promise? This article shows whether HelloFresh is worthwhile, what the service includes and whether there are better alternatives.

What Does the HelloFresh Offer Include?

HelloFresh delivers meal kits to your doorstep. Included are fresh groceries that you can use to conjure up dishes yourself. In advance, you decide which recipes you want to receive with the HelloFresh box. You can set how many portions you want to cook and how many dishes there should be.

Important: A box only ever contains what is needed for the respective dish – there is therefore no wastage of food because nothing is left over.

Every week you get recipe suggestions via the website or the app, which vary depending on the season. HelloFresh always provides variety. You have the choice of dishes with meat or fish, vegan and vegetarian dishes, so you can always try something new.

By the way, you can also set your own preferences in your account: Would you prefer something with meat, should it be a light meal or are you looking for exotic dishes?

HelloFresh is a subscription that delivers a weekly meal kit, but you can pause at any time. If you don’t like a dish or if delivery is simply not possible in a week for financial reasons, you simply order another box if you want it.

A box costs 39.99 euros and includes 3 meals for 2 people. This can be increased depending on whether you have special requests or want an extra portion. The price for 5 meals for 4 people is 89.99 euros.

You can cancel HelloFresh at any time. There is no minimum term, which is why the cooking boxes are also suitable for just trying out.

Is there a Discount on HelloFresh?

HelloFresh regularly advertises discounts. Although you cannot test the cooking boxes completely free of charge, you can get the first boxes at a price that is far below the regular price.

As a new customer, you get a discount of 20 euros on the first box, 15 euros on the second and 10 euros on the third cooking box, which corresponds to a discount of 45 euros. In addition, shipping is free.

After that you can always take advantage of attractive discount campaigns. Sometimes there are vouchers or special campaigns, especially to win back people who have not ordered a HelloFresh cooking box for a long time.

HelloFresh Or Cook Yourself – Which is Cheaper?

HelloFresh isn’t the cheapest way to cook for yourself. The advantage of this, however, is that there are no leftovers. This means that you don’t waste food.

When shopping in the supermarket, it often happens that vegetables in particular have to be bought in large packages. This is not the case with HelloFresh: You really only get what you say you eat.

The HelloFresh service is also very practical: you get food of the best quality delivered directly to your home. The effort that you have when shopping is saved.

If you compare HelloFresh products directly with what you can get in the supermarket, it turns out that HelloFresh is a bit more expensive. It is therefore not a cheap method to cook freshly yourself, but it saves a lot of time. In addition, HelloFresh mainly sends organic food.

My Friends Experience With HelloFresh

The selection of recipes is very large. You don’t have to eat the same thing every week, with HelloFresh you’re almost spoiled for choice. In autumn, for example, there are mainly dishes with mushrooms, for example chanterelles, and delicious asparagus dishes during the asparagus season.

You also have the choice between simple, quick recipes and those that take a little more time and have something extra. In addition, it is simply convenient to order a HelloFresh cooking box, as you save yourself the hassle of shopping and imagining dishes.

Still, not everything is positive about HelloFresh. Although the quality of the food contained is very good, you cannot explicitly choose that you only want to eat organic. In addition, the meat is far from the quality of the butcher around the corner. Unfortunately, the food doesn’t say exactly where it comes from. Regional is therefore probably rather non-existent.

Every now and then it happens that an ingredient is missing, although this tends to be the exception. You can usually simply replace them with your own supplies. It has already happened once that the cooking box arrived too late, which is of course particularly annoying because the food is supposed to arrive fresh. However, HelloFresh is always there to accommodate you when something doesn’t go according to plan. Therefore, the service can be described as very good.

What Alternativies to HelloFresh are there?

There are also other cooking boxes that contain fresh ingredients to cook at home. Dinnerly or Marley Spoon are popular alternatives to HelloFresh. Dinnerly is even a bit cheaper because fewer ingredients are used.

Although HelloFresh is the market leader, it is closely followed by Marley Spoon, where the range of recipes is somewhat smaller. HelloFresh convinces with its fresh ingredients and reliable delivery.

There are also cook boxes that meet more specific needs. Since HelloFresh has few low-carb or similar diet dishes, providers who fill this niche have now been established.

In terms of price, most of the competitor’s meal kits are in the same range as HelloFresh. You shouldn’t expect big savings from HelloFresh alternatives, at least if you want quality comparable to HelloFresh.

Conclusion: For Whom Is HelloFresh Worthwhile?

  • HelloFresh is worthwhile for anyone who wants to cook fresh and prefers organic food.
  • The delivery is quick and uncomplicated, which means that you can eat healthy and home-cooked food even in a stressful everyday life.
  • Especially beginners who do not yet know exactly how much they need for a dish can benefit noticeably from the HelloFresh service.

Of course, we would also be happy to receive a comment, especially if you have already had experience with HelloFresh!

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