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Top 13 Kahoot Alternatives in 2023

Top 13 Kahoot Alternatives – When it comes to educating people in general, the way information is presented must be as dynamic, engaging and understandable as possible so that the information fits better in our heads; This is where, in this digital age, virtual tools like Kahoot come into play, reinforcing knowledge of each topic or subject in a different and enjoyable way.

Kahoot, as a virtual and dynamic tool for the teaching-learning process, since its creation in 2013, has had incredible acceptance, being implemented in more than 200 countries by more than 4.000 million users hence its great popularity.

However, there are some websites and applications that have a similar design and dynamics , so here we show you the 15 Best Alternatives to Kahoot , so you can explore this way and say who of which you should use soon.

Top 13 Kahoot Alternatives 2023


The next alternative to Kahoot that we recommend is Acadly, since it is considered one of the most complete tools in a free format, where you can take surveys, as well as access to multiple options, such as for example being able to track participants’ GPS, ask random questions, integrate dynamic features , among others.

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It is a very interesting web tool that many presenters and lecturers rely on to make their presentations professional and at the same time dynamic, because with Beekast you will not only be able to create your slides from page, but also add many features and all the questions you can think of and the different maters you choose.

What we like most about this page is that even if we are live during a presentation, you can send a survey to your audience at the same time and ask them to answer it immediately , whose results will be displayed on the screen immediately.

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It is an attractive and fun free application that allows direct communication between students, representatives and teachers in an efficient and simple way. Through this virtual tool, it is possible to send the various tasks requested by teachers .

One of the most attractive aspects of Classdojo is that it is secure, because the messages, announcements and other informative content sent to parents and representatives of teachers are encrypted , so it will always be reliable.

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Google Forms

Another option that has been in place for a long time is Google forms, where, as its name indicates, it is possible to implement forms, but it also conducts surveys of specific audiences ; One of its advantages is that it is free and very useful, especially for secondary school teachers because it allows them to get important data, for example, about their students.

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Hipirsay’s main dynamic works by formulating questions and/or surveys that appear in the slides, where anyone can answer them, by entering from their mobile application or through their website.

Also, there are some useful tools that you may like, for example, include images, videos, comments, audios, comments and also be able to determine the time a question or survey will appear, and be able to display the results immediately.

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This is software specially designed for conducting surveys, multiple choice questions and other tools, intended for large crowded live events . With Meeting Pulse, attendees will be able to answer questions applied from their mobile phones from anywhere; In addition, the results of the aforementioned questions will be displayed on the screen during the presentation, so it is suitable for when you need to do a large-scale survey .

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A pretty good alternative to Kahoot is Mentimeter and you will definitely love it because, firstly, it is free software and secondly, because it works in a similar way to Kahoot, which allows you to conduct surveys, be able to ask questions with different answers, live questionnaires , Among others.

One of the most significant advantages of this application is that you can also create rooms for virtual meetings, classes, competitions, workshops, conferences and much more, where the participants will be able to respond from their mobile phones.

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This software works from its website and also from its mobile phone application and has more than a million downloads. It is a very interesting proposal for educators and teachers, since from its platform it is possible, for example, to send a questionnaire or a collection of questions to your students, who will be able to access it, answer it and send the answers to the same way , before registration A simple but really effective tool!

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Poll everywhere

This option also works great when the goal is to conduct multiple surveys to a certain audience , because the participants have the opportunity to respond quickly and easily, from their mobile phones through the mobile application, or through the official page. Furthermore, the results of those surveys will be automatically analyzed and presented as slides , being able to even attach images, comments, opinions, among others.

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Another one that is currently showing strong competition with Kahoot is Quizizz, since the latter is extremely useful as a free educational tool for the teaching-learning process of students, especially in high school, where teachers can do their assignments, quizzes, educational games and others; and students just have to answer it and send it , so that they can be evaluated in this way.

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This alternative is a bit different from the previous ones, but it’s still interesting. Slack works as a powerful virtual space, used especially in the business environment, where it is possible to send instant messages, receive files and documents in different formats, search for documents sent in a simple way and also use emojis .

Currently, also used by many teachers to keep in touch with their students A very important tool to keep all tasks organized in one place!

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Another one of the most used virtual tools in the field of education is Socrative, since from its platform, teachers will not only be able to carry out different types of tests and assessments for their students with real-time results, but also be able to there is the use of video games with educational content to ensure much more dynamic and fun learning.

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Finally, if you want to conduct a survey using the survey application, Wooclap is one of your best alternatives, because of this tool you will be able to get answers immediately, and the participants will able to send their responses via text messages, from their mobile application or directly from their website.

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Kahoot is a well-liked tool for developing fun and interactive tests and games for learners. Quizlet, Socrative, Nearpod, Google Forms, Quizizz, Mentimeter, Poll Everywhere, and Plickers are a few options that provide comparable features and functionality.

Educators and trainers can select the one that best suits their needs from among these options, each of which offers a distinct set of features and capabilities. Finding a programme that enables you to build interesting and entertaining quizzes and games that will keep your students or trainees interested and motivated to learn is crucial, whether you decide to use Kahoot or one of its rivals.

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