Linux Alternatives to Windows Applications

Linux Alternatives to Windows Applications

Linux Alternatives to Windows ApplicationsAlternative Linux Applications to Windows Substitutes – What is the replacement for the Microsoft Word application on Linux? If you want to learn design and are familiar with Photoshop, is there an alternative application? Is there a downloader application on Linux similar to IDM? Find a variety of Windows alternative applications in this article. Please use the table of contents below to jump straight to the topic you are interested in. Thanks.

If you are used to using Windows as an operating system, it will definitely make you confused when you want to start using Linux. Although there are ways to install Windows applications on Linux, in fact, not all of them are suitable and without problems.

Linux actually has thousands of applications that are ready to be installed using the package manager / application manager , but for beginners, sometimes the available applications are quite complicated to use. Even the names of the applications are quite ‘weird’ because most of them do not reflect the function of the application itself.

This turned out to be a problem for many people when they wanted to install an application from a package manager .

Well, this article was created as information about alternative Linux applications to replace Windows. Or it could be said as a Windows like Linux application.

What’s the list? Here he is.

List of Alternative Linux Applications Similar to Windows Applications

Gawaiso has compiled several Linux applications that you can install, as alternatives to the applications you normally use on Windows. We have also categorized them based on the main function of the application.

List of Linux Alternatives to Windows Applications

By installing Linux original applications (not installing Windows software on Linux), we hope that you will learn this operating system thoroughly. Let’s start the list.

1. Substitute for Microsoft Office on Linux

Alternative Linux applications for Microsoft Office are Libre Office and Open Office . Both have an interface that is almost similar to MS Office as a whole. If you want something very similar, choose Libre Office.

As is commonly known, MS Office is the main application which consists of various other applications such as MS Word, Excel, Power point, Access, etc. Well, Open Office on Linux has its own alternatives. Here is a list of alternatives:

  • An alternative to Word is Libre Office Writer ;
  • An alternative to Excel is Libre Office Calc ;
  • An alternative to Power point is Libre Office Impress ; And
  • Alternatif Access ada Libre Office Base.

2. Replacement for Adobe Photoshop on Linux

An alternative Linux application to replace Adobe Photoshop is GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) .

It is undeniable that Photoshop is the best photo editing application on a PC , but its reliability in manipulating photos cannot be enjoyed by everyone, especially those who use Linux as their operating system.

Instead, loyal Linux users can use GIMP which has been named the best free photo editing application or software, whose reliability is on par with Adobe Photoshop.

3. A replacement for Adobe Lightroom on Linux

An alternative Linux application to replace Adobe Lightroom on Linux is Darktable . As a professional photo editing software that can correct colors, add filters, etc. which is based on lens correction, Lightroom is hardly a substitute. Therefore, many novice Linux users are confused, what is the replacement for Lightroom on Linux?

Darktable might be a solution. It can read the color waves in a photo and enhance it. Broadly speaking, its function is the same as Lightroom.

4. Replacement for Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator on Linux

An alternative Linux application to replace Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator as software for making illustrations and vector images is Inkscape .

Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator are two software that dominate the field of illustration and vector drawing on Windows. Its existence seems to get rid of similar software even though it has almost the same reliability.

On Linux, the best software for creating vector illustrations and drawings is Inkscape. Its active developer community keeps this free software growing to a higher level, matching Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

5. Replacement for Adobe Premiere on Linux

There are many video editing software on Linux that can replace Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, including:

  • Openshot;
  • Shotcut;
  • Cinellera;
  • kdenlive; and
  • Lightworks;

These five softwares are quite reliable when it comes to editing videos on Linux. As with other open source software, the community of five software developers above continues to actively add professional features to their software.

6. Replacement for Adobe After Effects on Linux

An alternative application for Adobe After Effects on Linux, as a visual effects and motion graphics application, is Natron .

Natron has an interface and functionality very similar to After Effects. Both have motion editing and multi-view workflows . Then with its intuitive interface and quick rendering , you can work with very accurate keyframes.

7. Replacement for Adobe Audition and Audacity on Linux

An alternative application on Linux for Adobe Audition and Audacity, as a reliable audio editing software is Ardor .

With Ardor you can edit, mix, remove noise, and a series of other audio manipulation processes quite well. In addition, Ardor is open source software which is definitely free to install and develop.

8. Replacement for IDM on Linux

Alternative applications to replace IDM as a software download manager on Linux are Wget, GWget, Kget, D4x, and Aria.

These five applications have the same features as IDM, such as resume downloads, URL grabbing, batch downloads, etc.

Complete List of Alternative Windows Applications on Linux

To cut things short, we have made a table below which contains a variety of alternative Linux software or applications to replace Windows that you can use.

Windows applicationLinux applicationFunction
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, dll.Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome/ChromiumBrowser
NotepadGedit, GeditText Editor
Notepad++SublimetextText Editors and Programming
Windows Media Player, KMP, GOMTotem Movie Player, VLC, MPlayer, RealPlayerVideo Player
Winamp, JetAudio, Windows Media PlayerBanshee, Audacious, AmarokAudio Player
CamtasiaIstanbul, gtk-recordmydesktopDesktop Recording
AutoCADKpovray, ModelerModelling
3DMaxBlender3D animation
Black, UltraISOK3B, BraseroBurning CD/DVD
Borland DelphiLazarusProgramming
Visual Basic/.NetMono, GambasVisual Programming
SQL ServerMySQL, PostgreSQLDatabase

The final word

Thereby. That’s a list of alternative Linux applications to replace Windows. Although you can also install Windows applications on Linux using Wine and PlayOnLinux, in fact not all Windows applications are compatible with Linux. So in our opinion, it’s better if you just install the original Linux application and start learning it.

Finally, sometimes an application is said to be easy to use because it is already used to using it. As long as the process of using the application is correct, in our opinion, the results or output from the application above will also be maximized regardless of whether it is a Windows or Linux application.

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