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10 Pinterest SEO Tips to Get More Traffic in 2023

10 Pinterest SEO Tips to Get More Traffic in 2023Pinterest is a platform that provides various kinds of images for various needs. Even though it only contains various types of images, it turns out that Pinterest can also be used to increase traffic , the way is by doing Pinterest SEO .

Pinterest is often associated with several things, such as recipes, DIY guides and also travel. But more than that, Pinterest also covers a wide variety of topics and can increase traffic . Want to know how to take advantage of Pinterest? Check out the 10 tips below!

What Is Pinterest SEO?

Pinterest SEO is an optimization effort to optimize your profile on the Pinterest web. Pinterest can be a promotional platform and also increase your visits and is very suitable to be a place to backlink your website .

The difference between Pinterest SEO and Google SEO

At Google’s EO, there is a technique called backlinks or links from outside the website that will point to your website and can increase your website traffic .

Pinterest is of course different from Google SEO which targets keywords for a website page . Because Pinterest SEO identifies keywords which are then used to optimize a person’s profile.

Pinterest SEO Tips

After learning that SEO Pinterest is an effort made to optimize a profile on the Pinterest website . The following are Pinterest SEO tips that you can do to increase traffic.

Listen together, okay!

1. Create a Pinterest Account

The first tip, of course, is to create or have a Pinterest account. When creating a Pinterest account, you have to pay attention to some pretty important things.

Some of these things, such as creating a business account. If you already have a personal account on the Pinterest website , you can change it to a business account. If you use a Pinterest business account, you’ll get access to Pinterest Analytics as well as the Pinterest Ads Manager.

The next step is to choose an SEO friendly username or account name. The SEO friendly in question is a name that will generally be searched for by many people when looking for something on Pinterest and in accordance with your business brand . 

Complete the description section about yourself and don’t forget to include a high-resolution logo. Then, the last thing is to create at least one board or boards which will later contain various kinds of content that are in accordance with your field of business, expertise or interests.

2. Have a Website

The second tip, of course, is to have a website . In order to get the most out of Pinterest SEO , there are a few things you need to do.

First, namely adding the Pinterest tag that will be in your Pinterest Ads Manager. Through the Pinterest tag, you will be able to find out conversions, namely an overview of the characteristics of the visitors you have up to the performance report.

Then, install the save button. So that other people can save your picture. Then the last thing is to verify your website .

3. Setting a Target Market

The next tip is to determine whether Pinterest is an effective place to reach a market that matches your business target? Apart from that, you also have to make sure that your target market will be able to easily find your content via Pinterest?

If you have confirmed this, then Pinterest has some metrics or measurements that can help your business. For example, you can look at some of these metrics and make sure that your Pinterest profile is working properly.

4. Keyword Research

Doing keyword research on Pinterest SEO is certainly not the same as Google SEO. However, as befits a search engine, Pinterest also uses keywords that you can leverage to increase the intensity with which your content can be found on Pinterest. 

You can take advantage of the search field by looking at the keyword suggestions that appear when you search for something in the Pinterest search field. You can also use several niche topics that are relevant to your business that have been provided by Pinterest. 

5. Optimizing the Board

After creating a Pinterest business account and finding the right keywords for you, the next tip is optimizing your Pinterest board. We recommend using keywords that you have defined on the Pinterest board beforehand. 

The Pinterest board is a great place to be able to tell the Pinterest search engine about your Pinterest content. Apart from keywords in content, of course you also have to make the most of the Pinterest board.

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6. Pay attention to the quality of the content

Content is very important on Pinterest. Because of this, the next important Pinterest SEO tip is to pay attention to the quality of the content on your Pinterest account. 

In addition to good image resolution, you also have to pay attention to the use of colors in your content. You can use high-contrast colors to get more attention from Pinterest users and stand out more when compared to your competitors’ content.

Then, you can also create a larger image layout for the keywords you are targeting. For example, you can look at some examples like when you search for the word “SEO” on Pinterest. So in general, Pinterest will display an image with the words “SEO” which is quite large. 

Don’t forget to make an interesting title and of course contain the keywords you are targeting. Apart from an interesting title, make sure you also make a title that is uncommon and different from your competitors.

7. Interesting description

Just like Google SEO, Pinterest SEO also requires a description of content. When you create the right description, your Pinterest content will be easier to find.

Apart from being interesting, make sure your description also contains the keywords you have specified. The description aims to tell Pinterest users or people who view your content what the content is about. 

Make a description that can explain that your content is interesting and can provide benefits for them. For example, what will they be able to learn or what interesting facts will they find out from your content?

The last thing you need to know about descriptions on Pinterest is the ideal size for them, which is around 100 characters. You can also add hashtags to increase the number of Pinterest users who see your content.

8. Use Other Media

In addition to some of the things you can do right inside your Pinterest business account. You can also take advantage of other media to increase the number of people who see your content on Pinterest.

This method aims to get more people to know and visit your content on Pinterest. You can also take advantage of the services of Pinterest influencers that are relevant or in accordance with your content to increase the number of visits to your content.

9. Join the Group Board

The group board is a board that belongs to other users that allows you to join it. The concept of this group board is more or less like sharing images or content between one user and another.

Usually, each group board will have different rules from one another. However, the goal remains the same, namely to share content that is appropriate to each of the group board topics. 

If you join a group board, the chances of your content being seen by many people will certainly be even greater. The reason is, in a group board usually there are several people who are members of it. 

10. Optimize Visual Search

Visual search is a technology that allows someone to find out about something by simply pointing their smartphone camera at an item or other thing. 

You need to know, that Pinterest has Pinterest lens technology which is the market leader in visual search. You can take advantage of this technology by using the right keywords for each content and also the boards that you have on your Pinterest business account.

Interested in Running Pinterest SEO?

Those are some Pinterest SEO tips that you need to know and use to increase your traffic profile.

You also need to know, carrying out the steps above is not short-lived, you need to be patient and diligent to achieve maximum results.

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