Most Popular Linux Distros

11 Most Popular Linux Distros For 2023

Most Popular Linux Distros For 2023 – Maybe in the past people were lazy to use Linux because the appearance of Linux was often considered old school and looked boring, especially for novice computer users.

However, technology continues to develop, the Linux operating system is also increasingly being developed along with the rapid development of digital computing.

Linux can indeed be used as an alternative to Windows and Mac OS. We can install it side by side with another OS (dual boot). So for those of you who want to use free and legal software, but also don’t want to use pirated versions, then Linux can be the right choice.

11 Most Popular Linux Distros

So, these are the Linux distros that are currently hits and are the most widely used in 2023.


It looks beautiful and easy to use. To install various applications is also very easy. Everything is available in Deepin AppStore.

The appearance of the theme can also be customized. We can change several colors at will.

The performance is quite stable. Deepin developed their own desktop environment which they call DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment).

Deepin was developed by a developer from China using the Debian Linux base.

Download Deepin

Zorin OS

It looks clean and elegant. Zorin OS is quite innovative in presenting several features on their system.

Zorin OS Education is available, which is an operating system specially made for students. It includes a variety of educational applications to make it easier for students to learn.

There’s also Zorin OS Lite. A light version made specifically to run on old school computers or laptops with low hardware specifications. In fact, it can run only with 512 MB of RAM.

Another built-in feature that is quite unique is Zorin Connect, which can connect a computer with an Android smartphone as a remote for presentations.

There is also a GameMode feature which functions to optimize game performance. This feature is automatically run when users play games from the Steam platform.

Zorin OS was developed from the Ubuntu Linux base by an Irish developer.

Download Zorin OS


Fedora is built and developed by the community who are members of The Fedora Project. This project is sponsored by Red Hat, a leading technology company in the field of open source software.

Officially, Fedora provides two choices of operating system categories, namely Fedora Workstation and Fedora Server.

Fedora Workstation can be used by all groups, be it on a laptop or on a Desktop PC to support productivity.

Meanwhile, Fedora Server can be used for those who want to build a Linux server-based cloud network.

Fedora uses the GNOME desktop environment.

Fedora was developed independently by developers from the United States.

Download Fedora


Solus is designed for home computing use. The developer claims that the desktop appearance of Solus looks “luxurious” because it uses Budgie, which is a desktop environment that they developed themselves and is easy to customize.

Solus was developed independently by a developer from Ireland.

Download Alone

Elementary OS

From the beginning of its presence, Elementary OS has been dubbed the most beautiful Linux distro in appearance.

The UI design concept looks elegant, much like a mix between Mac OS and Windows.


Elementary OS was developed from the Ubuntu Linux base by a developer from the United States.

Download Elementary OS


Pop!_OS is an operating system designed to make it easier for users, especially for those who often open many application windows simultaneously on a large monitor screen.

Its features are designed to make it easier for users to manage workspaces with quick navigation using various shortcuts on the keyboard.

Pop!_OS was developed from the Ubuntu Linux base by the US-based retailer System76.

Download Pop!_OS


Debian is one of the best and oldest Linux distros in the world of Linux.

Many variants of Linux distros in circulation today use a modified source code base from Debian.

Debian is the most complete Linux distro with more than 50,000 packages (precompiled software).

Debian is becoming a popular choice for users who want to build a secure and stable Linux server without having to update frequently.

Debian was developed independently using the Linux kernel. Originally from the United States, now Debian is developed by developers from various countries (global).

Download Debian


Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros in the world of Linux. Starting from novice Linux users to advanced levels, you must be familiar with this one operating system.

Because of its popularity, Ubuntu is also widely used by various variants of Linux distros that exist today.

Ubuntu is not only available on computers, but also on smartphones with the name Ubuntu Touch.

Apart from general users, Ubuntu is also popularly used to build cloud-based network servers.

Ubuntu was developed based on Debian Linux by a British developer, Canonical Ltd.

Download Ubuntu

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Linux Mint

Linux Mint is quite popular and has many active users. It looks modern, elegant and easy to use.

The system performance is quite stable and light to run on laptops with low specifications.

Linux Mint provides support for a variety of multimedia codecs that are already included in it.

Linux Mint was developed based on Ubuntu and Debian by an Irish developer.

Developers from Linux Mint are quite innovative in developing various special software that are used as built-in features of Linux Mint.

Download Linux Mint


Manjaro is a Linux distro that has fast, lightweight, stable performance and is easy to use.

The tool functions are made more automated to speed up operations and reduce manual intervention.

Manjaro was developed on the basis of Arch Linux by developers from three countries: Austria, Germany and France.

Download Manjaro

MX Linux

MX Linux has become popular in the past year. Performance is quite optimal and stable.

Developed to run fast and light with minimal resource usage.

MX Linux is a combination of two pre-existing Linux distributions, namely antiX and MEPIS Linux.

MX Linux was developed on the basis of Linux Debian and antiX by developers from Greece and the United States.

Download MX Linux


The Linux operating system can be an alternative to Windows and Mac OS. We can use Linux for free and legally.

In fact, old school laptops can be fresh again when we install Linux. Because Linux systems tend to run smoothly with low hardware specifications.

Because the license is open source, developers can develop various Linux variants

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