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What is the Relationship between SEO and Developers?

Relationship between SEO and Developers – You often hear the term “SEO?” But what exactly is SEO anyway? What is the importance of SEO?

Simply put, SEO is a process to maximize the potential of a website. The goal is that the website can be indexed in Google search. Or more so, so that it can appear on the main and top pages of a Google search.

Do you want your website to be at the top of the first search page?

Well, from now on  think about SEO ! Think about how to make your website “Top of the Top.” Alias  ​​Excellent Content and Excellent Technology , easy to read by Google search robots and users, of course. 

Relationship between SEO and Developers

As developers, we definitely stick to the guidelines when creating features / applications. For example, the principles of SOLID, test driven development (TDD), and security.

In the same spirit, SEO should be a mandatory guideline for developers when building any feature / application. Not  considered as a separate feature or request from what we do every day.

Why is that? As a developer, we are responsible for producing the best features and work. Especially now, the definition of a good website is a website that has been made according to Google Search standards, namely the number one platform for finding sites. Imagine if the website is good but the SEO is abysmal?  It’s possible that your website won’t rank well on Google Search. As a result, there are no website visitors that you have worked hard for. Then what is the use of the website?

A common problem is that the developer only thinks about SEO at the end after everything else has been worked out. This is real danger. You get tired of re-checking and editing one by one. Why didn’t you do it from the start?

Here are some facts about search engine data: 

  • About 93% of all web traffic is via search engines.
  • The average person searches 3-4 times a day.
  • 71% of consumers use search engines to find new products and services.
  • 74% of consumers use a search engine for consideration before making a purchase.

After reading the data above, do you understand better why developers must always implement SEO in their products?

You may stick to the principles of security, SOLID, and so on in making a product. But without implementing SEO, your website will not optimally bring in website visitors. The importance of SEO should be a consideration and the main task list of a developer.

Developer Plays Main Role in SEO Implementation

When Google Search crawls, it will prioritize pages that are well optimized. This is where the value alias importance of us as a developer. The developer is the main designer of a system. We are the ones who are able to design an optimal system so that it is indexed well by Google Search.

The key is all in the code. And the man behind the codes is the developer. So you could say, the developer plays a major role in implementing SEO. Not a marketing or sales.

Quoting the words of the chairman of the Indonesian SEO Practitioners Association (APSI): 

“90% of SEO is technical”(Arief D. Laksono)

SEO practitioners around the world believe that the number one most important thing is code that has been implemented – it is the backbone of SEO.

After your  code is correct, then do the next thing. For example, creating interesting content, installing backlinks, and so on. In essence, the right code comes first! 

Remember that we may have sophisticated technology, but it is not recognized or difficult to read by Google search. The technology that you work hard for doesn’t generate  traffic  or visitors.

It will even be painful if many visitors actually visit a wordpress blog that makes it easy but the SEO is super optimal. The google search robot can read/recognize the content properly.

As a developer, of course you want our struggle to make a website get commensurate traffic , right?

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