How to Remove Malware on Android

How to Remove Malware on Android

How to Remove Malware on Android- Many smartphone users find out how to safely remove malware on Android from their cellphones, maybe you are one of them. The existence of malware on cellphones is indeed quite disturbing to its users.

Malware is one of the enemies that needs to be removed from Android devices. Therefore, there are many ways to remove malware on Android that can be done safely and easily.

How to Remove Malware on Android

The Most Effective Way to Remove Malware on Android

Malware or Malicious Software is often found on smartphone devices, especially Android. Because of its very dangerous existence if this virus enters your cellphone, then you must know how to remove malware on Android. Maybe you are not careful when installing applications from third parties. So that the result is that the Android system is attacked by a virus that is difficult to remove, even though you have used an anti-virus.

As a result of the presence of viruses on Android phones, cellphones become slower, lag, waste battery quickly, and the worst is personal data leakage. The mildest malware is the appearance of annoying pop-up ads. Before knowing how to get rid of malware , it’s a good idea to first identify the characteristics of a cellphone that is affected by Malware. How do you detect a cellphone that is infected with malware?

Smartphone Characteristics Affected by Malware

There are several characteristics that you need to know, to detect whether an Android phone has been infiltrated by malware or not, such as

  • Hp Slow Mobile
    performance that becomes slow can be a sign that the cellphone has been hit by malware.
  • Wasteful Battery
    If the phone feels wasteful, even though you don’t use it too often, then this is a sign that the phone has been hit by malware.
  • Mobile Phone Heats Up Quickly
    Another feature of a cellphone exposed to malware is that the cellphone heats up quickly, even though it is not used too often. This is because there are applications that run in the background without the user knowing.
  • Annoying Pop-up Ads
    The next sign of a cellphone being exposed to malware is the frequent appearance of pop-up ads on Android.
  • Longer boot time
    Hp that has been exposed to malware will usually cause the boot time to take longer than usual.
  • Internet Quota Expires Quickly
    If you feel that your internet quota usage is normal, but it runs out quickly. It is possible that the cellphone has been entered by malicious malware.
  • Receiving Weird SMS
    Mobile phones infected with malware will also often receive strange SMS from unknown sources.

How To Remove Malware Virus Without Application

There are several steps to remove malware viruses on Android that you can do easily.

Turn Off Android Phone

The first way to get rid of Android malware is to disable the cellphone immediately, if you believe the cellphone has been infected with malware. This method cannot eliminate it but can stop its spread. So as not to cause severe damage to the smartphone.

Turn on Safe Mode

Booting into safe mode is considered to be more effective than having to buy an expensive anti-virus. Safe mode will turn off third party applications, including malware. Every Android phone has a different activation method. You only need to press the power button longer until Power Off appears, after which the ‘Boot’ or ‘Safe Mode’ options will appear.

For some Android phone users, you can go through the Settings menu , then Apps Settings , then select Security , then Device Administrators . Then disable the virus-infected application.

Uninstall the Affected Application

If it’s too bad, the way to get rid of malware on an Android phone is to uninstall the application that was attacked by malware. The steps are Open the settings menu, then select Applications. Find the malware-infected app and uninstall it.


The next step to remove malware viruses on Android after uninstalling the affected application, you can reboot into normal mode. All you have to do is turn off the cellphone and then turn it on again. After life move back to normal mode from safe mode.

Delete Suspicious Files

Clean Android phone from suspicious files. The method is quite easy, namely, enter the File Manager menu, then look for files that are not clear. Usually, files that cannot be opened are more vulnerable to infect Android phones.

How to Remove Malware on Android with Apps

Apart from how to get rid of malware without the application above, you can also use an application to remove malware on Android. This application is proven safe for Android users in removing malware viruses. In the following, there are several applications for removing malware that are safe to use as cellphone protection against malware.

F-Secure Safe

F-Secure Safe is an application to protect your Android device. This application is the best antivirus that you can try on your smartphone.


Malwarebytes is an antivirus application that provides protection for free or for a fee. The free version of this application will provide virus removal, privacy auditing, and scanning features.

But if you use the paid version, then you will get security features from online threats. Besides that, it can also detect problematic URLs when using a browser.

MalwareFox Anti-Malware

This application can detect the presence of malware on the cellphone and can also remove malware viruses. Apart from malware, it can also detect other malicious applications and files.

MalwareFox can scan for viruses, adware, spyware, and trojans. By providing protection in real time from viruses or malware that attacks your cellphone.

Preventing Cellphones from Malware Attacks

To prevent cellphones from getting malware attacks, one way is not to download or install applications from outside official sites, such as the Google Play Store. Applications originating from illegal sites are usually infiltrated by malware. Apart from that, you also have to make sure to disable installation settings from unknown sources.

Another thing to note is to always update the application. That way it will minimize the possibility of the application being penetrated by malware. Those are a few tips on how to safely remove malware on Android by yourself. You should always be aware of possible malware attacks on your Android phone.

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