How to Reset Outlook View to Default

How to Reset Outlook View to Default

How to Reset Outlook View to Default – Starting from scratch in your Outlook account can be considered a good option to start a better organization of your email and clean any type of threat. However, you must be clear that performing a factory reset in your Outlook email settings will make you lose all the information stored there to start using the account as new.

How to Reset Outlook View to Default

Sometimes it can happen that your Outlook email begins to fail and you don’t know the reason, so you must rule out that it is a general failure of the Outlook email platform. If this is not the case, you may be in the presence of a failure of your account that will make you decide to restart it or reset the account settings in its entirety, losing all the information you have stored in Outlook to start from scratch.

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What is the procedure to restore Outlook email settings?

Using Outlook is quite useful nowadays, since it offers you the possibility to organize your Outlook account in personalized folders and maintain the order of your mail, in addition to that, you can restore your email settings , either in a single tab or the entire account. When you decide to carry out any of these procedures, you must take into account that you will lose all the information that is stored there and your account will remain as new.

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If you want to restore the Outlook Settings of a single tab

Keeping your Outlook account organized is key to saving your time and making it work properly, for this reason you can restore a single Outlook tab in order to start using it as new in a much more comfortable way, for this you can Do the next:

  1. Log in to your Outlook email account and in your account options panel locate the tab called Customize the ribbon.
  2. At that point you should select the tab you plan to restore.
  3. Click on the Reset button and a series of options will appear for you to choose between Reset only the selected ribbon tab in order to eliminate all the characteristics that you had customized and return it to its original mode.
  4. Confirm the action for the restore to run by pressing the OK box in the Outlook dialog box.

To reset the data of the entire account

Communicating through email makes you active on the Internet, this keeps you exposed to different dangers, including the well-known Phishing where a malignant worm can be planted in your system that will make it necessary to clean your computer and even reset your account data. Outlook.

In addition to this, you are also exposed to the known Spam Outlook emails that may be loaded with advertising in order to redirect you to pages that could be infected with some Malware that ruins your Outlook account to the point that you have to restore your settings in your completely to clean any malicious traces, for this do the following:

  1. Enter the configuration panel of your Windows and locate the option called Microsoft Outlook Mail.
  2. A window will immediately appear in which you must press the Show Profiles section in order to observe the different Outlook email profiles that you have installed there.
  3. At that moment you must choose the profile of the account that you are going to restore and press the Remove option .
  4. Then you must apply the changes and restart your Windows to proceed to log in to your Outlook email.
  5. Now you will have to establish the new profile that you are going to use by entering the name of the referred profile selecting the PK option in order to register the account again if it is not detected automatically.
  6. To finish you must press the Connect button and you will have restored Outlook to its factory settings.

How can you reset your Outlook email settings from the mobile app?

Microsoft Outlook phone email settings

If you like to use your email from your mobile device to be able to communicate from wherever you are, you should make sure you have the most recent version of the Outlook application . This App offers you the option to reset your email settings from your mobile device as follows:

  1. Enter the settings menu of your mobile device and locate the application area.
  2. Within the phone storage, look for the Other applications option and in the device storage Settings area, locate the Outlook application.
  3. Enter the profile of the App and proceed to delete the data and clean the cache of the application.
  4. Once you have carried out this action, open your Outlook email completely restored from the application on your mobile device.

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