Top Social Media Marketing Trends

7 Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

Top Social Media Marketing Trends – This type of marketing strategy through social media or social media marketing ( SMM ) has indeed become one of the main choices for marketing products. This is why, business people must follow the development of social media marketing trends in 2023 so that marketing activities ( marketing campaigns ) run optimally. The goal is that the marketing campaigns carried out remain relevant to the target market or types of target consumers.

Quoting from, it seems that marketing trends through social media in 2023 will not experience many significant changes from the previous year. Nevertheless, there are several aspects that you need to maximize so that your marketing strategy through social media marketing channels becomes more effective.

Top Social Media Marketing Trends

What are the marketing trends through social media in 2023? Check out the full review in the following article!

1. Nano Influencer Marketing is Increasingly Lively and Interested

In the realm of influencer marketing , now the terms nano, micro and macro influencers are familiar to our ears. As the name implies, this term shows the classification or category of influencers ( KOL ) based on the size of the audience they have.

Nano influencers themselves are the smallest category or beginners, with less than 10,000 followers. Even so, nano influencers will become one of the social media marketing trends in 2023.

Not without reason, this is because famous influencers sometimes do not guarantee the success of a marketing campaign strategy . In fact, the level of engagement on their social media is usually lower than beginner influencers. This is because nano influencers tend to have communities that are more connected to one another. So it’s natural that their engagement rate is higher.

This is why, reviews and testimonials from nano influencers tend to feel more authentic and natural to their followers. So it’s no wonder that there are many brands that are more interested in establishing partnerships or business partnerships with nano influencers.

2. Augmented Reality Becomes More Mainstream

The second trend is the integration of AR or Augmented Reality technology on social media. As we know, currently the integration of social media with AR is already rife. However, its use will become increasingly mainstream in 2023.

Because not only to add to the excitement, the use of AR can also be an effective medium for carrying out marketing campaigns or marketing campaigns effectively. So do not be surprised if there are more and more companies that are not reluctant to make large-scale investments to improve the user interface (UI) in order to improve the customer experience .

They will combine machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence ( Artificial Intelligence ), big data , robotics, to the internet of things (IoT). For example , the immersive buy journey , which will provide a new experience for consumers when shopping. Later, customers can try the products they will buy more easily virtually.

An example is the use of AR filters like Facebook’s Spark AR Studio . This feature allows anyone to create AR filters and effects for Instagram Reels . It enhances visual content and engages users, thereby maximizing the user experience .

3. Personalized Marketing Becomes the Main Focus

The third trend is personalized marketing. As we know, personalized marketing is a marketing strategy that marketers implement by adjusting brand messages or marketing communications with prospective customers based on data.

According to emarketer data , personalized marketing is a new era that is the opposite of viral content . In fact, 56% of people have experienced increased engagement due to personalized marketing.

With this personalized marketing strategy, the focus is on the attachment between the promotion strategy and the brand message. So that customer engagement will be created . This is because sales leads or prospects will feel that the advertisements ( advertising campaigns ) and promotions they receive are appropriate and tailor-made for them.

Therefore, the utilization of customer data is the main element that marketers must maximize. With data about customers, marketers will find it easier to compile marketing campaigns that are in line with the target market. This marketing strategy is proven to increase return on investment (ROI) by up to 20%.

4. The Role of Chatbots is Increasingly Maximized

Chatbots are automated chat features that can answer chats from customers using the help of robots or virtual figures. The use of this one marketing tool has increased to 80% along with the many benefits it offers.

By adding chatbots to your social media marketing channels, you can make communication easier and save a lot of time. You can solve customer problems, provide information about product knowledge and customer acknowledgments , increase sales and brand awareness , or just get to know your target market better.

Chatbots can help brands reach a much more global audience on a non-stop basis. Because today, consumers want fast and instant responses. Thus, the use of bots such as chatbots inevitably becomes an integral part for companies to increase customer convenience and satisfaction .

5. The Role of Customer Service Becomes More Crucial

Of course we agree that the key to the success of a business is not only the quality of the product or service, but also good service. This is why, customer service plays an important role as the spearhead for establishing consumer interaction and engagement with the brand ( brand engagement ).

In 2023, the roles of customer service and customer relations officers will become even more crucial. Because as we know, in this era of digital transformation , the majority of consumers want fast and instant services ( FCR ). In fact, customer service success is an important aspect of achieving customer delight .

6. Social Commerce (Social Media Integration with Online Shopping)

Social commerce is one of the social media marketing trends in 2023. This is an integration between social media and online shopping or online shopping. So, users can immediately see the product and make purchase transactions more easily.

Actually, social commerce itself has started to bloom in the last few years. You may be aware that currently social media platforms such as Instagram , TikTok , and Facebook are starting to feature online shopping features.

Socialmediamarketing notes that Facebook Marketplace is used by more than 800 million users in 70 different countries every month. That is, social media does not only function for marketing campaigns, branding , or interacting with users, but also as a place to buy and sell.

7. Social Awareness Becomes the Focus of Attention

The next social media marketing trend for 2023 is social awareness. As the name implies, social awareness means brands need to be careful in preparing their marketing plans and social media plans . Brands may not offend a sensitive group or issue in society, bearing in mind that now the “cancel” culture is increasingly prevalent in society.

Not only that, social awareness is also important along with increasing public awareness of social issues. Even quoting from Neal Schaffer , nowadays people’s social sensitivity is increasing. This is proven by the increasing number of socialpreneurship and social-based businesses .

This is a review of 7 social media marketing trends in 2023. By knowing these trends, marketers and companies can prepare themselves to face various changes in the marketing world by designing the best business plans and marketing strategies.

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