The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up an Instagram Shop in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up an Instagram Shop in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up an Instagram Shop in 2023-  Now let’s look at some chips, life hacks that you can use to make it more selling in order to increase the chances of selling a particular product or service.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up an Instagram Shop

Niche selection

The first thing you will need to do is decide on a niche. Niche choice is very important. Because if a product or service does not bring money or brings very little, in order to earn very good money, you will have to make quite large turnovers. There are a huge number of people of different ages on Instagram, and due to advertising, due to the functionality of great opportunities, you can create advertising for both a young audience and an older one, choosing men, women, different interests of people.

But even in this case, selling everything you want will not work. Not all niches on Instagram will work. There is a list of niches you can run on Instagram that will work. Services may include:

  • SMM
  • Consultations (for example, in psychology)
  • Photo or video shooting
  • English courses
  • Interior Design
  • Realtor
  • Beauty services (everything related to beauty)
  • Renovation of apartments

In goods it can be:

  • Tracksuits
  • Women’s or men’s clothing
  • Women’s shoes, bags
  • Children’s clothing, shoes
  • Bed sheets
  • Underwear
  • Cosmetics
  • Women’s beauty products
  • Home decor
  • Glasses

And this is not all the niches that I have listed for you. But here is a list of what you can choose from to start making your first money, because these niches are doing very, very well on Instagram.

You should not sell services or products whose sales chain does not go through Instagram. Well, for example, if my washing machine breaks down, I will not go to Instagram to look for “washing machine repair”, “refrigerator repair”, “computer repair”. In this case, people will go through Google search, drive in a request there and start looking for a washing machine repairman there.

The same goes for narrow goods. Narrow products, narrow niches are also not suitable for Instagram. If you are dealing with crushed stone, sand, the transaction cycle goes through other places. Or if you sell some special knife making hands and you think it will go on Instagram, you are deeply mistaken. Because on Instagram, in order to sell, the general public, the general audience, is the easiest to go.

For example, if you sell dresses for women, it will be much easier to do than if you sell some specialized knife handles that only craftsmen can sharpen.

If you are selling goods, then the photos should be beautiful, attractive, juicy, something that will sell. If you do the opposite, the photos will not sell, they are made by the “collective farm option”, when you simply put your product somewhere, place it against the background of grass, this will only reduce the price of your product. And, of course, you will have some sales anyway, but it will be much more difficult to earn money.

And the person who takes juicy, cool photos, makes a good profile, good descriptions (that’s what we’re talking about now), he will earn much more by putting in the same effort than the second person who takes “collective farm photos”, tries, puffs, throws a lot of money on advertising and earns much less.

It is fashionable to use some expensive niches, for example, selling expensive real estate, expensive houses in your city. And in this case, due to the large average bill, large margin, net profit from each sale, this will fully pay for advertising costs.

But best of all are those products that a person just saw, for example, scrolling through the feed on Instagram. He saw, wanted and immediately bought. Or not immediately, but it does not take much time to think about the purchase. The easier the purchase is, the more applications you will have, the more sales you will have. And, accordingly, the turnover will be faster.

Trying to make a store out of anything, like selling light bulbs, phone cases, repairing phones, selling computers and some shoes in the same place, it will be a flea market that will not attract people. But if you are launching a store within one specialized niche, for example, you are launching for a start within dresses, plus handbags and women’s shoes, then it will be much more efficient to work and much more effective to sell.

Store registration

In order to create an Instagram store, you just need to take your mobile phone, download the application to your phone, and register. It is done very simply. You receive an SMS, you confirm everything, click “create an account”, fill in the avatar, profile, description of the page and fill it with content. And now we will talk about this in more detail.

Regarding content, photos, videos, how many posts to add, preferably, the more the better. This is necessary to remove the effect of the novelty of the account so that it does not seem fresh, new, which cannot be trusted. A person entering an account should understand that this account seems to have existed for a long time. If the account has been around for a long time, it has reviews, a lot of highlights, a lot of content.

In terms of the amount of content, the minimum that I recommend is from 50 photos for the service sector, from 50 posts and from 100-200 posts in the product sector. After you fill it out, transfer your account to a business profile in order to receive statistics on clicks, reach, and views on your page. And most importantly, this is necessary so that you can run ads directly from your phone. You will be able to add e-mail, phone. In the description of your profile, you can also add an address if you have your own salon, office, store where a person can go, and the address will be written there.

Account Nickname

A nickname is a unique name that is not repeated anywhere else on Instagram. The shorter and easier it is to write, the better. In this case, it will be easier for people to find it, easier to remember and easier to write if they want to find your profile. It would be ideal if the nickname sounds nice and simple, and a person can easily find it.

The name depends on the goals you want to achieve with the nickname. The first option is to make the nickname beautiful, cool, memorable. The second option is to make the nickname so that it can be found in a search, for example, dresses or sweaters. It’s best not to use numbers unless it applies to your brand. And also you can not use the names of famous brands, for example, Nike, Adidas.

Account Title

It is used to describe what your page is about. For example, you have a manicure service or you sell clothes (shoes, sweaters, jackets…). You can completely write this in your heading, using some kind of separators for this, to make it easier to read.

The title can also be used to make it easier to find your page in searches. For example, someone will write “women’s shoes” in an Instagram search, and your page will also make its way through the title. There is no point in duplicating the brand name here, because it does not bring any benefit. People most likely don’t know your brand because it’s new (unless it’s an established global brand).

And know that this is not for life, put a nickname, title, title, avatar. It’s not for life. You can always change it, change it if you don’t like something.

Profile avatar

Best of all, the emotion of a person gets there, plus the result or product that is on your page that you provide. But this is not always available, so the services, as a rule, use the avatar of the account owner, the owner of the business. And in the goods you can put either a logo or a product that you sell. And it is desirable that a person be present at the same time. And if he has some kind of emotion expressed, it will simply add points.

And the thing is that our brain is “sharpened” to search for faces. And when a person sees a photo with a face and an ordinary picture with an image (some kind of logo), he always pays attention to the face first of all.

Well, you should not use avatars with small details, with small inscriptions, if a person needs to see something there, if it is written in small print or very poorly visible, because the avatar decreases in size. Look on your phone to see what it looks like. Use large avatars, remove all unnecessary. Leave only the essentials.

No need to make some colorful colors so that the look just blurs. But of course, it should be bright, stand out among other avatars.

Profile Description

The description affects whether people will read your profile, your account at all, whether they will go to stories, whether they will watch your posts or they will leave your page. It is enough to briefly describe, literally in a few words, the essence of your activity (although this may be clear from the title). Write what you do, what kind of business you have, what you provide, why a person should go further, look at your page.

And do it the way your competitors don’t. As a rule, competitors write “we have free delivery”, “we have our own production”, “quality guarantee”, “high quality”, “super reliability”, “100% satisfaction after purchase” … And this is no good. Because if you do the same yourself, you will not be any different from your competitors.

The description should be about 150 characters long. It is desirable to do this with separation, with the addition of all sorts of emojis, emoticons, with transitions. But you don’t have to do it over-the-top. One line one smile – that’s enough. You don’t need to shove these emojis everywhere, add them, because it already looks terrible, unfashionable, and even repels many.

It is best if the description contains such value for a person that he will distinguish you from your competitors. For example, you have competitors selling clothes. And they do free shipping, cash on delivery. And your product is made from some specific fabric that no one else has. And you state it in the description. A person looks at the description, understands what kind of fabric it is and thinks “oh, for the same money, everything is the same, but the value is higher, so I will buy here.”

With the help of emoji, with the help of all sorts of icons, lights, rockets, etc., you can put accents in the description. For example, if you want to highlight something, you can additionally indicate to the person. Separate the lines, transfer each meaning to the line below and do it literally in 2-3 words. The shorter the better.

You can also add a link to your page in the description. For example, if you are the owner of a business and you have a separate page, your personal, additional, you can put a unique, only hashtag in the description of your store so that if people click on your hashtag, they will see only your posts, only information about your store.

And you don’t need to insert general hashtags there, for example, clothes or something else. Because if they click on this hashtag, then the person will be kicked out of all the posts related to clothing that are all over Instagram.

When editing, put the address of the store, salon (if you have them) in the name, put the e-mail and phone number. You can also add a link to your site below if you have one. If there is no site, you can add a short list of links, for example, the Taplink service, with which you add one link to Instagram. At the same time, a person clicks on this link, and another page opens for him. On this page there are different ways to contact you, your different social networks, different options and opportunities to write to you, call you, get to you. This is your YouTube channel, your other services.

At the end of the description, if you have any services, make a call to action. For example, write to me in direct, get some kind of bun … If you have goods, it is not necessary to put a call to action.

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Highlights are circles that are located under the description of your profile. They are necessary in order to share, to create certain categories with your products, with your stories. You can add different reviews there, you can add cases of your company, your services, your product, you can add product categories there, for example, dresses, shoes, bags. You can write down information about yourself, about what kind of business you have, about your work “behind the scenes”, so that a person sees your work, as if spied on it from behind the scenes.

You can record a highlight on how to properly measure clothes, because many people do not know how to measure clothes. And this is a huge problem. If there is a highlight on how to measure correctly, this will be a huge plus for your customers.

If it’s difficult to get to your office, store, people constantly call and ask how to get there, I arrived and can’t find your office, you can record a highlight on how to get there. Just take a camera, a phone, walk with it and show you how to get where your office, your office, warehouse, shop, etc. is located.

At the beginning we put the most important (these are reviews, these are cases in work). And further already on the fact of importance. “About me” can be put a little further. The minimum that should be on the page is from 5 highlights. Add short names there, very simple, put icons (you can, for example, download from Pinterest, download from the Internet). You don’t need to add text to icons if it’s hard to read. Add texts so that you do not have to read them carefully, look at the phone closer to see it all.

Well, try to make the content on your page, photos, videos in the same color scheme so that it looks more professional.

Conclusion. Completely fill in the profile, profile picture, description, profile header, contacts, e-mail, address of the store, office, warehouse, if any, fill in as many photos and videos as possible on your page. Do it professionally, more or less in one color scheme. Fill in highlights, record stories and launch your store.

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