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7 Best WeTransfer Alternatives to Secure File Sharing [2023]

7 Best WeTransfer Alternatives to Secure File Sharing [2023] – Since the dawn of the web, the possibility of exchanging files and information between internet users has been at the center of important debates. Mail, Floppy Discs, CDs and DVDs and finally USB pens have allowed us to share files between different PCs for years. With the advent of the internet first, and then of the cloud , everything has become simpler and, nowadays, we can send large files even to users who are on the other side of the world.

In today’s article I will try to review the best alternatives to WeTransfer . Easy to use and free software that will allow you to easily replace the well-known file sharing platform. Before replacing it, however, I suggest you take a look at the Pro version . If that’s not enough for you, don’t worry. I am ready to provide you with the name of some valid competitors.

Best WeTransfer Alternatives to Secure File Sharing

WeTransfer is in fact one of the most used methods for sharing files, but it may happen that it is not for us. That’s why I want to introduce you to free and easy-to-use alternatives.

Google Drive

One of the best services for transferring large files is owned by Google and bears the name of Google Drive .

The reasons for the success of Google Drive are many, the first of them is to be able to count on the reliability of a company like Google, followed by an intuitive and clean interface, the possibility of synchronizing everything within the Google ecosystem thanks to using a simple Google Account. Furthermore, Google Drive differs from WeTransfer in several respects. First of all it is a real cloud storage service .

Your files, therefore, once inserted on Google Drive will be available online for an unlimited time unlike what happens on WeTransfer where the files are available exclusively for the person to whom we give access and, above all, for a limited time of the measure of a few days. Google Drive, like WeTransfer, is free for small uses . While with WeTransfer we can transfer up to 2 gigabytes of files, with Drive we will have one gigabyte available in the free version.


File Droppers

Another service, in my opinion very valid and which I recommend you use to transfer files with friends, colleagues and relatives, is undoubtedly File Dropper . File Dropper is really very similar to WeTransfer. So if you are fond of WeTransfer you can very well use this valid alternative.

The operation, as I said, is almost the same. You will not need to create an account and, unlike WeTransfer, you can upload files up to a total size of 500Mb . All you need to do is access the homepage of the official FileDropper site directly and, without needing to create an account, you can drag files from your PC into the browser.

At this point, click on the Upload button and, based on the settings you have chosen, you will get a link to copy and send directly to whoever you want, or you can enter the sender’s email address who will receive an email containing a link to download your files.


Send Anywhere

Another extremely valid service bears the name of Send AnyWhere which, as the name suggests, allows you to send large files anywhere.

Like File Dropper and WeTransfer, Send Anywhere allows you to share files without needing to register . The service is totally free. Simply upload the file and share it with your colleagues and friends. The maximum size allowed by Send Anywhere is 4 Giga total. The direct exchange method is very interesting as it provides us with a 6-digit code to be communicated to whoever intends to download our files, thus guaranteeing greater security and reliability.

Even SendAnywhere, like WeTransfer, offers a Pro service, called SendAnywhere Plus which allows you to unlock additional features, take advantage of a storage space of up to 1TB of memory and drastically increase the persistence time of our files on the servers.



One of the most used methods to exchange large files is undoubtedly the renowned DropBox . DropBox, like Google Drive, is a cloud storage system, therefore it allows you to archive your files in a virtual space in the cloud that can be shared with friends and colleagues. DropBox offers a practical PC application, available on both Mac and Windows, and allows you to share up to 2 Giga Files for free.

You will be able to organize them into folders and manage their access very easily. A service with features decidedly different from those of WeTransfer, but of sure interest.



Another simple and free file sharing method is Terashare . Terashare is interesting because it allows us to share single files, but also entire directories. To work it is necessary to install a program through a small executable of about 11Mb in weight on our PC.

We then open the official Terashare website and click on the Download Terashare button . Once the software is installed, go back to the Terashare home and select the file or directory that we want to share with another person we know. Then enter the email address and any, optional, message and click on Share File .

In a few moments the file will be shared and can be easily downloaded by the person in question. Files up to 10GB are stored directly on Terashare servers. The software is totally free and is financed simply through an ADV which can be found on the Download page of the shared files.

Other methods

There are other ways to share large files with friends and family. I, for example, use a web hosting very often . In fact, if you have a web space available, you could upload a file with the .rar extension to your web space and then share the direct link. You just need to upload the files, compressed, through a simple FTP client such as FileZilla .

If your file does not exceed 25 Mega, however, you could use the email directly . Furthermore, there are some mail services, such as the Libero mail, which allow you to have services dedicated to this type of need (JumboMail in the case of Libero). Finally, you could use an instant messaging program such as Skype, Slack, Teams or Whatsapp Web .

Why look for alternatives to WeTransfer

WeTransfer, as previously mentioned, is a free, cloud-based and easy-to-use service. Just go to the official website and drag the files that we have decided to share. We will then enter the recipient’s email and all we have to do is wait for the loading process, at the end of which the user will be informed via email .

Alternatively, if we do not have an email address to which to send the files, we can ask WeTransfer for a link to copy and paste. The user who will receive the link will only have to click on it to take advantage of all the information he needs in order to download the files.

Like any free service, however, there are limitations which, especially in the professional field, can force us to opt for other similar software. In fact, I remind you that in the free version of WeTransfer the limit of files that can be sent is equal to 2 gigabytes and that our user will necessarily have to download the files sent within 7 days , otherwise the download link will be lost.

Other reasons that can lead us to choose an alternative, even momentary, could be related to a problem with the WeTransfer site . Like all online services, there may be technical problems and therefore it may happen that you are unable to use the service. Before proceeding with the alternatives, in any case, I suggest you try to solve the problems you encounter on WeTransfer also using a small handbook that I have compiled, where you will find some useful tips for solving the most common problems.

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