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Windows vs Linux: Which One is better in 2023?

Windows vs Linux: Which One is better in 2023? – Have you heard the name Windows or Linux? Even when you are going to buy a laptop or computer? Do these two names sound foreign to you? In the world of computers, the name Windows vs Linux is certainly no stranger. Both are referred to as the operating system or Operation System (OS) which is the main component in every laptop or computer device. So, every computer or laptop must have an operating system.

Why should there be an operating system? Because the main function of the operating system is as a link between hardware and software on a computer or laptop. If there is no operating system, the cooperation between devices cannot work properly. In addition, the types of operating systems that are better known are Windows and Linux. In this article, you will get to know these two operating systems more, along with their differences. Check out the full explanation below, OK!

What is Windows?

The operating system that uses the windows logo, it is Windows. Windows is an operating system produced by Microsoft Inc. In terms of users, this operating system is the most popular and most widely used.

Historically, Windows was a development of Ms-DOS which was launched with a PC made by IBM in 1985. After successfully developing, Windows 1.0 appears as the first generation. But in practice, Windows 1.0 has a lot of flaws that make it less marketable.

Although the first generation of Windows experienced many shortcomings compared to other operating systems. Microsoft is increasingly aggressively updating Windows per generation, so now Windows has reached its 11th generation.

What is Linux?

Linux or better known as GNU/Linux ubuntu is an operating system launched by software engineers. Not much different from its name, Linux was created by Linus Torvalds in the mid-1990s. With an open source system, Linux has millions of users. In addition, if you pay attention, the logo that is the hallmark of this operating system is a relaxed penguin. In terms of access, Linux provides free and complete services for its users. 

Windows vs Linux: Which One in Better in 2023?

Before comparing these two giant operating systems, of course we have to look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that exist. Of course, these two systems have their own characteristics, which you can consider before using them on your computer or laptop. 

Paid vs Free

In terms of price, if you want to install Windows you have to pay according to the generation of windows that will be used. Usually, it ranges from 1-3 million rupiah. Conversely, if you want to install Linux you can do it for free without worrying about paying. 

Private vs Open Source

In terms of access, Windows is more private so not all users can access it except those of you who have already paid for this operating system. Although private, Windows is also easier to use or user friendly .

This is supported by complete and simple features so that it is easier for users to understand. Instead , Linux provides services that can be accessed openly for anyone or open source . This makes it easy for users to install without worrying about paying.

Easily Attacked by Viruses vs. Safe From Viruses

In terms of security, Windows has a security system that does not work optimally, making this operating system susceptible to viruses. Conversely, Linux is able to maintain a security system with many antiviruses so that it makes the system safe from computer viruses.

Requires Big RAM vs Lighter

In terms of storage, Windows requires a larger RAM capacity to store all data. Of course this must be adjusted to the specifications of the computer or laptop to install. Conversely, Linux does not require a large storage capacity because it is lighter. So it doesn’t require a computer with high specifications, if you want to install it.

Billion Users vs Millions of Users

In terms of the number of users, Windows is more popular with billions of users who use it and will continue to grow. In contrast, Linux currently has millions of users worldwide. 

Scheduled system vs Anytime system

In terms of system updates, Windows has a sequentially scheduled system according to a predetermined schedule. On the other hand, Linux gives users the freedom to update the system at any time, without a specified timeframe. 

Support Various Types of Computers vs Support Drivers 

In terms of device support , Windows supports all types of computers or laptops that are adapted to this generation of Windows. Conversely, if you want to use Linux, you have to adjust to the complete driver to install it.

Unmodifable vs Easily Modifiable

In terms of operating system changes, Windows users cannot change or modify their operating system because the system is complicated. In contrast, Linux gives the freedom to modify its operating system according to the wishes of the user.

Low Software Efficiency vs. Maximum Efficiency

In terms of efficiency, Windows has a running efficiency that tends to be lower capacity. One of the reasons is not being thorough in doing antivirus scans. On the other hand, Linux’s efficiency runs optimally supported by security from viruses. 


Thus the explanation about Windows and Linux. Both of these operating systems are equally popular with their respective advantages and disadvantages. For those of you who want to buy computers and laptops, the most important thing is to recognize what operating system is right for you to use for your computer or laptop. Make sure it fits your needs!

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