How to Increase your Snap Score

How to Increase your Snap Score (2024)

How to Increase your Snap Score – Have you ever wondered how to increase your Snap score ? First of all, for those who still don’t know, Snapchat is an application that allows you to share photos and short videos with your friends but with the particularity that these photos and videos are only visible for a limited period of time, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds before disappearing. You can therefore only see them once, and the advantage is that your phone’s memory will not be invaded by all the files that are shared with you.

But Snapchat goes further, with its Snapchat Game , the social network has developed a trophy system for the Trophy box, as well as a points and score system between all users who compete with each other! And it turns out that there are a few methods to increase your Snapchat score quickly and almost unlimitedly, we’re going to tell you everything in this oneHOWTO article, let’s get started!

How to increase your Snap score

To quickly increase your Snapchat score , you must:

  1. Update your Snapchat app
  2. Send as many snaps as possible to your friends
  3. Open as many snaps as possible from your friends
  4. Do not send or send few “text” messages
  5. Send group snaps to several people at the same time
  6. Send snaps to your story: to yourself
  7. Send snaps to your best Snapchat friends
  8. Use a Youtuber’s strategy: increase your score in -1min

In the paragraphs that follow, we will detail all these steps and warn you against some traps that you may fall into if you are looking to increase your snap score quickly .

Attention Malwares !

Before explaining to you the little tips that will help you increase your snap score , we repeat: no application, page or program that claims to be able to help you do it in a few seconds automatically is honest. Most of the time, you will be asked in exchange to buy mobile games or subscribe to a game sales site, which could cost you a lot per month if you are not careful enough.

A site called: “piratersnap” claims not only to be able to increase snapscores but also to give anyone the opportunity to hack any account completely for free. This is obviously malware .

Result ? If you ever share your data or use even a few seconds of these programs, malware embeds itself almost instantly in your smartphone or PC, usurping all your personal information and publishing Spam in your name. Although, sooner or later, these applications end up disappearing from the Google and Apple stores, the infected number in the thousands. In addition, the application never really disappears since after a while it reappears under another name and again traps a large number of Internet users.

For the moment, Snapchat is not the application most affected by its fraudulent applications and pages, but it won’t be long before it does. More and more users, like you right now, want to increase their snap score or win all the trophies: an avenue is opening up in front of all these malicious developers.

Be careful, stay on your guard and never download unknown apps or automatic programs.

How to increase your snap score quickly?

1) Update your Snapchat app

Yes, first important resolution to make: update your application. The latest version must be installed on your phone otherwise you will not be able to increase your snap score or your smartphone will slow down.

2) Send as many snaps as possible to your friends

Please note that your profile will be credited with one more snap point each time you send one, provided you snap at least once a day. However, if you don’t use Snapchat for several days, be aware that your score will increase by several points from one to the next time you send. Conclusion ? The more snaps you send, the more points you earn! As if to make you want to come back more often!

3) Open as many snaps as possible from your friends

Not only do you earn Snapchat points by sending snaps but also by opening your friends’ snaps. 1 pt for each photo or video opened! So if you want to increase your snap score, there’s nothing better than to pay attention to your friends’ snaps and open them as soon as the opportunity arises! Also note that when you respond instantly to a snap , you earn between 5 to 10 times more points .

Note: To open Snaps, swipe the screen to the right and click on the purple or purple square to the left of the user’s name

4) Send as few “text” messages as possible

Indeed, sending messages containing only text does not earn any snap points. If you want to chat, it’s better to use Facebook Messenger , WhatsApp or even Instagram’s private chat .

5) Send group snaps to multiple friends at once

In this case, you will receive 1 snap point per person added ! So imagine adding your entire friends list…

How to do ?

  1. After capturing a snap and tapping “Send,” you’ll be able to tap your friends’ names to choose them. Each selected user will receive your snap and earn you one point towards your Snapchat score. Press “Send” again after selection.
  2. The more you expand the number of recipients, the more snap points you will receive.

6) Send snaps to your story: to yourself

Boring and quite repetitive? Yes, totally. But if you want to increase your snap score quickly , then you can absolutely send snaps to your story! You won’t annoy anyone with your repeated snaps and will earn as many points as you want .

7) Send snaps to your Snapchat best friends

By sending snaps to your Snapchat best friends, you’ll earn 10 points instead of just one! So, add as many best friends as possible to boost your score!

Snapchat users are well aware of this little detail that sometimes makes the difference. The Snap score , not to be confused with the Snap flames , corresponds to a number that is made public on each user’s profile. It actually evolves according to user activity . The more present and active they are within the application, the more their Snap score increases .

Although it doesn’t actually provide any benefit when using the app, it has competition among hardcore users. If you don’t know how to increase your Snap score quickly , here are some tips.

Be active on the network

The first solution is also the most obvious. This involves using Snapchat regularly . But for this to count towards your Snap score , you must send and receive messages on a daily basis. So it’s not just a matter of opening the app and looking at what’s happening there. The social network expects you to be involved day in and day out .

Favor grouped shipments

One of the best ways to optimize your Snap score is to increase your uploads . To do this, there is a very simple tip which consists, instead of only exchanging with a few friends, of sending your snaps to several people at the same time . The same message sent to 10 contacts will earn you a Snap score 10 times higher.

Promote photos and videos

Since its origin, Snapchat has been an application that allows you to send photos, then videos, whose lifespan is limited. Text chat and voice messages are just bonus features for responding to a request. But to maintain its identity, the social network rewards the exchange of photos and videos much more favorably . This is therefore the preferred format to obtain the best possible Snap score .

Feed your story

Exchanging photos and videos with your contacts via direct message is great. But Snapchat is also fond of sharing and public demonstrations. This is why regularly putting photos or videos in your story is one of the most profitable tips in terms of Snap score . However, be careful with the confidentiality of your publications, if you do not want anyone to have access to them.

Increase the number of contacts

Considering all these tips, you will have understood that the basis of everything is to have as many contacts as possible on your Snapchat profile. Not only will this allow you to send a lot of messages to your friends, but it will also guarantee greater visibility for your story. So don’t hesitate to share your account to always have more new contacts in your list.

The ultimate tip for increasing your Snap score

The last tip is for people who are desperate to get the best Snap score possible. This tip will allow you to send tons of snaps without disturbing your friends. It’s about adding influential people , like stars, as friends and sending them group snaps all day long. In almost all cases, they won’t look at it and your Snap score will still increase .

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