What is Wish App? Everything You Need to Know

What is Wish App? Everything You Need to Know

What is Wish App? Everything You Need to Know – Have you often heard about it and now you are curious to try it? Would you like to buy clothes and technological items at a bargain price? If you haven’t already done so, then I suggest you download the Wish application , an e-commerce platform that allows you to shop comfortably at home by buying lots of products at very low prices.

In this article I will explain how Wish works , an application, but also a website, very simple to use, with a clean and intuitive graphic interface, which allows you to receive everything you want at a ridiculously low price just a click away . You do not believe me? You just have to try it!

There are numerous e-commerce to shop online while remaining comfortably seated on the sofa, saving and offering a wide choice of products. Among these, I cannot fail to tell you about Wish, an app that can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices to buy online at a low price.

Well, if I’ve intrigued you and you can’t wait to test it, all you have to do is make yourself comfortable, dedicate a few minutes of your free time and continue reading the article to find out what this handy app is and how it works. Happy reading and above all happy shopping!

What is Wish App?

Would you like to buy games, electronics, clothes, make-up and bijoux comfortably online at a really low price ? The Wish app is definitely for you! Wish is a platform founded in 2010 by former Google engineer Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, currently it is certainly among the most famous and largest e-commerce in the world.

Wish is operated by ContextLogic Inc. based in the city of San Francisco and allows sellers to exhibit their products and sell them directly, acting exclusively as an intermediary in the management of payments but without storing the products or managing returns. Wish’s numbers leave you speechless, to date, in fact, it boasts over 1 million registered merchants and more than 100 countries covered by the e-commerce service. Not bad right?

To date, more and more people choose to buy clothes, accessories, technological objects and furnishings, shoes, make-up products and much more online. The reasons are among the most diverse, surely you prefer the quiet of your living room to the chaos of the shops, the tranquility of online shopping, especially with sales, is priceless!

Buying online has become a real custom, a sort of ritual that we can perform with friends and relatives on Sunday afternoons or during a relaxing day. Wish, in recent years, has become the faithful online friend of many people, a platform that offers a lot at a low price. The items on Wish are shipped directly from the producer to the consumer , which is why their price is really negligible. In short, a real playland for online shopping enthusiasts.

Is Wish safe?

Let’s dispel this taboo right away: yes, Wish is safe and you can easily purchase through the app using the most common electronic payment circuits, without being afraid of running into scams. However, remember that most of the products come from China and, therefore, you may have surprises with customs duties. It happens especially on valuable products or electronic objects.

Affordable prices, a great range of offers, this online shopping site is loved by all. The only big flaw: the waiting times are sometimes really too long. In fact, most of the products sold on Wish come from China and for this reason you cannot expect to receive your order in 4-5 working days as is often the case with other e-commerce sites.

The Wish app was born with the intention of allowing sellers from all over the world to exhibit their products in a real virtual showcase and to sell them to an ever-growing pool of users . In this colorful platform you can really find everything, particular products that you can easily see in shops, useful objects and nice things to organize themed parties or surprises.

Pros and cons of Wish

The Wish application is a small wonderland for online shopping lovers but as my grandmother would say: “all that glitters is not gold”. Idioms aside, Wish boasts several pros and some cons that I advise you not to underestimate.

At first glance, considering the low prices, one remains a bit perplexed but based on my personal experiences I can say that I have never encountered major problems with this platform. Wish is nothing more than a large online collector of objects of various kinds, it allows fast and secure payments (including Paypal), it offers articles at very low prices (even the delivery costs are really negligible) and it also allows you to create real wish lists in which to save your favorite products or all the items you intend to buy.

However, there are also some flaws that, for honesty and fairness, you should know about before deciding to use this well-known platform dedicated to online shopping. Like other major e-commerce sites with independent sellers, Wish has often been criticized for selling poor quality items . Over the years it has received several negative criticisms mainly regarding shipping times and the delivery of items other than those ordered and seen in the photos. In summary, here are the pros and cons of Wish.

The pros of buying on Wish:

  • Low prices (not only the price of the product itself, also the shipping cost is generally very low)
  • Vast amount of choice (on Wish you can find everything, you really are spoiled for choice)
  • Possibility to choose the same product at the most convenient price among different sellers
  • Creation of wish lists in which to collect and save the products we want to buy
  • Ability to track your order
  • Convenience of shopping from home
  • Fast and secure payments

Cons of buying on Wish:

  • Shipping times too long
  • Clothes sizing issues (Wish has often received criticism for sizing issues)
  • Receive separately purchased products in the same order (Wish boasts a large number of sellers from all over the world)

How to buy on Wish

Purchasing products on Wish is really very simple, whether you act from the official website of the service or from the app that can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Whether you want to start shopping from your mobile device or from your computer, the first thing to do is to create an account indicating your name, surname, email and password (the latter two will serve as your credentials to access the platform).

After registering and logging in, you can go shopping. Wish is really simple to use, just search for the product you’re looking for and add it to your cart by clicking on Buy .

First, however, I suggest you take a look at the feedback that users have given to the seller, i.e. product reviews and shipping times. This way you can get an idea of ​​your purchase. If you are convinced, proceed by choosing one of the payment methods provided (Paypal, debit or credit cards).

Warning : Wish provides a refund if the ordered product does not arrive by the maximum delivery date. In this case you will be refunded the full amount.

How Wish Local works

An interesting and recent feature of Wish is local delivery , have you ever heard of it? By participating as a Wish Local seller, you will be able to upload your store’s inventory with Sell on Wish . Easily put your items on sale, they will be visible to a large number of customers and you will earn 3 euros for each delivery made.

For a limited time you will keep 100% of Sell on Wish sales and you will also be paid a delivery bonus. Not bad right?

Here’s how it works: If you choose to participate in Wish Local Delivery, you will receive a shipping label template. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Print the label
  • Attach it to the package before delivery
  • After labeling the package, contact the recipient and let them know when to expect delivery (it is not mandatory to contact the recipient but it is certainly a kind gesture not to be underestimated).

When you sign up for Wish local , remember to choose the delivery radius you want to cover, take a photo of the package with the label visible at the delivery location and upload it to the Wish Local app as proof of delivery. At this point you just have to deliver the package within 48 hours. Easy and fast!

Furthermore, as I already told you a few lines above, I remind you that for each delivery made you will be paid a bonus of 3 euros in cash that you will receive together with your Wish Local payments every two weeks.

If Wish local intrigues you and you would like to know more, visit the section dedicated to Wish Local on the website of the online shopping platform.


Products of any kind and within everyone’s reach are sold on Wish, these are the main skills that make this platform very successful among young people and beyond. On Wish you could really find everything, from clothes to technological items, from accessories to bijoux, from home furnishings to particular gadgets that are not usually seen around.

In short, after reading this article you will surely have formed your own idea of ​​the potential of this platform. As with any other e-commerce, there are pros and cons, pros and cons that I warned you about. Now it’s up to you whether to choose to dive into the colorful world of Wish by shopping unbridled or whether to continue to look at it from afar with distrust.

My advice is to pay close attention to the comments made by other users on the products and the reviews given to the sellers, in this way you will have a well-defined picture and you can proceed with the purchase in safety. I hope I have provided you with interesting and useful suggestions, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I just have to wish you good luck and happy shopping!

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