Best Ad Blocker For Youtube

6 Best Ad Blocker For Youtube in 2023

6 Best Ad Blocker For Youtube in 2023 – Most websites include at least some advertisements, and some have many. That’s not surprising since many sites require advertising to cover their overhead. However, some websites are full of ads which inflate their page content and slow down browsing. As a result, there are many ad block extensions for browsers that remove ads from websites to speed up browsing. These are some of the best ad block extensions for Google Chrome.

Best Ad Blocker For Youtube

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is one of the more well-known ad blocking extensions for Google Chrome and other browsers. The developer of the extension claims that it has a user base exceeding over 100 million. AdBlock Plus will block pop-up, animated, web mail, banner and tracking ads. This extension also has an Acceptable Ads initiative which includes some sites on an acceptable ads list, but you can configure this with ABP settings. ABP is also available for Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, Yandex and Maxthon browsers.

You can add extensions to Chrome from this web page. The extension adds an ABP button to Chrome’s toolbar which you can press to open the box shown in the snapshot below, which tells you how many AdBlock Plus ads have been blocked on the opened page. Then you can click Enabled on this site to restore the additions. The AdBlock Plus Options tab also allows you to set filters for more specific ads and page content and whitelist website domains.

Just Block Ads!

Simply Block Ads is a simple, but effective, ad blocking extension for Chrome. It doesn’t include the widest selection of options for blocking ads, but it does what it says on the tin! This extension blocks on-site, pop-up, background, text, entire site and even pre-video ads, which is something alternative plug-ins may miss.

Press the Add to Chrome button on this extension’s page to add it to the browser. Then you can press the Enough Ads button on the browser toolbar to open up some extension options. You can choose to allow ads for specific domains or to disable extensions, without disabling them, to restore ads on all pages.

uBlock Origin

Origin’s uBlock Assistant has a wider range of options for blocking ads and other page elements than many alternative extensions, and is also resource efficient of the system. This extension has more customization options than AdBlock Plus, and also includes third-party filters for users to choose from. This add-on is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge browsers.

To add the extension to Chrome, go to this web page and hit the Add to Chrome button there. Then hit the uBlock Origin button on the toolbar to bring up the main options as in the snapshot directly below. Like most of the alternatives, it includes an enable/disable button by which you can enable/disable ad blocking for specific pages. However, the extension’s toolbar window also includes a more unique Element picker mode that lets you remove elements from a page, such as images and videos. Click the Enter color picker mode button, select an image to remove, move the cursor to the lower-right corner of the browser window and press Create to remove the element from the page.

The uBlock Origin dashboard also has a lot of settings. In addition to adding your own filters with the Element picker mode, you can select third-party filters from the list of filters shown below. You can also add websites to the Whitelist tab on the dashboard to keep ads on specified sites.


AdBlock is an extension with a similar title to AdBlock Plus, but has nothing to do with it. However, the developers stated that Firefox AdBlock Plus was partially inspired by this extension for Chrome, which has a user base that eclipses 40 million. This is a highly rated add-on for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer that will block most ads, including ads on social media, video websites (like YouTube) and web email. You can add AdBlock to Google Chrome from this page. This Tech Junkie guide also compares AdBlock and AdBlock Plus in more detail.

AdBlock UI is similar to AdBlock Plus in that it includes statistics of blocked ads as shown in the snapshot above. It also includes the Do not run on pages on this domain option , which is equivalent to ABP’s Enabled on this site setting . However, there are more options in the AdBlock button UI, which include Block ads on this page which allows you to selectively remove certain ads from a web page. This extension also adds that option to Chrome’s context menu.

The AdBlock Options browser tab includes a Filter List tab for you to set up ad filters. You can add custom filters to AdBlock from this page. AdBlock users can also set a whitelist from the Customize tab which includes additional Show on web pages or domain options . Alternatively, you can customize the extension to only block ads on certain websites.

AdBlocker AdGuard

AdGuard is a good alternative to AdBlock and AdBlock Plus which you can add to Chrome from this page. It blocks video, multimedia, pop up and text ads and includes an anti-virus option. In addition, it is lighter and consumes less system resources than other ad blockers. AdGuard has a Windows software package with more extensive options, which has a $19.95 annual subscription; and this extension is also compatible with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Palemoon browsers.

Go to this page to add AdGlock AdGuard to your browser. The AdGuard button UI includes standard ad block options so you can enable/disable for pages, select ads on pages to block or pause them. However, AdGuard also includes an Open filter log option . This is something new that opens the Filtering log in the snippet directly below, showing your ad being blocked by the extension.

The AdGuard settings page has whitelists, ad buffer filters, and user filter options. Only some ad-blocking filters are enabled by default, but you can click All filters to select others. You can click Add website to add the site to your whitelist, and there’s also an Import option where you can add a saved whitelist to AdGuard.

Adblock Videos for YouTube Plus

If you only need to block ads on YouTube, extensions like AdBlock or AdGuard are not ideal as they also block ads on other websites without further configuration. Then a better alternative is Video Adblock Plus for Google Chrome YouTube extension, which is one of the best add-ons to specifically remove ads from YouTube videos. This will block all YouTube pre-roll ads that play right before the video starts, banners and text ads on YouTube pages. It also allows users to set a whitelist for specific channels.

These are some of the best extensions that you can get rid of website ads by saving bandwidth and speeding up browsing. However, the disadvantage of ad blockers is the economic impact they have for the web by removing ads from pages. Economic estimates highlight that they generate billions in lost advertising revenue for sites. In that sense, ad blockers are not that great for the internet. So switch your ad blocker for bookmarked websites.

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