Best Dinosaur Games for Android

10 Best Dinosaur Games for Android (2023)

10 Best Dinosaur Games for Android (2023) – The android dinosaur game is a game with a unique theme. Dinosaurs themselves are a group of ancient animals that first appeared about hundreds of millions of years ago. Even so, many fossils have been found and studied by scientists.

10 Best Dinosaur Games for Android 

After much research, dinosaurs are often re-imagined in movies and games. So, if you are a fan of dinosaurs, you can play the 10 Best Dinosaur Games for Android in 2023 that the Revised Effect recommends.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Discussing dinosaur-themed games, of course, isn’t complete without including ARK: Survival Evolved. As a dinosaur game, there are various advantages that you will find in this game. Adapted from the PC and console versions, this game presents graphical presentations and a world with great details. 

However, to play this game, you need a cellphone with high enough specifications and a minimum of 3GB of RAM. Not only has a very detailed graphic presentation, this game also provides in-depth features. By carrying out survival gameplay, here you can explore a vast open world. 

When exploring the world, you can collect various resources and craft items and make shelters. Uniquely, here you can play using a first-person perspective or using a third-person perspective. Apart from that, you can also play this game offline. 

Mode: Offline

Genre: Adventure, Survival

Size: 2.4GB

Download ARK: Survival Evolved

Jurassic Survival

Jurassic Survival is a survival-themed game that requires you to survive in a world. The world is filled with all kinds of dinosaurs. As a survival game, here you have to collect food and various other resources to survive. 

Later, you can craft various items that will be very useful. Besides items, you can also build a place to live. Not only are you faced with various types of dinosaurs, but you also have to survive attacks from other survivors. 

If you are looking for a survival game on Android with a dinosaur theme, then this game certainly can’t be missed. 

Mode: Online

Genre: Action, Survival

Size: 190MB

Download Jurassic Survival

Dino Squad

Dino Squad is one of the newest TPS games with a dinosaur theme. In this game, you will do PVP battles divided into 2 teams. To win a battle, your team must dominate more than the opposing team. 

To fight, there are several dinosaur characters that you can unlock so you can play them later. The dinosaur character can also be customized by choosing strong weapons and armor. Apart from characters, you can find several maps with different themes as battle arenas. 

Not only presenting a slick graphic presentation with smooth animation, but this game is also supported by good game controls and exciting gameplay. 

Mode: Online

Genre: Action, TPS

Size: 385MB

Download Dino Squad

Jurassic Monster World

Jurassic Monster World is another dinosaur-themed TPS game that is very interesting to play. In this game, players will ride a dinosaur equipped with combat weapons. Later, players will fight against the enemy team. 

Uniquely, you can ride various kinds of dinosaurs. Not only fighting on the ground, but you can fight in the air using dinosaurs that can fly. Each dinosaur is also equipped with a unique weapon. Not only weapons, there are several unique abilities that will really help in battle. 

Besides having a unique concept, this game is also supported by excellent graphics and gameplay. With this combination, this game is certainly a dinosaur TPS game that is really worth trying. 

Mode: Online

Genre: Action, TPS

Size: 582MB

Download Jurassic Monster World

Jurassic World: The Game

Jurassic World™: The Game is a game that will bring players to manage Jurassic Park and collect various dinosaurs. In total, this game provides more than 200 dinosaurs that can be collected. 

Later, the dinosaurs will fight. With turn-based gameplay, players will lead a dinosaur team consisting of several characters. Each dinosaur has unique characteristics and attributes. 

The right combination of character composition can improve certain attributes. In addition, this game is able to pack every dinosaur fight with a detailed graphic presentation. 

Mode: Online

Genre: Simulation

Size: 80MB

Download Jurassic World


DINO HUNTER is one of the most popular dinosaur hunting themed games on the Play Store with more than 50 million downloads. This game is also a game that is quite recommended if you are looking for a dinosaur hunting game that can be played offline. 

By carrying out FPS-type gameplay, here you will complete lots of hunting missions. For that, there are various weapons that you can use. You can use shotguns, rifles, rocket launchers, and so on. Each mission also has a different dinosaur scenario and target. 

With a graphic presentation that is quite detailed, this game also presents exciting and entertaining gameplay.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 82MB


Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter

Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter is an FPS game set in a terrifying world. The world must bear the impact of the failed dinosaur experiment. By focusing on sniper gameplay, here you will carry out many missions.

The mission will take you to hunt dinosaurs in a variety of different locations. To do the hunting, there are dozens of weapons that you can unlock for later use. 

As a sniper game, this game not only presents quite an interesting theme, but is also packed with a presentation that doesn’t disappoint. 

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 95MB

Download Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter

Dino Tamers

Set in a world filled with dinosaurs, Dino Tamers will invite you to become a dinosaur tamer. In the game, you will explore a world with other players online. 

For dinosaurs, you can tame various types of dinosaurs, from herbivores to carnivores like T-Rex. After taming the dinosaurs, later you can ride the dinosaurs. Apart from that, you can also fight with the dinosaurs. 

Later, each dinosaur can also evolve into a better form. The existence of RPG elements and various other additional features makes the gameplay of this game more varied.

Mode: Online

Genre: Adventure, MMORPG

Size: 263MB

Download Dino Tamers

Dinosaur Hunt

Dinosaur Hunt is a dinosaur-themed game with FPS-type gameplay. In this game, you will hunt dinosaurs in a dangerous environment. For hunting, you can hunt in sniper mode or assault mode. 

The presence of various types of dinosaurs with unique characteristics certainly makes the gameplay of this game more varied. Apart from that, Dinosaur Hunt provides many missions for you to complete. The game controls are quite good. 

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 96MB

Download Dinosaur Hunt

Path of Titans Demo

Path of Titans is a dinosaur-themed MMO survival game which is currently in the Early Access stage. Apart from being presented to mobile devices, this game can also be played using a PC. In addition, this game also supports cross-platform play.

By presenting a vast open world environment, in this game you can explore the world with a forest feel that really feels. Even though it has a very detailed and potential graphic presentation, this game still looks not optimal.

The reason is, even if you use an Android phone with high specifications, Path of Titans may not necessarily be played smoothly.

Mode: Online

Genre: Simulation, Open World

Size: 2.7GB

Download Path of Titans Demo

Those are the 10 Best Dinosaur Games for Android which are highly recommended to play. If there are other best Android dinosaur games, you can share them in the comments column.

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