5 best free plant care apps

5 best free plant care apps 2023

5 best free plant care apps 2023 – Managing your own plants isn’t always simple but with these 5 free applications it will become! If you always forget to water your flowers, or you don’t know if your plants need special nourishment or attention then this article is for you.

Below, in fact, you will find the list of the best plant care applications , which can be downloaded completely free of charge on your smartphone, and which will help you manage and take care of plants, flowers and trees in a simple and immediate way.

We have already listed both the best apps for recognizing plants and those that allow you to identify plant diseases : however, if you want to manage your plants and flowers in a simple way, it is useful to know which applications are for taking care of plants . to make them grow better and take care of them in a smart way .

5 best free plant care apps 2023

1. Planta – Care for your plants

Available on: Android, iOS
Free: yes, with in app purchases

Planta is the number one choice of plant care apps. Available free for both Android and iOS, Planta has more than 2 million users and an average of reviews that exceed 4 stars.

Planta has several advantages: it’s free, available on all platforms and it’s decidedly smart . Based on various parameters such as the type of plant, the location, the weather and the light in the room, Planta will send a notification to let its users know when it’s time to water, fertilize, spray, clean and repot, offering a customized system to take care of your plants, as you can see in this presentation:

Planta – Free download link for iOS
Planta – Free download link for Android

Benefits of Planta

Smart Care Reminder Reliable and precise

Simple and immediate interface

Step by step guides

Exposure meter to correctly position the plants in the house Plant

life diary Plant


Recommendations on plant care

2. Blossom – Recognize and care for plants

Available on: Android, iOS
Free: yes, with in app purchases

Blossom is another great plant care app .

This app has an attractive user-friendly interface and makes it easy to identify your plants, flowers, succulents, trees by photos and get useful tips for their care . You can set punctual reminders to remember to water your plants at the right time and without excesses, having a smart way to manage, fertilize and repot your plants and flowers.

Blossom – Link download free iOS
Blossom – Link download free Android

Benefits of Blossom

Easy to use interface

Can quickly identify a plant from a photo taken with the phone’s camera or an image provided

Plant care reminder In-app blog Lightmeter (premium feature)

Plant life diary

3. Plantnote – Plant diary

Available on: Android, iOS
Free: yes, with in app purchases

Plantnote is a plant care application that offers the possibility of receiving a reminder for various aspects related to the maintenance and management of your plants , such as watering, fertilizing and repotting. In the free version it is possible to add unlimited data, setting up a diary with photos for each individual plant and inputs for basic information.

PlantSnap – Link download free iOS
PlantSnap – Link download free Android

Benefits of Plantnote

Plant Care Reminder Plant

Diary with Photos

No data limit in the free version

4. Waterbot – watering and caring for plants

Available on: Android
Free: Yes

Waterbot is a free app that reminds you to water your house plants , to keep them healthy and well cared for. If you forget to water your flowers then this is the app for you. Waterbot will help keep your plants in excellent health, alerting you when they need attention. Although it has fewer features than the previous ones, it is still an excellent plant care application , mainly useful for the more forgetful.

Waterbot – Link download free Android

Benefits of Waterbots

Keep an eye on your house plants

Get notified when your plants need attention

Choose when to receive notifications, morning, noon or afternoon

Choose watering frequency from half a day to twenty days

Create flower avatars using your phone’s camera

5. Plant Care Reminder – Watering and caring for the plant

Available on: Android
Free : Yes, with in app purchases

Plant Care Reminder is a simple and convenient application to always be aware of the condition of your plants and take care of them in time . For each plant you can select an icon or add a personalized image, as well as set the frequency of necessary care such as irrigation, fertilization and spraying. The application provides several functions, such as the ability to create widgets on the device’s desktop, set notifications and save and load the list of your plants.

Plant Care Reminder – Download link for free on Android

Benefits of Plant Care Reminder

You can set the frequency of watering, fertilizing, spraying

Widget creation on your smartphone

Notifications on your smartphone if care is needed

Save and load the list of plants


Among the possible apps to take care of plants completely free of charge, the one we prefer is undoubtedly Planta, although we still believe the proposed alternatives are very valid.

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